Angel Witch : As Above, So Below

NWOBHM / Royaume-Uni
(2012 - Rise Above Records)
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When time stops to pass through my mind
I know that I'm not of your kind
I see things that you never see in mankind

Waiting for my time to come
Seeing what in all occurs
Can my mind's eye really see the truth of the mistakes?

Help me as I have to wake up inside
I have to know what there is to hide
Fight this corruption, will start inner fate
Don't cast your eyes on what you don't want to see

They look strangely at my face
As though they've seen it in another place
Familiar feelings of being there before, overwhelmed


A sign is calling me to go
As thousand eyes just show me to the scrolls
See the truth of what we've been let to believe
Is it the truth?



It's a stellar vibration encirceling us
Turning our brains into dust
Cosmic rays of the pagans's fate
And the heathens travel beyond the void

Relative power indulges through the universe
Genocide to the ozone layer
The aliens from the stratosphere's curse
Blows our minds to an evil prayer

The black hole makes its mark
Sucks us down into the dark

Is there another of the force of life?
Through the hole we could escape
Into all, while we travel as life
To understand what we might find

Into the dark


Is there a black present moon above your soul?
To take you places you just don't know
This dark stain affects your brain
Makes you feel good 'til you're in pain

So you take the agony
It makes sense to what you believe
You're under the moon of Geburah

Is your god there or not?
Makes you suffer, makes you rot
You're incapable of your own thoughts
Think you've won what's already bought

In this circle of repeat
You cannot leave, self-defeat
You're under the moon of Geburah


Misfortunate ending here for us
Turns our happiness into dust
Invisible heir of the unknown
Some misfortune to unfold

In this state I feel it's getting worse
Within this agony, within this curse

Dead perhaps,
The Horla
After man,
The Horla

Profound this mystery, invisible
All my senses cannot perceive
So near, too far to believe
A cold shadow passes through me

As I wait for approaching death
Now there is no saving breath

Dead perhaps,
The Horla
After man,
The Horla


It's the witching hour and I seek your evil shell
But maybe I won't have the time to tell
I look from where your name that holds the key
To your immortality

I have crossed the black smell
The stench of rotting flesh

I just stand there
Feeling shame
At the thought of what I have to do
I should have known
I should have seen
The marks upon my neck
Were there for real

I can't believe you're standing there
Looking into my eyes
Telling me that we can now be one

Don't you know
You can't destroy us
When we're in the witchig hour

It's - it's in the dawn
Under the spell of the deadly swarm
And they're lusting for my heart
I'm awake and they're all surrounding me
It is time to tell
I now walk with them
I have never felt so clear
Of how I feel of what I have become
Now I feel reality
Out of the black a new life has begun


So I'm here, I'm here for you
Not a second thought for how I feel
In a conscious hell inside here
For I walked in a human being

I walked still within your lie
You won't hear my cries
I won't exist, I will not be
I will twist myself around this cord

I can't hear and feel out there
And I know it would be more than I could bare
So nutritient, you survive to keep me alive
I will release you of this burden

I walked still within your lie
You won't hear my cries
I won't exist, I will not be
I will twist myself around this cord


The executioner stands with his machine
They want to see him slice without difficulty
Oh isn't it all he can retain?
Do you think that your death is a dream?


Can't understand what I've done
There's nowhere I can run
In god's name and his son
Has the revolution won?

Your life flashes past your altered view
When you die, doesn't mean everything starts new
Is this the cold-blooded death you think you deserve?
To the people all your life you tried do serve


Maybe the story's true for believers
A victim's story of deception
A god alone, and we start with soldiers, a simple man
A lie to be made for the power of control

To scare them for the guilt
Wash yourself, start with their blood
To wear the symbol to what made the pain
To what made the death

Look into your own eyes
Your reflection shows you' re brainwashed
Restrain yourself inside
Stop yourself from being brainwashed

Conditioned for what?
Conditioned, manipulation, kept so far from the truth
Not for you to chose

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