Altar (NL) : Provoke

Death Metal / Netherlands
(1998 - Displeased Records)
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Your time is running out, why don't you step aside
You well dressed look, no longer hides
You are so pathetic, you are all the same
I'm not clean either but it has a different name

I see you everywhere, you dominate my street
You can create a sphere, at places where we meet
I hear you everywhere, always the same talk
Where you stand in line, where ever you may walk

I hate garbage
This is my cleaning day
You are the trash
That I must throw away

You smile at me when I'm around
But I've got both feet on the ground
Open up your eyes, it's everlasting hate

So never have the slightest hope for a solution
You'll always be the biggest form of pollution

There's no solution, you stink - Polution

2. ROUTE 666

Please step in, let's take a ride
Don't hesitate cause we're out of time
Get in my black tank, don't fear my mood
I'm a well known guy in this neighbourhood

Not a minute on this road
They stalk behind my back
But grandpa doesn't see
That he's in front of me

Now let me drive fast
I want to be free
But there is the radar
That takes my money

Welcome on route six six six
Let's hate each other and have some fun
Welcome to this fucked up world
The road movie that has just begun

3. W.E.B.

I listen good 'cause you're superior
I have competed and now completed
This is my future, this is my score
Take my life from the book
Like they've done before

You are the choice, you give the tools
And I'll pass the line with success
Prepare me for the big life I obey the rules
I thank god on my knees I can go to school

I suddenly experienced this wasn't right for me
To practice what you preach for the rest of my days
To walk along the path that you've set out for me

Conformation or self contained
Be a part in don't care at all
Educated, indoctrinated
The more you told me the more I hated

Finally I realized this system wasn't right for me
I could never take for granted all the bullshit
When you talked to me
Now I see the difference between you and me

Confrontation of self regard
The danger of intelligence
Wavering institution
You prepared me for insurrection

You should be ashamed of yourself
To create this perfect image
Of a world that's one big trap
To come up with a great illusion

You're the teacher
Of our future
Must we take over
What you did wrong

You should better ask yourself
Why there is no use
In forming an enormous gap
Between problems and their solutions

4. ODE

Let the feast begin
Come and sing with me
Raise the glasses high
To our victory

This is the perfect day
I see that we're complete
Let us celebrate
Answer lust and greed

We share the same mentality
The order of damned souls
Enjoy our mass brutality
We know what's our goal

Tonight we do not care
About the ones who didn't know
About the ones who are not here
About the fools who live below

Indulge our glory
Proudly we stand
Indulge our glory
Of the left hand

Now gather around
To dispose our sins
On ceremonial ground
Let the storm being

This song is an ode
To twenty years pleasure
To where I belong
That twenty years of metal
Made me strong


Send back to primal life
Where man rules the other one
A young mind so confused
What's the purpose of it all
Wander in chaotic darkness
Usual reaction has gone
A strangulation atmosphere
Commands the fall

This land of shadows
Yet it seems so beautiful
It hides the silent force
A luring entity
Holds a tormenting pain
Through the leaves it whispers
It creates a contrast
I suddenly see

I am here
To contain
I destroy
To remain

The right to kill
The right to burn
The right to stay
The right I've earned
But is it right
To give my life for
Some one else's greed

I'm everything I've always hated
I now make the same mistakes
My country is responsible
For everything I've always hated
Made by men I've always hated
They created, always hated


I walked into this place to meet the human race
To satisfy my thirst, to gather with my friends
Forget the foolish ways I got tired of today
To see what's going on with the freaks of the world

Yes, I was right 'bout the freaks of the night
I pretend I don't see but they come right to me
They mourn in my ear about the things that they fear
Why don't they stay home, with their family

It's the night of the living dead
You can run but you cannot hide
Tonight they are everywhere
They put me in a state of fight

Wrong people with wrong faces
Have put wrong music on
Wrong women with wrong asses
Dance on a stupid song

Wrong guys with wrong ideas
Sip from a cocktail glass
Wrong hips generation X
Are smoking too much grass


Every single crime he has made in life
He must pay for one's mistake, endlessly
Now confront the judge punished for his deeds
And when you think it stops then it just begins
Severe punishment the judge has got in mind
Is just inhuman and a raping of mankind
It solves nothing but creating just an endless rage
An anger and a fury against the human race

Die by my side - See no light - Endless rage
No fear inside - set things right - To society

After a long time out friend came home
Liberty the reward for all those years
Several months have passed and now he surely knows
That all the efforts he had made were all denied
Now you see that society is not done with you
Unless you obey by the rules that they all play
Judgement for your lies judgement for your crimes
But realize that you are judged for your whole life

Now you've seen death I have become
All the kindness has disappeared in me
The ones who should be blamed are me myself and I
But also the narrow minded human kind

They will only justify what's legally secured
But they don't realize the strongest will survive
Take a look in my eyes and see the signs
The signs of a desperate crying man


We've been chosen planet earth for us to live
And what do we do, we tear the the place apart
Whelmed in darkness our world begins to fade
There's one conclusion, we have no second chance

Another scandal, a large amount of poisoned ground
Found in districts, where we live and stay
No one noticed, 'till kids came home and showed their skin
Wounds are gasping, and pus is running out

No response - They won't take the blame
Undissolved - Just more lies
Unexplained - They don't answer you
Breath the air - You'll slowly die

We're so selfish think we've the only right to live
It's our future so please don't mess around
Just continue and there is nothing more to give
Another lifetime, we don't stand a chance

It's so much depressing
Sitting up the hill
And see our nature dies
How our land was in the past
Remains us in our thoughts
And memories tell no lies

9. 2000 YEARS

I am aware that I will die
When the moment's right for me
I know it's unavoidable
I want to take it gracefully

Never known
Never seen
Always there
In between

But before the lights go out
I return to the ground
I want to seek all the joy
Pleasures in life to be found

There are things I can't predict
In where I have no control
Or sometimes I hurt myself
And I'm full responsible

But before the lights go out
I return to the ground
I want to try and take it all
Misuse, abuse in large amounds

Two thousand years ago
Some one died
Two thousand years from now
Some one dies


Fog in the streets
A church clock beats
Midnight - darkness all around

You better beware
You better take care
Be prepared for the shock

The time has come
And he's the one
Who's breathing down your neck

Coming from behind
Now it's your time
A loser will die

Fast as a shark he'll cut out of the dark
He's a killer - he'll rip out your heart
On a one way track and you're not coming back
'cause the killer's on the attack

Surprise attack
Coming from the back
An expert of the deadly knack

Just take care
Just beware
Be prepared for the fight

Fast as a shark he'll cut out of the dark
He's a killer - he'll rip out your heart
On a one way track and you're not coming back
'cause the killer's on the attack

Watch out - watch out

Fast as a shark he'll cut out of the dark
He's a killer - he'll rip out your heart
On a one way track and you're not coming back
'cause the killer's on the attack

Fast as a shark he'll cut out of the dark
He's a killer - he'll rip out your heart
On a one way track and you're not coming back
'cause the killer's
'cause the killer's
'cause the killer's on the attack

11. R.I.P.

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