Anabioz : Through Darkness

Folk Death / Russia
(2008 - CD Maximum)
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Pour more wine!
Look, there is ascended the moon.
Drink - and time for us
To continue a way through darkness.
So drink more!

Pour more wine!
Let's cheer up our hearts
The road is so long,
There is time till the down.

The fog has laid down on shoulders
Long night is so cold
The death or glory wait for us tomorrow
And the moon shines through darkness.
…through darkness…

Fires flare brightly in night
Blood boils, and the fear is not present.
Let's start up a bowl on a circle -
Let's drink for a life and for death!

Pour more wine!
We swear to revenge
For death of our friends
Their name we'll glorify!
So lift bowls!
There is time till morning
Well, where your hand?
We will break through darkness!


This is the song
About dark sea deeps
That hide mysteries
In their depths
The sea expanse so calm and silence
But so much remains at silty bottom

About the sky, reflect sea azure
The seagulls are flying there like white arrows
They sitting for rest at rocks and mutchs
Before continuation their rapid way.

Oh darkclouds, your run is so light
The man is depends from your caprice
Will you huddle together, spill with a rain
And rise a destructive storm?

They challenged out no once and no twice
But lot of mad men disappear at the bottom
The ships fly, like seagulls over the sea
But a lot of them go down far from the land

The great power sleeps at the deep
There are sea gods that doze at the bottom
Tones of water above their heads
Until nobody disturb their peace

Oh seagods, guardians of the waves
Does human ships disturb your peace?
Maybe that you in terrible anger
Sink bark with one gesture.

The ship run into the sharp rocks and lightning
Flash at the sky like a blaze
It's light out the triumphantly face
And the dying scream fade in the night.

The sea water is gurgling in my lungs
And strange ships go far away
This is the end; I'm going down
And clouds fly over the sea.


Here,on plain of this the terrible idol
Carried name Kromm Kruah
Towered an aggressive kind.
It directed at all neighbours fear.

To it since olden days worshipped gals,
Asking about execution of desires.
They asked it the grounds
More in transitory this world.

It was their God, the stone giant
Deceiver Kromm shrouded by a fog.
And to crouds that who prayed to them,
That in a God's empire to not enter for ever.

To it with a shame, having bent knees,
They in a victim brought posterity,
Creating awful villainies
And blood spilling to Kromm Kruah.

Before it is obedient, pride having forgotten
Down were plunged gals noble.
Since then in memories of affairs shameful
That place began to call “Plain of worship”.

Before Kromm Kruah, an idol severe,
With entreaty also we cry crowds reached,
And it looked at them eyes of death;
Only the echo them carried names.

Also it proceeded until
Then where Patrick has not come
The shameful idol also has split
Into pieces, long since there costing.


Что шумит перед рассветом?
Что колышет ветер в поле?
По курганам тихим, сонным
Нависает плотный сумрак...

И уходит вдаль дорога
Степью вьется прихотливо
Вдалеке стоят могилы
Словно цепь сторожевая
Рать орлы лишь провожают
В вышине паря над степью
И сверкают на доспехах
Солнца яркие лучи.

В дальней не поляжете ль сторонке
От мечей чужих, от копий вражьих?
Да куда уводит вас дорога?
Словно лента темная бежит…
А войска в тумане исчезают
Тишина стоит в степи рассветной,
Лишь вороны каркают с курганов
Да ковыль-трава звенит.

Холодеет ночь перед зарею
Серой мглой подернулись овраги
Или это ратный стан белеет?
Или снова веет вольный ветер
Над глубоко спящими войсками?
Он ковыль тревожит и качает
Вежи половецкие колышет
И бежит-звенит старинной былью…

Что шумит перед зарею?
Что колышет вольный ветер?
Солнце яркое восходит
Пробуждает спящий лагерь…


Lay his sword by his side
Let it based in a dead hand.
It specified a way the enemy
Also converged with it in fight.
Let lay together under the ground...

But I hear - from darkness death
Impassioned whisper, as an echo of the one,
Who lifted armies on fight.
Whose shout fighting was carried
Above battlefield as a thunder
Who a lightning in fight aspired...

Do not put my sword in a tomb
From to us I'm mortal only
It, as earlier, aspires in fight
And it's handle is hot.

Kind my sword!
Revive in a glorious hand.
Continue to kill and to sparkle.
Also enter for freedom,
As together with me
In fight by a lighting terrible be!

Glorious warrior feasts in heavenly
He pours foamy honey hall
And sword flares fire in worthy hands
Conducts hosts on fight again.


Рати две на бой сходились
На земле Руси святой
Кровью травы обагрились
Пой победу, смерть, им пой!

Стаи воронов слетались
К полю брани пировать
Друг и враг перемешались –
Мёртвым уж не воевать.

Вспомним, братья, Русь и славу
И пойдём врагов разить!
За отчизну, за державу!
Лучше смерть, чем в рабстве жить!

Нашу землю разоряют,
Нет уж сил владеть собой.
Ратный жар в крови пылает,
Сердце просится на бой!

Мы идём на смерть, ликуя
Ангелы на крыльях нас несут
Забывая, что в жизни было
Все на бой – враги идут!

Боже, помоги нам!
Освяти наш путь, защити наш дом!
Сила, что живёт в нас,
Ты зажги сердца нам святым огнём!

Эй, вставай! Враг пришёл
Жечь честную Русь огнём
Без пощады, без прощенья
Всё, что ждёт нас – лишь забвенье!

Звон меча, скрип седла,
Храп коней, стон врага,
Зов трубы и ярость боя,
Сердцу жар – руке раздолье!

Саван чёрный в танце вьётся
Кровью окропив косу
Смерть ликует и смеется
Битва близится к концу...

Крупные капли дождя
Барабанят по трупам убитых.
Словно туманом завесило
Поле неистовой битвы.
Запах пролившейся крови
Стои над землею.
Души убитых всё мечутся –
Нет им покоя...


It was warm and light here before
Forests and fields, garden and farms
And Earth was suitable for life
But it seems so far away.

The darkness and fierce frost came
To destruct who was alive
And clouds of dust had eclipsed the sun,
And life was terminated.

How can it happed? Humanity is fault
They methodically destroying the Earth
Remember, the oil was overflow – the Earth's blood
Remember Chernobyl.

It must be happened sooner or later
Enormous nuclear fungus arised
And perfect hell begun…
But people deserved it.

Haggard Earth had disposed the disease –
Parasitizing humanity
It heal all wounds itself,
Then the nuclear winter will finished.


You can see day to day
Decreased quantity saints
Filling crypts and the graves
By souls, bodies and chains.

Blackened planet is doomed
There is no hope to escape
We can not win our heart that,
Who carries a name of agressor

Close your eyes, take my hand
Hide your fear, this is the end
The end of the battle
Which we fighting to death!

There was blood everywhere
Hundred bodies around
I was last who stand here
On that blood - reddest ground.

Sudden agressor
Sleeps in your heart
Sudden agressor
More sudden that death
Don't touch me, don't listen,
This is the end.
Who cares the name of agressor?

You can see day to day
Decreased quantity saints
Filling crypts and the graves
By souls, bodies and chains.

Close your eyes, take my hand
Hide your fear, this is the end
The end of the battle
Which we fighting to death!

Standing on the verge of Chaos,
Recollecting the sins,
I'm asking about a mercy
But already too late...


Hot fire, black smoke -
Burn houses, around all are dead.
I have remained one. Enemies send away,
Left me to the mercy of fate.

Long years I waited for one -
To revenge for myself and for my race.
Only owing for it I have survived,
Having tempered soul and a body.

I was not broken with difficultes.
And a sword now - continuation of my hand.
Day and night I went on a trace
Of my enemy - the deadly enemy.

And here at last I face to you.
All your people are dead.
You cannot overcome me
In fact the truth on my side.

Dance of swords, dance of death
Heavy breath, the ring of steel.
Enemies reter in the last to fight.
Only the one will live alive.

The sun sparkles on swords,
Fury burn in opinion of.
Through so much years
They have again met last time.

And here you at my legs
Live last minutes.
Farewell, my enemy! The revenge has come to pass,
I have nothing to wish more!

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