Animosity (USA-1) : Shut It Down

Deathcore / USA
(2003 - Tribunal Records)





Every day
I fall
Through the cracks
Deeper and deeper
Straying to obliteration
(Please help me)
Self destructive
Grey skies
Only one thing
To look to for hope
From a state of confusion
To a reminiscent lonely depression
I fall
Like a bullet to the head
Thoughts shot full force
Overcoming, excluding
Existence frozen
Left searching for sanctity
Or at least a moment of truth
I can't clear my mind
I can't take a look inside
I don't know what the fuck to do
This could happen to you
Attempted exodus
Nowhere to run
Come on!


In a society where guilt and greed reign
Our world totes hatred
With only our brothers to blame
Thousand die, millions cry
Waiting in their homes to absorb the lies
Too far gone from our moral blood
We have run away
Pointing fingers, condescending yes
Who is to differentiate the enemy
Look inside yourself
(For what is right)
Look behind the scheming lies
No longer will I watch the lives
Of my beloved companions be sucked down the drain
When the fate of a generation lies with morons
We are not playing games
Where to turn when the whole world's at war
We will be smart but we won't be passive anymore
Our nation constantly instilling the fear
To prolong this war another ten years
But we won't give in to your fight
We'll fight for what is right
You look at what is
At what is going on
At what we have and you say, why?
but I look in my heart
In my dreams and say
Why not
Why can't we
Why can't we coexist
Because we are all terrorists
We walk with closed fists
Ready to fight
Ready for hate
You said love it, or leave it
But I believe in change


Straight from my heart
I will never believe in you
Believe in what you say
Everything that comes
Out of your mouth
Is forced upon
Forced upon my name
I will never trust you
I will never have faith in you
I will never love you
Until I'm standing over your grave
I can't be saved
I cannot be saved
How can you give a fuck about me
But you don't know what I've been through
You don't know ten minutes of my life
So I won't waist my time with you
Your ways are too corrupt
A fucking book cannot break us
We don't want your afterlife
So stay the fuck away from us

5. 24 MORE

Preasures of a hundred pounds
Crashing down in my life
Technicalities, realized fallacies
Fuel the fire of my strife
How do I know which path I'll walk?
Mental freedom, it's all talk
So many possibilites
Yet my life has been foreseen
How many fucking years?
Until I'm a real human being
Because every fucking movement
Is just a petty routine
Out of my reach
Out of my hands
I wake up everyday
Just to fill your demands
24 more just waiting for the next
Looking foreward to something
Wasted, just like all the rest
Whose life do I live?
I want it back!
I'm taking it back


It takes two thousand years
To prove to ourselves we can
We can handle
But somethings we just can't take
When will this hatred overcome
Every three billion souls
It counts on all of us
But it's not fair
It's just not fair
To the world and her innocence
We tear each other to peices
One by one we fall
Bound back by leashes
How many thousand years will it take
To replace Earths gift of life
I only think we have to win and we have to sacrifice
Innocence shed her blood for the evil to drink
We stand upon the brink


Your temporal passion
With your plastic reaction
Make me reconsider
My feelings for you
A heart made of gold
But obviously cold
It's all been sold
And there are more than just a few
So excited to see me
But I know the truth
Your phony behavior
Has no use
Materials are what your made of
It flows in your fake blood
As your Styrofoam heart
Pumps greed through your veins
Real people live in pain
Buried in the remains
Of a society with built on fame
I know it will never be the same
Fake blood!!!!
It is so fucking fake
If only you could take
A look at who your are
From a new point of view
I am not deceived
The beauty I believed
Was within a kind heart
Has no place in yo


Endless waste
Seething pain
Brought by greed
From the virtues of mans reign
Counting minutes to seconds
From the fingertips of the slain
Born to death, soldiers of pain
Soon will become now
As time disappears
No words left to be spoken
Just a planet of tears
We no longer wait for our pleasures to gain
But rather to be saved
What have we done
To deserve this cold and bleak domain
Omstead of life we are born not to live
But for slavery
Born for slavery
Follow my path
Follow my path to the decline of humanity
Counting minutes to seconds as we lose our sanity


Drown me in your misery
Don't shroud you problems over me
I watched your presence fade away
Now your gone and that's OK
False friendship never seemed to stay
But true brotherhood always remains
Worthless life
Better off dead
Accusation lost
Hatred fed
I was down for you and you were down for me
I watched our friendship die, so clear to see
But those of you who still remain
Our friendship shall be unslain
Worthless life, better off dead


Pressure is building I'm gonna explode
I can't escape this self destructive mode
Hang in there it will be OK
I promise there will be a better day
I won't let you turn your back
We will struggle through the days
I can't watch you check out
On all the promises that you've made
I'm there for you all the time
I wish I could stop you from this better crime
I forced myself in, I locked myself out
Now I'm just another face in the crowd
That's not true your one of a kind
Don't let this world pull you behind
Times are rough
I think I had enough
I've got to break free from the world's hand cuffs
I can't wait until the fucking end
If you wont do it, I'll put a bullet in my head
Grab my hand for my last breath
As my tortured soul creates death
Hang in there it will be OK
I promise there will be a better day
The tears in my eyes won't me see
What my own fucking mind is doing to me
I wish I could save you
This needs to stop right now
But all I can do is ask myself how

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