Anatomia : Dissected Humanity

Death Metal / Japan
(2005 - Necroharmonic Productions)
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Meet another girl choke her to death
Rape the dead still warm
Ejaculate mutilate
Cut off her breast
Decapitate eviscerate the limbless corpse
Dipped in blood gory flesh feed the dogs
Starve to death ripped apart
Disembowel engorge rotting gore remains
Putrefied shredded meat feed the worms crawl inside
Infested brain satisfied
Devour rotting dried remains
Meet another girl choke her to death
Ejaculate eviscerate the limbless corpse


Sacrifice imprisoned struggle insane body exposed to the bleeding torment tortured alive incised and dripping feel your blood see your vivid art of gore meet your fate let your life soak to the gory end blinded by acid writhing in terror cut off the fingers splashing blood mangled alive hacked and dying feel your blood see your vivid art of gore meet your fate let your life drain to the gory end disembodied life cease body stuck for flesh feast stomach opened organs discharged shredded meat left decayed


Decomposing flesh stench of rotting corpses drowned in misery bitter taste of putrid organs urine excrements floating waterlogged deep inside sludge muddy unconscious mind wasted cadavers spreading dead infection reek of rotting flesh infested pool of blood no more life is found in this is your burial ground stiff and cold dead you're drowned in sewage crucified nailed in misery corrupted deaden reality decrepit defeat of sanity from beyond vivisection now you become unconscious hallucinated fading out to death your eternal nightmare has began blinded into darkness your body gets cold and stiff struggle with pain the lost soul tortured in agony morbid end decomposing into eternal mist...


Dying of the grief mourning for the dead wandering my soul dirge of sorrow fade away swallowed by silence i can't live any more my agony my blind fate... funeral feast cadaveric feast before cremation necrolust blood feast mutilation consuming dead tasting dead amputation devouring your rotting flesh tasting your blood dehumanization i need you i want you i touch you i take you i bind you i cut you i taste you i bury you...


Hang free above the ground bleed wet underground suffocate regurgitate defecate dehydrate die in pain above the ground drip wet underground excruciate terminate this is the way you want to die! possessed suicides hanging in the world of trap emptiness paranoia suicides waiting for the bleeding death unconsciousness sacrifice crucified gore wet putrefied asphyxiate hallucinate mutilate decapitate die in pain above the ground leak wet underground humiliate amputate this is the way I want to die! pagan suicides hanging in the world of false emptiness pestilent suicides waiting for the spreading death helplessness putrid suicides hanging in the world of trash emptiness parricide suicides waiting for the morbid death no more breath poison suicides hanging in the world of free hopelessness paralyzed suicides close your eyes now you free no remorse wasted suicides!


Your life ends your death descends mortal human fate your eyes go blind your light fades suffer in the darkness your brain dies unconscious mind your pulse ceased to be impending doom your kingdom comes only left to die will your flesh burn into ashes dust to dust to the burial ground will your soul lost in the sky your life of doomed deceased your life lost into the shadow transient human fate eyes of tears my empty sorrow as your coffin burns mourning agony i left bereaved despair upon your grave destined to fail no escape only bound to die will your flesh burn into ashes dust to dust deceased burning away in mourning we pray falling like leaves in memory we'll decay


Bloody sacrifices there was blood everywhere bleeding tormented bloodshed gory wet mutilated corpses twisted torn apart eyes popping out gutted regurgitated splattered cadavers stomach opened wide endless necropsy feasting the necrophiles devoured rotting flesh flesh of sacrifice
addicted to the smell the smell of rotting flesh.
I'm just addicted to the smell of... decomposing putrefaction necrophagous experimentation eternal lust masturbation cannibalistic satisfaction burnt sacrifices stench of charred remains cankerous rotting flesh cadaveric putrefaction piles of gore limbless dissected corpses skinned stripped flesh mangled decapitated eyes opened wide split splattered guts disembowelment intestine torn apart devoured infected flesh flesh of decapitated
addicted to the taste the taste of rotting flesh i'm just addicted to the taste of...
Disembowel disembowel did you blot well? disembowel yourself did you blot out?


Buried shall awake rise from the ground revival from the slumber to roam the night of fun seek human flesh the mortals shall bleed feasting the cannibals with fresh organ meat grave shall open more dead will follow satisfy their hunger and revitalized one by one you get killed torn split stomach opened twisted i will kill by their heads off crushed exploded but still alive you are the victim of the zombies got no way to live only consumed by the dead...


Morbid price to pay for a night of fun a coathanger will get the job done piercing the life you let out a cry feel the blood run feel your child die bloody pile of discharge flesh in what you see as you face death on the ground is the lifeless meat stillborn child lays at your feet in shock from the pain you lay and bleed starting at the infant corpse you choke and heave death takes hold of your twisted brain slowly suffering as you die in pain bloody pile of discharge flesh in what you see as you face death on the ground is the lifeless meat stillborn child lays at your feet

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