Apocynthion : Correlations

Avantgardiste Black / Spain
(2012 - Self-Released)
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Oceans of despair
Come to my mind.
Remind me of lost places
Too far from my consciousness.

From the stars turns his eye
And returns, like an accuser, to me.
Increases all-pervading void.

Away from eons find
The miserable futility of my being
Predestined to die on your feet,
To cry over wet soil
To roam infinite spaces that reality is...

Becomes aware of me
Magnificence of spatial chaos
Which adorn some stars in the twilight
As far as my eyes can reach.

And beyond, on the other side of my life
At the opposite end of me,
At odds with my beliefs, my faith,
I find no other answer than distance...

Distance that opens more and more
The same distance as the dreams
Are separate from this reality:
Of sadness and joy.

Our souls, wandering errants
Fired into sea of doubt.
A heart, hypoxic to be found
Lost in the shadows of this light.
Impervious, cosmic rays
Caressing my face, burning.
My face flashed by those photons
Vacuum coming out of nowhere.

In this whirlwind my eyes wrap,
Looking at a home that never existed
Until they only will see the last sunlight...

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