Agressor (FRA) : Medieval Rites

Thrash Death / France
(2000 - Season Of Mist)
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-contemplez mon pouvoir
-la ferme! Esclave,
Envole toi et assiste au rituel donne en mon honneur

Middle-age at dawn in the wood
Winged demons fly away
To join the sabbath inside the circle of stone
Black candles light the place

Late at night evil force is invoked
Virgins raped by a goat
On the altar

In the name of satan
Ils arrivent...

Then horsemens arrive
Following the crossed knight
The ceremony turns to panic
Cries of pleasure turn to pain
Captured, unchained, jailed, and tortured
Finally accused of sorcery and burned

Imperium tuum abdico,
Qui nomine dei occidis
Corpus meus ab igne crematus est,
Et libera anima mea ad dominum meum ibit.

-ou sont-ils?
-les voici mon seigneur.


Rains of fire fall from the sky
Warmachine spread death
Under the siege the castle resist
To waves of soldiers assaulting the town walls

Noone survived on the battlefield
The aggressors attack with no mercy
Noone survived under a rain of steel
A bloodshed forever written

Enemies invade territories
Burning the land, raping your wives
Dogs of war now arrive
Just pray for your life


The fog now rise among the army
Of winged soldiers blowing fire
With the blazing sky and the plagues
Near is the end of the war

Prepare for the ultimate fight
The grim reaper 's approaching now
The weak will no longer survive
Just pray for your life

Noone survived on the battlefield
The aggressors attack with no mercy
Noone survived under a rain of steel
A bloodshed forever written


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Tonight as the full moon rise
Trees are speaking. Weird!
Magnetic stones charge the air
As we enter the domain of
The sorcerer

Mother nature gave us the power
To read in her vein and live with less pain

Who's gonna read this tongue
Who's gonna spread this tongue

Make one with universe
To charm, to curse

A legacy from ancient time
Rituals spread by word
Incantations, esoteric rites
Condemned by church
[lead : james murphy]
The sorcerer
Spider webs, dusty bottles
Antique book inside the circle

Venomous snakes float in the bottle
Batwings concoction boil
Toad eyes powder for magic filters
Praise under the moon

Witchcraft eternal praise
Break the oath go to blaze
Lord of shades dance on your grave
Sin fear of god
Witchery eternal quest
Evil or secret of life
Wisdom flame of knowledge
Shadows he knows
The sorcerer
[lead : alex colin-tocquaine]


I am the spirit of evil
Back from the dead
I'm here now out of darkness
To haunt your fucking nights

I am the spirit of evil
Back from the dead
And you'll suffer

I was lost in the darkness searching the light
Glowing eyes showed me the way out
Through the tunnel of smoke i ride the light
And now i'm back to life, you're gonna die

I'm your worst nightmare
I am the spirit of evil


My heart bleeds
Pain engulf my soul
I feel despair
Loneliness tear me

I'm a damned soul
Condemned to suffer
So dark so sweet
Are my thoughts

Would you embrace death and follow me till the end
With this thorn in my cold stoned heart and my shattered hopes

My heart 's still bleeding aahhh ! !
Now bless my soul
Lost in the shadows

Forever shattered
My heart's been torn and i wander around


Lost in the maze of emptiness
My heart bleeds but who cares-
What i feel is loneliness-
My worst nightmare,
Thou and i , no more love to share-


Ancient tales relate
Very strange facts
Far in the past
People have seen

Chariot of fire
Enlighting the sky
People from stars

Through planet earth
To find the truth
Of incredible sights
Fear of authorities
Deny access
To informations
Because it 'll change our way of life

Chariot of fire
Or flying saucers
A twisted vision
Or maybe they are
God from the sky

[lead: alex colin-tocquaine]

Ancient breed, spacemen, hallucination, a twisted vision
Chariot of fire, flying saucers, people from star,
Or maybe they are
God from the sky
[lead: james murphy]


Grandma welcome home
You have been gone for far too long
Is this a dream , are you really back ?

Let me help you out of the chair grandma
Let me touch you let me feel aaahhh ! ! ! !

Grandma take a look
What do you think of the house and the silvery moon
We're going to repaint the front door soon

Let me help you out of the chair grandma
Let me touch you let me feel aaahhh ! ! ! !

Wait till you see your room up in the attic
Prepared just as you said without bed
You will find your rocking chair and the teapot that missy found

Let me help you out of the chair grandma
There's someone waiting for you, now come along

Missy and mother, they are dying to meet you
How strange, she spoken no word
I wonder grandma, are you all right

Grandma what was it like to be on a holiday site
Oh it could have been worst but with them by my side
In the twilight they sang all the old lullabies
Grandma who are they, nevermind your dirty little brat oohh ! !

Let us go inside somethings on their mind
They are still alive, can you feel their eyes ,can you
Feel their eyes
Now that you are stuck with me you'd better be my friends


(No lyrics available)


Life after death through out the ages facinates man
Funeral the deads ritual frees the souls
An opened door to a second life

Embaulm cadavers for thousand years lie six feet under
Symbols of death cover the coven with precious stones
To pay the toll to cross the styx

[lead : alex colin-tocquaine]

Come with the dead to heaven or hell then rest eternally
Dream of mankind immortality will stay a secret for

Life after death through out the ages facinates man
Funeral is the deads ritual

[lead : alex colin-tocquaine]

Burial desecreation


Look inside the past
Of humanity
Hear the tribes
Tearing the forest serenity
According to ritual
They gathered at night
To pray the gods of nature
Throught their tribal dance

Look inside your past
And face the heritage
Left by the ancients
And find a thruth who scares
Now read in your heart ,
Free your demons
Exorcize your fears
And face your soul

I summon you
To gather at dawn
To dance around the fire
And push the border of your mind
Hey !my tribes, hail my name
Worship me forever
In your tribal dance

Look inside you
Deep inside-..


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