Applaud The Impaler : Anthropophagi

Deathcore / USA
(2010 - Unique Leader Records)
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Delusions from ripping you from limb to limb
Detaching your jaw from its hinge
My head begins to spin as your entrails pour
From the wounds I have opened with malice intent
Endorphins inducing dismembering
Violently taking its toll upon my perception
This anthropophagic serum takes hold
I'll prove I'm a cannibal when I eat you alive
Now the toxins onset carnage
My hallucinations of your devourment become reality
Chainsaw enema to drain the blood I seek
Carving you from your cunt to your throat
I'll fucking rip you apart
I'll drink the blood from your heart
You'll wish you were dead
When I rip your eyes from your head


Like a plaque of flies we will swarm
Consuming the flesh of your dead and unborn
Dead men tell no tales
Defile every fucking carcass with a bleeding heart
Dead men tell no fucking tales
Removing the tongues of the dead
And though I ate your brain
Your fading psyche even now still preys
Fucking prey
Like vultures we feast on your corpse
With the flesh removed your bones are contorted
As we ingest your viscera your cognizance diminishes
I bring forth the plaque that now descends upon you


Putrid fucking slut
Cum sucking concubine
Vile bag of shit and bone
Disgusting swine
This bitch would eat cum off the floor
Fuck / Rip that putrid fucking slut
Wretched, infected
Mutant fucking whore
Cum sucking concubine


I've marched across fields of fire, and waded through rivers of blood and bile
There is no god here
How could you be so fucking simple minded
All your life you’ve been blinded
Your faith is malignant
I have come to realize there's no fucking god here.
I refuse to believe in your self-proclaimed icons, bull-shit lies, and beliefs.
It's not within me
And in the end
No one sacrificed shit for me

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