Amaran : Pristine in Bondage

Power Metal / Sweden
(2004 - Listenable Records / CD Maximum)
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Bathroom mirror laughs so hard
Scribbled lipstick shouting truth
Years of whatever, decaying youth

And I'm sorry but I think
I cannot love you
At least not tonight
No I think I cannot love you
I think I'd rather fight

Rusty eyes and sleepy heart
What comes together comes apart
But all she ever stole
The myth of love to make her whole

Grasping for air in
A room full of cyanide
It's only a matter of time
Before it all comes
Crashing down
Hoping for, for a miracle
And I waited here to watch you
Watch you brace yourself
For when it all comes crashing

Another story
You could have been a heroine
It could have been a fairytale
You could have
Flaunted rosy cheeks
Instead of fading into pale

And you think that
They might cry
But you, you will be careless
You'll be an angel
Busy learning how to fly

Never sleep and never rest
Not with those
Cramps inside your chest
Never without nightly sin
Atropine, your heroine


John Doe, the answer to my prayers
Won't you come alive in
The picture that I painted

Moon and stars won't
You come to my rescue
Let me enslave you, owning
You will make me whole
Green leaves won't you
Gather around me
Keep me company
And i'll never beg again

Choose your revolution...

Without arms
We've got a war to fight
Can't you see?

My knight trapped
in shining armor
Take me far away,
I know that you are real.


You couldn't find me anywhere
Out at sea, deep under
Raging waves I swayed
Captured in the arms of Poseidon
I lost consciousness, once again

Their voices laugh in ridicule
Did you believe that you could survive?
You know your sun burns way too fast
And you are nothing without our wrath

All my executioners wearing masks
As I crawl in dirt to find
The answer to a question never asked
Is something true to me

All familiar faces just like I recall
Feels so good coming home

Reach out your hand,
wait for me there by the shore
Unlock your door I'm coming home

From the corals she emerged
And she ripped away my chains
But I never got to see her face
From the oceans come what may
She brought out the light of day
But I never got to see her face

When the sky puked out
It's spears I opened my arms
Cut in half I reached for your shadow
While picking up the pieces
I opened my eyes
And I see that you're aiming for me


All of my nightmares you
leave me sleeping
Weighing my eyes down,
everything's fading

In the gutter of my mind
I found my hero
See I actually believed
In such a thing as a hero
And i crawled on my knees
Just to please you
I'm just like all the rest, the second best
The one who takes what she can get

From where you're standing
I never suffer
Made of concrete i am breathless
You must've confused
Me with someone else
Someone who settles for
Being someone's whore
Someone more like yourself

And all the nightmares that I have
You own my awakening
But you leave me sleeping on
Enjoying the thrill of my scream


Somehow in it for the chase
So I run away
I run like hell, don't think
For a second that I wasn't prepared
Strange you never did do ask
Why I always wore my winter coat
For times like these when
I'm forced out running in the snow

All I asked for was the naked truth
Was too much for you to handle
Was too much for me to ask
Every time that you fake a smile
Play the martyr in the play
Of the story about you and I

Some days everything is
Red like roses without thorns
Loves me loves me not,
Soft petals slowly hit the floor
Are we supposed to spit it out
Until there's nothing left to break
It's over now this is the end
And you better understand

Are we supposed to spit it out?
Until there's nothing left to break

Send a message that is loud and clear
A message that's so simple
That even you can hear
They say it took you two whole days
To find happiness again on the lips
Of another man


You smothered my beliefs to the point
Of nearly killing me
When you gave me a name
To carry with shame
Show me mother, i've reached
The point where i'm supposed to say
Teach me again father,
Yet for some reason i am still waiting!

Cast away now. Cut the moorings
I've lived through the resurrection
And can somehow say
I'm on my way now, any day now
Urged by my katharsis

In my world there's no bitterness
I'm touched in more than one way,
So natural, so beautiful!!!
In my past world it was you who...
You who triggered me...

We need a burst of chaos
To become clean and purified
Neurotic cleansing disorder cease to be
Venting emotions, my demons are alive
Spiritual renewal, come come Katharsis

7. 24 PILLS

If I was brave I'd shut my mouth
Put an end to our fights
I'd jump into a neon light
Taste the concrete and break my bones
I could be born again
As one of your lucky strikes

If I wouldn't fuck up my
mind from time to time...
Constantly, I would drive myself insane

I was always the December girl
I never noticed them at all
I slept through the summer
And was drunk through the fall

I am beautiful in the dark
Everyone can be beautiful
in the spotlight
From far below
All the praise falls to the floor
I stand empty handed
Waiting for a little more

I pop 24 pills a day, 8 with every meal
Just to make it to the next place


He held me so tight as if to protect me
From what? Maybe from himself
I signed the contract that
Offers me protection
If i follow all the rules

See those wounds and bruises
don't really prove much
Some girls like it rough
Some mean yes when they say no
How is a man supposed to know?

You came just as you saw Marilyn
As if I wasn't there at all
As if I was only a dream

And you are my little angel but
Your wings are without use
Cause you picked out all the feathers
To draw a little blood just to make sure
That you can bleed like if you where alive

A train from heaven where
We are the only passengers
Without their eyes shooting
Out lightning of dirt
That penetrates our skin
And heads straight for our hearts

You are my little angel
High upon my pedestal
Yea, you are my little angel
God help man if you would fall


In dark alleys in big swirls
She who dances with the crows
As they nest in her hair
Her halo only grows

She who dances with the crows
Her halo only grows

And she throws me her stars
As she goes along

Her black cape wet and torn
Too dark for the light of day
She sees herself in ivory
As he saw her when he walked away

Pristine in bondage collector of chains
Hurrying out when it rains
To give you her place by the fire

Pristine in bondage she dances no more
Her cape is too heavy
Her feet are too sore


Just maybe
You could smash my soul, please
Just maybe
You could twist my mind, in time
Just because or maybe
My heart fell to the ground
And the pieces where scattered

In secluded places
In expanded minds
There's no such thing as the end

Someday I wish you reborn
Could strip off our masks
In the land of the free

I guess stoner eyes do see
Things to rapidly
Moving round and round and round
I guess stoner hearts do break
Before it's all too late
Moving round and round....

Just maybe
You could break my walls
Just maybe
It wouldn't be that hard, in time
Just because or maybe
My fist fell to the ground
And the pieces where scattered


You always followed someone else
And now you are bleeding
It will never be as you assume
As long as you follow leaders

As we fly on our own
We will never find our way back home

Crawling underneath my biggest fear
Please don't come to near
I can't hide in my eyes
So I look away and shivers turn to shakes

I never wanted
To walk alone out here in the cold light
I never learn from my mistakes
Streets full of broken hearts
A graveyard for my tears
And concrete tastes like blood

You just wanted to prepare me
For the evil world
When you peeled me like an apple
Was it so I'd grow a thicker scar?


My revolution dies
Straight from the wound to the soil
Didn't need long enough to be named
Did need long enough to be mourned

Shadow mirror on the wall
Looking at my reflection
Seven long years to endure
To my resurrection
If I'd sail the seven sees
would you still be here for me
When I found my way back home

My execution fails
Left to the chariots of the switch
Burning the flesh and staging more
Like a phoenix i've opened your throne

Father carry her for me
For I lack of empathy


These bodies all contain your souls
And are lighten by your lives
Molded to oblivion
To hard to see the truth

Have I told you,
It is not over yet
Have i told you,
This is just the beginning

Where did some go
To walk here again
Where is this life
To live here again

Close your eyes
And come with me
To find another way
A parallel universe
Created by ourselves

Wanted something real
But I only closed wind in these skies
Wanted a deeper meaning
But I only found our empty shells

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