Andre Andersen : Black on Black

Progressive Metal / Denmark
(2002 - Now And Then Records)
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I'm heading back from years of repressing the thought
How was I wrong pretending to be who I'm not
Feels like being alone too long,
Chasing dreams on my own - I'm coming home

This time around it's perfectly clear in my mind
Along the way -I know what to lose, what to find
Being stranded and lost too long,
Now I'm moving along - I'm coming home


Can't figure out the stuff you're telling me. Whatever, I don't care
Is it another way of showing me what hides behind your stare?
Whatever drives you -I don't wanna know, I saw it all before
I'm moving up and leaving you below, so keep your stupid war

No one remembers when it's all begun, but I won't rack my brain
To understand why every bit of fun you're turning into pain -
I don't know. No matter what you want - I'm checking out, ain't coming back again
I wish you luck - without me around, I got a better plan

Tell me why can't I settle for less,
Tell me why am I running ahead of the rest

Tell me why all this hell of a mess,
Tell me why can't I settle for a little bit less?




Cold. The night is crawling, surrounding every corner of our lives
Wait - somebody's waiting for you to close your eyes...

Sleep. Whole world's asleep. I hear the darkness rising from the deep
Deep, a lake so deep, reflecting every star you've ever seen.
Time flies. Better open up your eyes - you're living in the desperate times

Pain. I'm used to pain, it leads me through the neverending rain
Rain, that heartless rain won't wash my sins and helpless tears away
But I know - now it's time to hold the line

'Coz I'll live, yes I'll live
I'll cross the sea of madness on the wave of disbelief
Countless miles through the lies
A wind of change will take me far away from our desperate times,
Those lonely times

Gone. Forever gone my sense of time, I've lost it on the run
Run, I've always run from everything I've seen an' done
But now... Now it's time to draw the line, time to hold the line

'Coz I'll live, yes I'll live
I'll cross the sea of madness on the wave of disbelief
Countless miles through the lies
A wind of change will take me far away from our desperate days
Faceless days, lonely days
Keep pushing me around and leaving scars across my face
In my eyes our live's a neverending struggle to escape
From our desperate times.


Years of rejections and years of regrets, years of unbearable guilt,
Years of creating a dream life could never fulfill
Days of forgiveness and days of no trust toss me around like a toy
Days which will make me forget even seconds of joy

While pain is cutting like a knife I'm trying hard to reinvent
My life - all my life

Left in a cell with a window so small - barely feeling the sun
Sneaking the light on my skin. But my struggle's begun.
Pushing aside every shadow of fear, lifting myself from the ground,
Throwing the glove in the face of what's holding me down

While pain is working with it's knife I'm trying hard to reinvent
The rest - the bits and pieces of my life.


Sorrow, you are my friend on a day like this
I hope tomorrow will never come to see my tears
I feel the heat's getting closer to me

Shadows are getting darker in my hands
The sun Is fighting to find a brighter shade of gray,
But I'm a man with a mission tonight

I'm painting black on black all over the world
All my future, all your past
I'm fighting colors with a brush as my sword
Through every single day until my last
I'm changing seasons to the state of my soul -
Now you see them, now they're gone
I'm painting black on black all over the world
Znd I won't stop until my work is done.




Wall of fear surrounds you every night, while you're asleep
Pain within won't let you go, won't let you take a deep breath
It's everything - a shelter in your heart,
Last resort of sanity before it falls apart

Leave all your fears, let them rule on the island of tears
Who'll make you stay if you feel like today is the day
To sail away

Rise above your nightmare. You've been down, now make it pay
Step on every piece and let It bleed - now turn away.


Everyday, all night long I keep on wondering 'bout what went wrong
Was I blessed, was I cursed? It doesn't matter, but what made it burst?
Whatever put me down - It hit me hard, you know, so hard
It took my breath away and now it broke my heart

Tell me what turns you on, what makes you drill my every single bone?
Now you win, an' I lost. I waste my time around this evil ghost
Whatever gets you high - it's tearing me apart so hard
But I don't wanna know what made you break my heart

Now I'm turning away. In die end of the day
As I'm looking behind, pass the enemy line
While the smoke disappears - you're alone with your tears,
And a new day's begun, but there's nowhere to run
All your fences are up as they were from the start,
So while I'm moving away, there's only one thing to say:

Doesn't matter who's fault - if you're still standing tall
Or you're falling apart - you can keep a little piece of my heart

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