Apostle (SWE) : ...Till It Burns on the Horizon

Brutal Death / Sweden
(1998 - Carnage Records)
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You, commander of the legion of doom,
Sentencing innocent beings to death,
Torturing them to satisfy your hunger,
Turning them to slaves under your tiranny.
Their blood pours from my eyes, their suffering is in my cries.
Remove the blindfold and you'll see, that you are the one to blame.
What will make you realize, that your change is essential?
When will you open your eyes and face your creation, hell?
No more will I shut my eyes, no longer can I stand idle.
My choice to live vegan did not ever mean passive.
My fellow creatures needs my help.
Education might save their children.
What if there are no children?
Action is what saves their lives.


A dawn of blood arises, another lie is made.
Endless cries of Gaia echoes in our heads.
By hamanities terrifying evolution, we've already stabbed her back,
Now we're twisting the knife.
This, our murderous civilization, the languish of the econsystem.
The perfect creation is threatened.
Just as pain reveals in her eyes, all life on earth fades away.
We, the soldiers of justice, declare war on the evil.
The jihad will take its place agains mankinds greed and power.
The messengers of evil prophesize the downfall.
The soldiers of justice will not just stand by.
The armor of god is broken, the saviour of life is gone.


An ironpipe flies throught the air, once again I can see its harvests.
Blood drips from a face, a fractured skull splits open.
What will it take for you to see that this violence is far too much?
Whay ain't anything done when teenagers
Are threatening each othe with knives?
What isn't wrong when people think
They'll need a weapon to leave home?
Where did it come from, all this violence?
What will come next, rifles and guns?
Does it really have to end with killing before anyone will realize it's wrong?
I might seem stupid to you, but where's the logic,
In beating someone until unconciousness without any reason?
Who can I blame for the actions, when they're a result of stoned emotions?
The anguish sets ablaze in my heart,
Hopefully I'll see them moving in the slow dance of remorse.


Used as an object, harmony lies broken.
Identified as a possession, a prisioner is taken.
Men with death in their hands, indifferent to the pain their causing.
Take animals from their natural surroundings,
Along with my hope for their freedom.
Money's paid to look at their degradation,
The reason why noone will stop the persecution.
What do we want?
Animal liberation
When do we want it?
Chaimed to enjoy acting, claimed to be taken care of.
Fooled by these lies, people support these movable prisons.
Enjoy ain't the same as being forced to,
Take care doesn't mean put in a cage.

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