Agnostic Front : Another Voice

Hardcore / USA
(2004 - Nuclear Blast)
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I'm not in this fight alone!
Still in your face, still fucking here!
Till my last dying breath!

Hate! hate! hate! hate!

So many have come and gone, only a few have stood the test
For some it's just a passing phase, but for us it's the only way
We are still right here! right here!
The scars we wear show that we are real
It's not something we saw on t.v. or that we read in a book
It was born in the streets!

This is for those with real hate inside
This is for those with no shame to hide
This is for the fuck ups and the disenchanted
We are the ones who refuse to be branded

We are right here! still right here!

Trends set no values, they just confuse the youth
They give no reason for nothing to hold on to
Our time never expires, our marks show that truth
The chains that bind us, you can't undo

We're still right here! we're right fucking here!


Do you think you could wash away your sins?
Did you believe i would let you disgrace me?
What fucking morals do you think i live by?
What more lies will you think of to tell this time?

All is not forgotten
You made your choice
All is not forgiven
Face your punishment

Betrayed by you, so - called friend, when i needed you the most
You walked away, you stabbed my heart
Your turn to bleed now
God may forgive and grant redemption but i have no remorse
Look upon your own reflection, your shame is revealed

Face your fucking punishment! bleed!


Exposing you to my world
Face judgement on my terms
Paved into life by you
No point in hiding the truth

Fall of the parasite!

Explode- gonna bring it to you
Explode- here's the fucking truth
You and me- my blood is boiling
I see red- my rage is burning

Fall of the parasite! die!


Pride, faith, respect - this is what we live for

This is dedicated to our fallen soldiers of the dms crew
You are gone but never forgotten
Con amor vaya con dios

We strive in honor for our brothers who are gone
Through the thick and the thin, we fight and push on
We'll never abandon all that we've built for years
No regrets, no pains, no guilt, no tears!

Pride is not a sin, it's a value - pride is not a sin!

Pride, faith, respect- this is what we live for
Hardcore and this is what we die for
Our legacy is eternal, my crew is my family

Pride is not a sin, it's a value - pride is not a sin! dms crew!

Pride, faith, respect - this is what we live for!
This is what we die for!

Pride is not a sin, it's a value
Don't ever question my values


The life we lead, so pure to me
The strength we built, true honesty
Our loyalty we won't betray
Our roots so strong, they'll never fade

We'll never betray this!
Start from within, a search for an identity
Live for now, for yourself and not society
A promise to oneself to fight for something more
It's so pure! it's so pure!

They'll never fade!
Live this, moving on past yesterday
The future's ours, it's our time to find another way
Here right now, my mind, my life, myself to show!
It's so pure! It's so pure!

So pure to me, true honesty!


The generations to follow will embrace our past
What the future holds is our everlast
Our dedication and sincerity, our eternal flame
Today, tomorrow, forever! we're here to stay

It's your life, it's your dreams - dedication!
It's what you make out of it - dedication!
It's how you chose to live - dedication!
It's your life, it's your dreams - dedication!

I've committed myself to something so real to me
The path i chose strengthen my integrity
Nothing can compare, nothing shows any threats
Nothing can ever surpass my achievements

I remember way back when i felt alone
I had no one to turn to, nowhere to go
I found an outlet, a place to belong
It felt so right- New York hardcore- my home!

Some people stayed, watched others go
Those few who walked away will never know
This is my home!


A choice must be made!

In these times of war today
A choice must be made that no one wants to make
The result is inevitable
No one wins but a side must be taken

It's them or us, we don't want it this way
Death is certain and lives are at stake
Whose children must die? whose buildings must fall?
No one can see eye to eye, all we see is hate

Our freedom fighters are their terrorists
Their heroes are our nemesis

Peace! is! not!
Peace is not an option!


Taking it back
New York hardcore
Agnostic Front
Let's go!

Take me there, take me back
To before my tomorrows died
To when it was so real and true
To when it was my only care - take me back!
Take me there to when it started
Take me back to when we ran it

Just take me, just take me,
Just take me, take me back!
This is real, this is pure

Take me, take me back!

Cro-Mags, warzone, Murphy's Law
Agnostic Front, Sick of it All
CBGB's where it all began
The music, the lifestyle we represent
Demonstrate your style!


I won't live your lies
And i won't follow - It's my life!

Dissident towards the world
Our movement unconvinced
Of what has been force fed
Confronting all those who oppose
The definition of how we live!

Our way, our life, our scene
The definition!

Expression of how we live
Not following anyone's lies
Uncertain of the changing times
But we strive on to fight another day
The definition and what it means to me!


Beaten down hang your head in shame
This world has washed your dignity away
A shell of a person, a wayward soul
Your heart barely beats as your blood runs cold
Alone you spend your days of apathy
You see your life through eyes of misery

You're another casualty of the times we live in!

I feel no pity for people like yourself
And i have no fucking sympathy for you or anyone else

Now you're broken, now you're distant
Now you're jaded, you're a piece of shit!
Now you're broken, now you're distant
You're another casualty of the times we live in!

No fucking pity! no fucking sympathy!
You're another casualty of the times we live in!


Fuck you and everything that you've ever said about me
I despise you and i'll never show you mercy
This is my life, my oath and sincerity
I live it and i have no time for fantasies

I don't talk about it
I live it!
This is my reality
I live it!

Fuck you and everything that you say and you're about
I live your life, i hold no regrets
Cause you fear mine
I walk the walk, all you ever do is talk
And i'm tired of your bitching and cheap insults

You may take me out of the streets
But you'll never take the streets out of me

This is my life!
I live it!


You want to make a commitment? it's for life!

If you want to stand for something
You better stand tall and proud
Don't try to walk the fence or play both sides
Be ready to fight when they look you in the eye

You want to make a commitment? a commitment, it's for life
Don't try to make a commitment unless it's for life

Everyone's got a flag to wave
Until they are called on their beliefs
All i'm saying is you better back it up
When you come face to face with reality

When i make a commitment i stay true to what is right
I will never make a commitment unless it's for life
You want to make a commitment, a commitment, it's for life
I will never make a commitment unless it's for life


You could never silence this voice
We've been oppressed still we destroy
Everything thrown in our face
We found the truth and we still believe

Another voice, back again with a vengeance
Sworn to brotherhood since the days of my youth
My blood is my pride, my voice speaks the truth
There's no holding me back, there's nothing you can do

Another voice
Voice of the forgotten
One voice
Voice of the streets

One voice, 20 years of blood and loyalty
Repping NYHC the way it ought to be
Loyal to the scene, this is our voice
I never gave in, my life is my choice

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