American Me : Heat

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Injustices we've endured brought back hell but hell can't bring me down
They can belittle you but not me
The weak can never forgive
I am the attribute of the strong
Forced to live with the enemy.


Every time I'm running away from myself no time to look back
Caught up in a mess, there's no way out
When it rains it fucking pours
Who am I to judge if the judged was me
I meant nothing more to this life these lies are fucking killing me

Liar, you're a liar, you're a mother fucking liar
You can lie to them but you cant fucking lie to yourself


Hands tied
Don't speak
Hands tied
I never felt so alive
I'm burning up inside,left for dead
One chance to prove myself I'm just like you
Open my eyes its the end of my time

This is the time to take it all back it's mine to take back
What's not rightfully theirs and thier end of wrongs where we stood on
Never falling down i refuse to live under rule of these kings with their crooked crowns
I'll hold my ground

....Left for dead


Life is just to short to understand
I vow to set a new light
Never again, blurring one of two lines
Life lessoned learned.

Your useless and dead to me
This is the only way i can show you my resentment by carving my love into your chest

Burn the bridge down
Burn it down.

Only classified through the eyes of a shut out mind motherfucker

Pulling away is a must
Drifting apart isn't new to us
No regard for anyone else but yourself
I was killing myself
And for the last time I was killing myself only to save you

Look deep into these eyes and tell me that this was real at one time
Now just an enemy
Faded black memories


Reel yourself in
Set your self uo for the time of your life
We cant change the past but we will learn from our mistakes
Holding on to life
Praying for no change
Choke on this

If you were to die today I would piss on your grave


It's just another day at the office
Who's life will hang in the balance?
Could it be a father,mother,daughter?
If it was up to me you would all be dead on the ground face down
This piece of paper has your name on it
Just say your last goodbyes

Should've saw it coming.... never saw it coming
You act if none of this was to exist in a cold cruel world
Pain is fucking money taxed with your suffering
.....Suffer Inside

Every head just another dollar
Every finger just a fucking cent
Your dead, i'm maniacal
You'll be lucky for an open casket funeral

Your body is traced in chalk but the weather will wear that away
Look you in the eye and said nothing, began firing

This is where you fucking die

Said nothing,Began firing


On my own this is what I am....

The choice that I've made to go on
With no one at my back, no one to hold my ground
When I needed them the most, they all turned around
I once was their king, now I've lost my crown

Life it is a sruggle, constant battle to survive
If you don't fit the bill you will just subside

On my own this is what I am


We are the ones that gave a fuck,the ones that wanted the perfect picture, for you , me , and everyone around you.
Neglected you are forced fed life.
Pulling me down to the ground,to the ground,I will fight to stay on top.
Never knew what life really was outiside of this place
No more lies will be pressed upon me I can see right through you.
Right through you


Coughed-up disgust repel my senses
You are what you eat you're full of shit
No remorse only apathy

You'll die alone reeking of excriment
A living example of the final desent

You're disgusting
Your existence is filth
No one gives a fuck about you anymore

I strive to be the opposite of you and what you do


I curse the earth that you walk on
My life is gold your life is black
Your life is fucking black.....

Finish 'em all

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