Amiensus : Restoration

Symphonic Black / USA
(2012 - Pest Productions)
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We Embraced the cold
Shrouded by dawn
The morning frost
Wind on our faces
Through time we travelled
We embraced the cold
Towards the light we struggled
And from despair we ran
We embraced the cold
And opened our eyes
It only held death for us
We'd been deceived-
From despair we ran
Towards the light we struggled
Sinking slowly into a cold white sea


Dust is crushed mountains
And the ashes of everything that ever existed.
Specs of life dissolving into a void which we cannot know.

Dust has covered the planets and the moons' gleam
reflected upon it
For we all are dust of the Earth

Time is fleeting, awaiting a dreaming state
And promise of after life


Burned and consumed, like ashen memories
Pale and undone, distant seems the world
Like freezing arctic wind, the blade of loss cuts through
To find myself again, I cannot comprehend
To walk this road, the path of desolation
Far from the sun, cold isolation
Abandoned here, in silent apathy
By all those, once so endeared
To understand, I must become the fear
To prevail, I must become the enemy
To reclaim dominion, surrender to defeat
To rise to elation, I must fall into despair

Crushed by the weight of an impending failure
I endeavor in vain toward the fading sun
Paralyzed in this aphotic void
My strength it is lost, in the absence of light
Before my eyes, as if frozen in time
The rise and fall of everything once defined
To acquiesce to the arms of negation
Denial at once my comfort and my shame
The dark that once seemed so false, so distant
Now engulfs every aspect of my sight
The understanding lies entwined with all I fear
I am the enemy,
I am the light
Accept that forever, is a mere perception
Relative to our own minds
Every moment elapsed is an eternity
In the shadow of our fleeting time
Those once beloved, will fade to dust
Nothing sacred, cannot be undone
To overcome is to embrace our fear
To forge ahead, and walk alone
Reclaim desire, to see the unknown
Abandon time, erase eternity
Strength is attained by the fire of yearning
The path to acceptance is a journey without end.


Bring forth the time that remains,
To those who seek the meaning of the Word,
The will to break a system,
A need for those who can create,
Words are what make us,
Are what we create, language is dimensional,
In the midst of chaos showing
This love is ever flowing
Monuments can be turned to ruins
But words cannot decay, cannot decay
The universe is an extortionist
Forever slowly bleeding us dry
And the will to thrive is denied
By contextual divides
Separation of word and void.
A structured cluster of pre-conceived ideas, schemas, Schema
Can Create.
Words may transform into cosmic entities
Structured by the will of man to design infinity
Separate, word and void become one with the aethyr
Bring together dark and light and incarnate all that we fear

5. I AM

I am the glacier’s crest above the forests,
Freezing you mid thought and the ancient voices
From the greying fog I am the thought that overtakes
Your mind and fills you with a singular happiness.
I am your third hand and your second
I am the shadow, the grey one
Who cannot ever forget you.
I am the leaves the you burn in the fall
The swift cleansing of your conscious
I am the glistening of the leaves
And I am.


Further from sane, In time I'll break

Mechanical processes leading my way

Reality ceases to be, divulging from actuality

Alien phenomenon wiping our dreams

Harvesting our thoughts and beliefs

What is to be, or the non-being

A warped vision and safety

Theories of absurdity washing our faces

Corrupted societies plot to end the nations

Diverging resources to fatten the people

The starving revolt and empty the steeple

Rotting and porous the end of our world

The character of mankind becomes unfurled

A king on his throne, sovereign rules

While citizens burn, despairing and doomed

No stone left unturned, no soul left alive

Fiery landscapes brighten the skies

Bereft of the living, a land of the dead

Defeated and giving, the world has bled


And I see the light ,surrounding you
From a blinded hollow I gaze I stare
Fallen not unveiling, fallen not waning
From hollowed ground, fallen I stare
For life was not meant to despair
I pry through the crowd to catch a glimpse
The power leaves me weak at my knees
Fallen not waning, fallen unveiling
Restoring, like air to drowning lungs

Like fire to burning wood
Inside a lifeless tomb
The after, the mending, the air
Resurrecting so breath in, again,
Breath in again and restore.


There's a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you're gone
A sickening feeling of emptiness no longer prolongs
Residing within me, the place you shall be,
A deepening rift that slowly impedes
The ability to know you after death
Humanity deciphers your holy texts
Withering the body to the illiterate
Falsely identifying with ignorance
The word corrupted to bend to the will of Man.

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