Alogia : Secret Spheres of Art

Progressive Metal / Serbia
(2005 - Locomotive Records)
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The clock is ticking, time is running out.
The world keeps turning every day and night.
So many circles, so many lies,
Darkness is falling in paradise...

I keep my dream deep in my heart.
It gives me hope, out in the dark.
I have to find a way how to survive,
To find some answers and reach out the sky.

Dreams! Visions!
So many things are deep inside of me!
Freedom! Wisdom!
Look into my eyes and you will see!

So many misteries and sleepless nights
Show me the way to live, wake up my sights.
Deep in my secret sphere I see the light,
I feel the fire, in rage we shall rise!

Dreams! Visions!
So many things are deep inside of me!
Freedom! Wisdom!
Look into my eyes and you will see!




I am the vengeance, a snake in disguise
Obssessed with dominance, obssessed with lies
I am the chaos, controller of minds
Perfect Machine, evil divine.

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see?
Fear and despair - your own destiny.
I am the strongest, I have the force.
Your life is mine without any cost.

Bleed, die, under command!
You're falling fast to hell and back!
Don't try to understand!
The politics of war games...

I am the patriot for cash and gold.
Making the money, making the war!
Who cares for peace I have my own wish!
Open the gates of hell, unleash the beast!

Dreams! Visions!
So many things are deep inside of me!
Freedom! Wisdom!
Look into my eyes and you will see!


It was an age of wonders
In a land far, far away
A beautiful queen was on the throne
Her kingdom had no end.
In her chest there was a heart
Beyond her knowledge it was made
A curse of darkness it contained
For her kingdom the very end!

Evil eyes knew all of that
Dark conspiracy has been hatched
The heart of beautiful queen to break
The dark lord a spell prepared
As I remember, my good friend
That dark mage has succesed
A terrible curse fell over land
Eternal darkness fouled the day

The Sun dissappeared
Heavens turned in the dark
Eternal sorrow and night
Had no end and no start.
Deep in the heart there's
A voice that still calls
I can hear it sometimes
In each of us it tolls


It's very cold on the edge I'm standing alone counting footsteps
Which will lead me to the bottom of life.
Sun is gone even the stars are not shining anymore...
All that is left is dark!

Now I need endless sunrise
To take away the pain I feel
As I drink from a cup of my life
Just bring me back
All the games from the childhood
The power to believe
That eternity is coming to us

On the wings of tired flocks
My soul will travel
Will I ever find my way
From here to eterity?

Falling Asleep...
While autumn leaves cover me
In the dark night...
With candles I'm burning free!

Another dawn, sun is rising again
But I know it will set
By the end of the day
Give me all - keys of eternity
So I can hide my youth
In the infinite universe

When I become dust,
My memories will stay there
Until the end of time
To live in the hands of life






Thousands of ages
In the sand empire
Hidden secret lies
Night full of stars
Still knows the old damnation
Blood on the sand still cries!

May the eternal darkness doom
Every man who enters my tomb!

The crypt is standing
With the help of gods
To beat the eternal wheels of time
For afterlife is made up
To the sky eternaly!

In the sand of time
The hidden pharaoh's dreaming
The moment to be born again
Rebirth of Amon...

Rha... Come wake me up!
Gods of the Sun, forces of universe
Rha... Come praise me up!
Give me the strenght of immortality...
Rha... Come raise me up!
Gods of the Sun, forces of universe
Rha... Come raise me up!


Where words lose their power,
Dissappear - There music starts.
The whole new form it gives me,
Calls me up - Above reality...

I'm opening strange new worlds
Carried by the hands of destiny,
Which take me up beyond the time...

Where awareness and dreams become the same
Beyond the start and the end!

Messages, signs and the magic
In the air - The vision starts.
The notes are playing
Games of fantasy - Maze of a genius.

I can feel ancient times,
They are so distant but so well-known to me...
I'm sailing to infinity...


I still remember of those
Years that we had wandered freely
Under the stars in the skies of our destiny
And I still remember your smile
And your eyes full of sadness and tears
Things you said before you went for good:

My dear friends, I'll go now
Please listen this words I'm about to sing
Life is just like a beautiful
Dream it will end very soon
November day in the sky
Rainy clouds have covered all over the stars
Peacfully one of them have
Its beautiful dream dreamed away...

All fairytales are far away
All of our dreams are empty today
Some painful silence has covered our memories
And maybe you're looking at us
Maybe you're laughing with all of the stars
I see your eyes - beautiful glow up in the sky

We were friend 'til the end
Same dreams we dreamed together
And we haved flied
On the wings of eternity up to the stars
Never doubt until then
That you'll stay forever high in the sky
May the stars now watch you
Over up there instead of us...

Eternal glow
May reach of the corners of universe
May the time stop once again
Voice of youth may
Hollow the way of the shining stars
Please save a place for each one of us!




As the time passes by,
You wonder where we're standing now
Are we in the eternity?

Someday when all of good days are gone,
You will realize where we are.

Is the nature cheating us
And everything is just a game
Or we are just a part of it?

Why does every story has its end
Is there a second chance
Or my feelings are deceiving me?

Are we far away from eternity
Or we can see
That it's here somewhere near?




How many times you'd like
To say that it's the end
That you can't listen to
All those things they want you to

Your life is too short,
Time is running very fast
You'll have to strike back,
It's to late to repent!

Your long hair has
Always being annoying them,
The symbol of your life,
To them is just an illusion!

Centuries will pass by,
Only one thing will not change
Warriors we've been
And will be until the end!

Just like Samson,
With a sword in your hand,
Go fight them all!
Tame the lions!
Just like Samson
With strength in your hair
Go fight them all!
Fight them to death!

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