Ancient Mastery : Chapter One: Across the Mountains of the Drämmarskol



Our journey has begun, at last we march
The cold brought us here, hope lies in us
Hardship is awaiting, fear in our hearts
May the gods be with us, as we go off the charts

Onward, to glory, to live our dreams
Onward, as we may fall apart at the seams
Onward, to triumph, to eternal victory
Where milk and honey flow

Waited for so long, to leave our world behind
Crossing the frozen Ydrisk, on ways intertwined
Still in cheerful spirits, still the fire burns inside
It warms the freezing nights, we are meant to abide

Across the tundra, across the fields
Towards Valdura, salvation it yields

I hear them mocking, in lonely nights
I sense the looks, their scornful eyes
Who knows the future? Who knows fate?
I take my chances to pass the gate


High up in the mountains, in the wayward Drämmarskol
We left our horses, below in the squall
We’ve heard the olden stories, the ancient fairy tales
Of lanterns in the darkness, leading to dead end trails

Night after night, day after day
Our bones they weaken, the blackness frays
The maps are long gone, the sun is far
No signal in the sky, no morning star
How much longer?

Find the signs of the ancient tribe
Unveil the way to the glory of Aztara
The poets praise the beauty of this mythical crest
The top of the world, where gods lay to rest

This is the place, where our forefathers stood
With sword and mace, until the earth shook
Now they’re only legends, like we will be someday
But to become a hero, you have more than dragons to slay

But the hardest part, lies still ahead
The Passage of the Lost is sure to dread
The path is treacherous, the shadows play foul
Through the air chimes an ear-splitting howl


On and on, through the night, mystic voices in the air
Spectral steps without sight, as the trial is drawing near
Into the dark, trembling with fear, now is the time to stand as one

Crimson lights led us here, follow them, so said the seer
Solid shapes, not just rocks, strangest figures, crescent tops
The moon guides our way, up to the peak, towards the throne, where monarchs preach

Kneel before the throne of the crescent lord
Behold the frozen kingdom and lay down your swords

We’ve reached the summit of Aztara
And the world lies at our feet
The sun comes up on the horizon
Brings back the call we’re bound to heed

On and on through the night, cursed it is, forsaken site
Crescent lords, frozen kings, to hell with them and the curse they bring
The fog disappears, the sun lights our way, our spirits return this newborn day


Come, follow me into the world of the night
Into the forest, don't dare to look to your right
It's been a long time since these spirits have wandered the fields
So, remain on the path, don't wake them and keep up your shields
There may be delusions that lure you into the dark
Don't be fooled and never let down your guard
And whatever you do, don't look into their eyes, come what may
The void will consume you and there won't be another day

We’ve been warned of these wicked woods in our dreams
So many wanderers before us didn’t know, so it seems
The forest ahead is the place of the dead, so they say
How can the trees grow without light of day?
From time to time you can see a familiar face
A brother, a lover, a phantom, a disgrace
Invites you to follow, they know the right path, so they say
If you give in to their lies you will end up just like them

We stand before the gate, we’ve reached the end
Will they tell stories of us or will we fail what impends?
To open this spellbound gate, three mysteries to solve
We can be victorious at last or we may dissolve

We will enter the world of Valdura, we will live our dreams
Just one last ordeal and freedom awaits

You've come far but ahead lies your final trial
If you solve the mystery, you'll be rid of all that is vile
As truth is revealed and the spell is unsealed, you will see
The power of faith will set your vigors free

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