Akercocke : The Goat of Mendes

Death Black / United-Kingdom
(2001 - Peaceville Records / Snapper Music)
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Goat of a thousand young
Goat of mendes divine
Under the sigil of bephomet
We pray of thee, we invoke thee
I orate with due clarity
Our brutal philosophy
Curse the right of the altar
And drink of the chalice of ecstacy

I drink deep of my sisiters blood
Phallic benediction
Purify the air with bells
Unholy steps thirteen
Of ceremonial darkness
Utilize the power of sheol

[Solo - paul schanlan]

I smite the blasting wand to thee
Unholy steps thirteen
In the name of satan ruler of the earth
Grant me the power
Grant me the power
Of the forces of darkness

I drink deep of my sister's blood
(incantation to the infernal duke gomory)
Take them down
Within the pentagram
Come with me

Prince of the north - belial
Eastern prince - lucifer
Leviathan - prince of western shores
Prince of the south


Sister cunegonde
Novitiate veiled in black

Hear the melody of the night
Feel the winter through your robe
Regain custody of dead senses
And escape into the woods
Escape into the woods

The intimacy of the darkness
Reveals the spirits strength
Reveals the twisted horns of the lord
Demogorgon, the eldritch goat

[sister cunegonde:]
"grant me a skin for dancing in
Grant me a skin for dancing in
Dark master"

Proceed the path of agarthi, alone
Recite enochian canto, sister

[sister cunegonde:]
"grant me a skin for dancing in
Dark master"

And receive unholy jism
Goat of mendes ahriman
Carnal inspirer and lord
Infernal prophet

The scent of her hymen
Potent and pure presents
Temptation beyond heaven
And into hell

The visible melts into the unseen
The abyss below malkuth
Embrace vital existence
And the dark ones of the pit

Beneath the beast the naked soul
The visible melts into the unseen
Between her thighs
Such sweet delights

Rejoice in the fleshly life
Sweet sister in darkness
Rejoice in the fleshly life

[Solo's paul schanlan & jason mendonca]




4. Horns of baphomet

I am hostage to your presence
Captive to your words
[sister serena :]
'I can hear you calling
I can hear you calling me
I can hear you calling
I can hear you calling me'
Baphomet how do you touch me
When you are not here
[sister serena :]
'Look through my eyes
See through my eyes'
I can hear you calling'
The chatter of the caco-daimones
And hooves apon flagstones
Resound in darkness
[sister serena :]
'I take that which tempts'
(clutch your rosary)
All sense of reason lost
(clutch your crucifix)
I call to thee exalted goat
Vivid and vital
I find myself enmeshed
Hearken and remember...
Reverenced by templars
Worshipped by men
Breathing, dark one
Breathing next to me
Ever expected, but never coming
My silent vespers in darkness
Shadow of fate

[Solos- p.s., j.m., p.s., j.m.]

Look through my eyes
See through my eyes
One could lose a lifetime
Praying in isolation, hidden
From the nature of chaos
The beauty of its patterns
Like a falling trail
Of cold semen
Apon her face and breasts
Between the legs
Hair shorn to sensitise
[sister serena :]
'Death is no prison to me...'


King of kings
King of jews, messiah
Seductive pain, delicious pain
The drag of the wounds
Of the nails in his hands
Writhe and dance apon the cross...
Embracing knowledge of angels
Begotten not made
This senseless vanity
Of the nazarene - puppet of god, jesus
The agony is beginning
To lose its sweetness

[Solos - p.s., j.m.]

Veiled yet revealed
Glorious no longer
Bought low before his flock
Behold the man - jesus

I am the shadow
I hear no reflection
In the mirror of angels
I have no obligation to reason
Submission is sweet
Chaste virgin mother
Crowned in thorns
And nailed to die
With no mask of god to hide
"i am inside you,
Angel look at me"
Blessed be this cunt of god
Blessed be
The agony is beginning
To lose its sweetness


The slate grey cloud
That harnesses hail
Unto the hunter and hunted
A haunting chord
Of longevity sounds
Like the voice of god in the rain
[sister redempta :]
"thou who ridest on
The wings of the wind
Deign to commune with me"
Essence of innermost arcana
Espositor of emblematic death
Circle of black evocations
And pacts
Pentacles and sigils unholy
The lance, the nails
The cross and diadem
Thorned and bloody
[charuch :]
"in nomine dei nostri
Satanus luciferi excelsi"
Incensed, the limbless forms
Of their first hour
Sing unto the moon
Treacherous rains that
Encumber her way
Soak the habit through
To the skin
The almadel shudders
With the manifest form
A serene and angular figure
With the taste of menses
Rich on the lips
The horned spirit seduces
[charuch :]
"i am the way,
The truth and the life"
Inchoate vision,
Abstruse, charuch
Like a breath
Captured in the night air
Versicles 'pon
Royalty of spirits
Of the cardinal points
Of hell
The bosom of night
Boasts a rhythm of storms
With a vagina wet with lust
She dreams without sleeping
Of a goat faced god
And stigmata that
Drips blood like wine
Holy sister
I crave your benediction
For your indulgence
And intimacy
But your blessings are lost
On an unholy host
Willfully damned
Such as me


(No lyrics available)


The blanket of stars
In the holy lands sky
Antichrist, my guiding light
I trace your footfalls in the sand
Whispered on desert winds
Borne on angels wings
Dark lord, oppressor
Beguiling progeny of evil
Once and future christ
Opposer in divinity
The antidote, thy shadow
Satanic majesty
Revalations, damnation
Infernal evocation
Thy second coming
Baptised in flame
I adjure thee
Emperor lucifer
Redeem me from bondage
Incline unholy power
Adonay - elohim
Ariel - jehovam
Thou art my creator
Sovereign master
Hereunto i serve thee
With soul and body
With soul and body

[Solo- p.s.]

Antichrist, naked flame
The blanket of stars
In the holy lands sky
Antichrist, my guiding light


[Solo- p.s.]

Dark prince lucifer is risen
Proclaiming the age of satan
Chanting, divine enchiridion
From the ancient days of talmud
[lucifer :]
"can this be the fearsome jehovah?
Who whispers the great name of god
Bought low before his flock
By the pounding of bone on flesh"
[Solo- j.m.]
Witness thornful coronation
His disciples cry in derision
As nails puncture soft flesh
The crowd jeers at the nazerene
Necyomancy, the sign of the flame
Sever the external cortex
Of faith in false idols
[lucifer :]
"i acquiesce with no idol of yours
This king of slaves and the weak"
Quintessence of universal truth
Like a sandstorm forming in gehenna
And the heat of the desert plains
Gracile diabolus goatlord
Angelic, awesome sublime source
What was and is to be
Sours the holyland
The cruel heat has cracked
The land, it's a full moon over you
The wings of lucifer
Caress black serge
Sarmassation - osculation
The blood is warm and salt
I push my evil between your legs
Face of an angel twisted and lust


Sisters of the precious blood
Confined to cloisters
Know the flesh of your sisters
Handmaids of christ
Find sapphic self
Awaken dormant power
Between the legs
Manipulate crucifix
To masturbate and penetrate
Find sapphic self
Awaken dormant power
"mary - sweet mother
Gentle protectress
Neverending font of nurturing"
God compels the chosen through centuries of silence
She sheds like skin
When novitiates kiss her breasts
Break this oath of silence
Stifled desires
Resurrect dead senses
With tongues that
Taste and tease cunt
[Solo- p.s.]
God compells the chosen
Through centuries of silence




I speak through mirrored angles
Baptized with burning flame
A man of sins and lust
Forbidden pleasures, pain
Attend the alter of flesh
Summon the power infernal
Appeal to satanas the king
And the dark ones eternal
Appeal to satanas the king
And the dark ones eternal
Purify darkened chamber
Summoning with reverence
Appeal to satanas the king
And the dark ones eternal
The lord of the abyss
Deified, immortal
This is the age of fire
The morning star from the deepest night
Creature of ecstatic light
The black order have opened the gate
They who know keys and angles
Came with eyes aglow
To feast on the weak
Judging jehovah with violence
Burning down temples of god
Murdering foolish disciples
Drowning his chapels in blood
The old gods lie dormant
[Solo- p.s.]
Dominion and thralldom
Thy princedom awaits
Mighty shadow - death
Flesh without sin
World without end
Justice without mercy
Lex satanicus


(No lyrics available)

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