Angel City : Night Attack

Hard Rock / Australia
(1981 - Liberation Music)
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Came home from her private doctor
Disconnected the telephone
Eyes ablaze like the Northern Lights
So strung out there was no one home.
White Line on the burning road
Rolling high, collecting maps.
Shades her eyes, a classic disguise
Rendezvous then she loves & laughs.
Cowboy moon over silver road
Time Comes due to make her crystallized
If it's all I do, just lemme get through,
She promised herself this would be the last one
"It's all in your head", the doctor said,
And she knew he was right.
But she was in need of a little more speed
She had a Long Night coming up tonight.


The night you take for granted, the stolen chambermaid
Still dressing up as though you're on parade
You walk a backroom tightrope - a phoney acrobate
Try to charm a China Doll, should known better than that
A world of diamong cuff links & gleaming sapphire rings
At Saville Row you leave them wondering.
Looking for silver trophies, something that might make news
Come to the house of hope, work out whose is whose
The night you take for granted, a castle made of sand.
Just an empty room of mirrors, never know where to stand.
Living On The Outside, always looking in
Taking everything – feels like a haunted heart


What you need
What you get
Never worry where it's coming from
Bankcard, live hard
All the money is gone

Listen to you
You've always got something to say
Taking it all
Never giving nothing away
What did you expect
When everything you do
Comes back on you

Sweet dream
Lazy body and your mind's out to play
You may leave but you'll never get away

Now you say you're taken by surprise


Tonight, nobody came, fame, fashion
Dream, of yesterday, fame, fashion
Fashion & Fame
Nobody came tonight, empty seats tonight
Somebody said, "They'll be here tomorrow".
You where a high-flying whirlwind
Talk of the town
Lost in the heat of the flame
Had a lover in Paris, pad in New York
That's the shifting, changing, shattering world
Of fame, fashion , Fashion & Fame
Darling of the hip-set, out of control
Victim of pleasure & pain
Dance to please , love in threes
In the shifting, changing, shattering world
Of fame, fashion , Fashion & Fame.
They're taking photographs of you
And the style of things to do
Fashion & Fame.


Streets are empty and the parks are dark
And the door in the doorways seems to shoot at me
It's after midnight and I'm walking alone
I'm hearing footsteps down every alley I see
Made it past the factories, gotta get through the trees
Night opens up to me
I'm only half-home, headed on the path
To a Night Attack.
Standing in a cold sweat, no escape
I wish I have an atom bomb, I'd even settle for a gun
Feel like a blind man running from a man dog,
Odds in his favour are 1,000 to one
Something moved – someone's there –
Night opens up to me
I'm only half-home, headed on the path
To a Night Attack.


Inside the canyons of glass towering steel
The shadows and the footsteps that never stop to feel
The lights have changed from red to green
And yes I've changed my mind
Pick up the phone and tell someone
"Just get off my line !"
Up on the corner, newsboys daily blues
Of love & life & accidents & passing stranger's views
The valet hold no heroes the dealer holds, he said,
Sun goes down, the lights come up
The wheel turns in your head.
You make connections, you win elections
That ain't gonna be enough !
Running out of time , you known it
Pui it on the line , it's loaded
Fear erodes, hate explodes.
Can't hold back now, take your passion to the streets.
'Cause the city, is out of control
It's the city, can't you hear it ?
Crying out of control.


Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk
Party, last to arrive
They all stop talking
Standing in a circle of eyes
They Talk About You.
Oh No! Ist't it a shame ?
One long night
And you gotta bad name.
They Talk About You.
Why's everybody talking ?
They Talk About You
Talk behind your back, trying to put you down.
Every time you wanna show your face, they look at you!


When she needs somebody, she's an only child.
Look into her bedroom, she's a lonely child.
She's highly rated, sophisticated, she looks so at ease
But sh'es an actress, she had pratice
She's not what she seems.
Don't let her take you in, she's Running Wild.
Mother and her curfew held her back from boys
Bottled up her fantasies, she had no choice
Her body's aching, the ties are breaking
She can't wait anymore,
Now she needs someone to share her private toys.

Outside, nothing to bother her
No ties, no one to follow her
Outside, she's Running Wild.

When she needs somebody, she's an only child.
Look into her bedroom, she's a lonely child.
She looks so easy & uncomplicated
Don't let her take you in, she's Running Wild.
Running Wild, crying out for more
Never gets it all burning up inside, can't stop her now.


Hanging out in the street till the early day
Love's cold as death or so the shadows say
Sometimes is seems like another put-up game
Of all their secrets ties, lovers don't share thier pain
Young girls who swear they'll never love again
Young man join the army to forget & to pretend
It's hard, so hard, it's so hard to take
Everybody wins a prize, losers on the make
When I needed a friend, I wore my heart on my sleeve
Wrote y'r name in sand, need a lesson to believe
It used to be so easy to forget
Long nights alone with a space cadet
Nothin To Win, nothing to lose,
Take what you want, take what you need
Nothin don't matter to me


Aristocrats held all the cards
The rules they made kept the people barred
And when the king refused to share their rights
They know this time he'd gone to far
The palace guards have guns and mace
To keep the marchers in their place
But even if they restless blood should run
The choice was made, the breakdown had begun.
The tower falls, the flag is changed
The new one still looks much the same.
While nameless faces sit for portrait painters
About to see it all again.
Whose hand is seen as open,
Whose hands are bound ?
Who wears the cap, who wears the crown ?
Storm The Bastille.

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