Amberian Dawn : Circus Black

Symphonic Heavy / Finland
(2012 - Spinefarm Records)
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Day and night, no matter where you go
They hold the mirror
For you to swallow
And there they are staring at you everywhere you go!

They are in your head, you are overpowered,
They are there like worms eating your guts.
Can you stop the Clocks? Tick, tick, tock, in your ears?
Stop the spinning of the psycho circus in my mind!

They are the voice of the conscience,
The voice of attrition,
Whispers in your prison.
They are there all the time
Until you find expiation of your evil deeds!

[Chorus] (x2)


Far away is the dawn from your eyes, only darkness.
... Only darkness I see in your eyes.
Fearlessy I'm leaning on you in the shadows, in your world.
And there you find me, my mind is open for your mind.
Meet the night!

Loving your lifeless soul is all to easy.
Still in your lifeless heart there is some beating!
Love your living soul is just too easy.
The power of love beats death, come and join eternity.
Cold kiss!

Show me how is the world from your eyes 'cause I'm envious
... 'cause I'm envious of your afterlife.
Just one kiss will release me from life
I know you want it too, I feel you do!
You know I'm longing, you know I want tot take you to live with the moon!

[Chorus] (x2)


Once upon a time in a distand land,
A merchant had three daughters.
They asked different gifts from their old father:
A golden crown, a crystal mirror and the last one,
A little scarlet flower.

The crimson flower is hard to find
A magical forest keeps it inside.
If he picks it then the beast will take the daughter.
The crimson flower lies there within
So does the heart of the beast and deep
In his mind he fears that no one will break the spell.

Then the old man's youngest daughter
Went alone into the forest
And she found the castle where she would stay eternally
There in time she fell in love with her silent keeper.

[Chorus] (x2)


When the night's slowly falling, shadows grow
Longer in the cold moonlight,
The nightbirds are singing their sad tunes - then the
Time has come for the Charnel's ball.

White bones in the moonlight
Dressed up also in white
Dancing upon their own tombs
Waltzing accross the
Graveyard is
Filled with joy
Corpses are looking like toys
Undead girls and boys
Dance in the Carnel's ball!

You're asleep and you don't hear a thing, then the
Dead are crawling out of their tombs.
We think death is for eternity but midnight welcomes
The dead to dance.

... Undead girls and boys
Dancing and swaying!

... Undead girls and boys
Dance in the Carnel's ball!


You doubt is haunting, still you wait for the truth,
Can't see the victim's you.
You try to compromise, fate throws the dice,
Your soul is turning grey.

Or run though your life
Face your enemies
Stand up for yourself and just believe
The fear is just inside but it's hard to find.
Use your anger to fight for your will!

The darkness frightens, shadows whisper,
The evil's hunting you.
Sometimes you're certain it is still near
Wishing for you to fall.

[Chorus] (x2)


No longer frustration, no more I'm listening to this.
Too many moments I have shared somemone else's dreams.
It took time to make up my mind,
But when you say these things I'm certain that
I deserve much better!

You see greatness lives inside
It is truthful for the mind
Greatness lives inside
It's not yours to take.
It is helping ones in need
Giving value for a friend
You have got it wrong - these tings you're not!

For noghing I tried to please you by staying in the shades.
By doing all the tings your way, like you say,
But where's my dream?
I tried to tell you a thousand times
That if you do these tings just your way,
I'll continue my own way.

[Chorus] (x2)


I'm wathing the waves that pass by
Watching the clouds that make me
Dream that I'm falling
Into the ocean of the sky
Watching the aoutum of my life
And now finally I see the truth.

Blue sea
The spring of human souls
We're children of the sea
The horizon's our home
We're children of the sea
You'll see blue sea in our eyes
We're children of the sea
Twice we play with the sun.
- I share with you this dream.

I'm floating through forests of the sea
Meeting the cratures in the deepest abyss.
I'm starting to understand why they changed the
Ocean to the sky above
- To be closer to the sun!

[Chorus] (x2)




Into the wilderness the child now wanders.
The guardian next to her safely guides her back home.
Far away is her home and she is frightened,
Dark is the forest path back to her own loving home.

See how the light spreads her wings and
Shields this child with light 'cause
Dark is the night
And innocent the child.
See the bright light on the path it
Shines through your heart!
How could the child fall
Without the guardian on her side.

Dark is the forest, the shadows are moving.
The fir trees are whispering in the night wind, and the
Hungry beasts lurk behind the light circle.
This light is the shelter for her lonely journey home.

[Chorus] (x2)


An indian girl,
She watched the moon and lived in the stories
About the warrior of the moon who was a mighty god.
In the nights she tried to catch
The light rays from the moon
In order to hold her warrior-god
Whom she just loved so much.

She say a reflection of the moon in a lake.

Blinded by her love, she ran into the lake.
Fearlessly she swam never to catch the rays.
The shining of the moon just shimmered in her eyes
Just before she fell into the eternal dark.

The warrior of the moon, he grieved for indian girl who had
Devoted her life to loving him, who sacrificed herself.
The warrior-god changed her into a lily of the moon,
A watery plant whose large flowers open during the night.

See the lily opening herself towards the moon.

[Chorus] (x2)

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