Agent Steel : Omega Conspiracy



Hold close the human in you
Cherish your freedom
Let nothing deny you
Your enemy hides from the truth
Clings to the darkness (cowers in the shadow)
You are the essence of proof
Positive vision of strength individual
Not paralyzed
Not compromised
In dreams reside the fate of man

Recognize those who'll destroy
Those who will suck from your hard work and struggle
To governments you're but a toy
Anonymous mules (on whose backs they ride freely)
Give not to Caesar his tithe
Instead care for yourself, your family, your pride
You're not categorized
Not number assigned
With dreams you provide for the hope of man

Revealing all their darkest crimes
(Destroy the hush)
Exposing truth through the other side
(Destroy the hush)
With strength one day we will collide
(Destroy the hush)
And in so doing we will retrieve ourselves our lives
Destroy the hush!

Imagine a world free of fear
A world where your dreams can be real as envisioned
A world where you choose what to be
Not what they make you (A monitored slave)
Those dreams will soon disappear
If we don't progress and succeed in the stifling
Of government lies
Expose what they hide
And we will provide for the fate of man


One world
New order
Illuminati uses you

Their jury
Their justice
But for the chosen few

Who is the great dictator
Who oils the grand machine
Who lubes the wheels of progress
With blood drawn from your veins

One world
New order
Illuminati poisons you

New world
One order
Notice? Do you?

Satan gave himself a name
Mason, exposed controls the game

Who's reaping
From ruin
What is the master plan?

Won't matter
Not to you
If you are just a man

You dragged the stones to Giza
But they built the pyramids
On your back shouldered greatness
Not you just what you did

You're reaping
Your ruin
This is the master's plan

To use you
Discard you
As he will every man

Satan named himself a place
Babylon known as the USA

Illuminati dominates
You build your place in hell
You're not aware that you create
Their paradise-your frozen cell

New world
One order
Illuminati is machine

Your worth
In ruin
You pave their streets with dreams

With trust you're made the victim
Atop mass graves they revel
Free mason buries you
Free mason buries you


Rot in cages we crouch naked
Waiting for the rest to land
Extended faith they betrayed our friendship
Imprisoned us by our own hand

Time for us to wake and rise up
May be too late but we must attack
Either that or we'll know forever
We're born cowards and we can't fight back

Prodded punctured probed and tested
Is this the way man was born to live?
Bred like cattle and raised for slaughter
Without a soul we've nothing more to give

And the war begins from behind cages
Feed no more, rot, we're useless dead

The only way to win is to starve them
The way to win is to end our lives
Our sacrifice renders our flesh useless
Our death is life for the few outside

The future for these struggling rebels
Who gather armies for the final fight
Without strength our captors weaken
We do our best to do our best and die


Tearing beneath your feet
Feel the ground split and crack and crumble beneath you
Calamity serves a nightmare
Never to wake from these dreams of destiny

All are buried
New earth's eyes turn black

Struggle to cling to your mind
Grasping at twines to hold your world together
Replacing the truth
Breathe in the proof
And pray your god is forever

All are silent
Full with old dirt
All are stifled
Earth's hand turns to fist
Forget, erase, the monster you made and the hate that you save
In time, you'll find, you'll learn to grow in the new world

Ushering in the sun
Barren earth smiles and greets it's warmth with awareness
Gathering clouds, earth drinks the rain
And plans the birth of it's New Godz

All arising
Purged of sickness
Soil transcending
Cast fulfilling
All are present
Born of earth
New Godz


Wake the dreamer
From sleep comes the secret held deep in the psyche
Restless vision
The pain of regaining the truth in the message
What we all are
Descendents of creatures so cruel and self serving
Infected again and again

Know your master
You're not equal
Know your master
Face your father

Beneath the ruins
Revealed before time might destroy all the remnants
Creators of space and lords of dimension
Godless fathers
Transcribing the answers
Written in mind and in body, in gene, the code that erodes with your humanity

The change is upon us
Arranged with the dawning
Revealed to us all

No escaping
Shape-shifting reptiles our fathers and true godz
Wait inside us
Dormant but fertile and aching to spawn
Once it's happened
It won't be reversed as the plan is the blueprint
Designed to decree by the powers that be
that we hold in ourselves keys to their destiny


Our time keeps us measured
Not enough of the gifts we treasure
Can't stop we keep pushing forward
Stare straight through the future

Constant therefore unnerving
A secret worth preserving
Eyes shut won't end the madness
Or guarantee survival

Time, time (Shut)
Mouth shut but the words keep coming
Eyes shut yet we still march forward

Into infinity

What lives beyond our vision
In this the eternal question
Though men claim to have the answer
I'm unsure of heaven

So trust what I see before me
Believe what is proven to me
Skies filled with our fathers watching
Waiting just beyond our time

Time, time (Shut)
Mouth shut but the words keep coming
Eyes shut yet we still march forward

Into Infinity

When time no longer exists
When truth won't let you resist
When Godz are revealed unto you
Embrace them and call them father
Knowledge may be cruel and cold than
Better than your ignorance
Nothing can prepare you for your journey

Into Infinity


You and I are not alone
The earth and sea are not your home
Soon our eyes will see the truth
Elimination offering the proof

Underneath us as above us
Monitoring our existence
Shame to know
Too late we'll realize

Keep us in the black
Created by the ones who have predated
Fathered us
And still we are denied

Awaken The Swarm

Tunnels deep inside the earth
Cities built to house the men of worth
Fodder for their Godz
Created us to pay the cost

The price of their survival
Dictates our removal from their space
An accident
We're children born of lies

So below us plots conspire
To closet those who speak the truth
I'll not be silent
We must fight it

Awaken the swarm

We are not alone
Tested as we've grown
Knowledge gained is now a curse
The more you know, the less you're worth

Awaken the swarm



The god sighed and silence was born
A tortured life is spared of vision
And it's painful when it's worn
The cloak of shame spares no protection

His world is made of steel
In his hands he bent the fire
To mold a thing so real
A burning world born of desire

His hope was not enough
To fill an empty cup
He simply let it drain into the nowhere
There is no reckoning
There is no bargaining
In symbol rain will fall as he lays weeping

We stand below rinsed by the tears
Unlike rain they bring no healing
Rust corrodes the souls
Of children wrought to match his image
Abandoned with all of his cares
No choice but to wait for the kindness of time
To erase us one and all
To flow like a river with no beginning

Head in hands and weary eyes
The failures scratch and carve the lines
Into the face of one
The lines into the face of none
He sees the world
He sees his dreams
And nothing's ever as it seems
The promise was so real
Now all that's left is crumbled steel

No prayers are said in his name
Nobody knew that he ever existed
Alone he accepts all the blame
Plaintively wonders how dreams become twisted
And he waits for another to come
Another, a chance to revive from the nothing
The fabric to weave once again
To forge from the fire his vision of man


I hear a voice
It calls my name
It once was simple now the complications reign
I recognize
But I won't change
This coldness that you serve
Will only cause you pain

It isn't easy since I understand their ways
My hate endures, you waste your trust
We sit in silence and I turn my eyes away
I'd give anything for yesterday

I voice my anger
I voice our shame
We've poisoned all our lives
We've no one else to blame
We had our chance
To turn them away
We'll pay forever for our naivete

No need to speak
No need to say
Say goodbye, say goodbye

We'll pay forever
We'll bleed forever


Something's wrong with the world
Something's wrong with the view from here
It's so hard to explain
The Visions I see are rarely clear
Just below the lie I am sure of hides the real
Reality-We feed machines-with minds in need of worth

Contact made with the truth
Through lines of code on my computer screen
Binary diamonds of proof
Shining stars unlock doors made of dreams
Beyond required imagination hides the hive
Born from AI We live the lie cocooned in lieu of life

With dreams we feed reality
Your fantasy a fallacy?
Imprisoned by your memory...a memory?

There's no promise of peace
There's no comfort and no guarantees
Once the systems been killed
We'll have no choice; we'll have to rebuild
And life won't be the pretty picture you recall
But it will be reality and you'll be free

With dreams we feed reality
Your fantasy a fallacy?
If you could see what I have seen-would you destroy the Matrix?
If you could see what I have seen-would you destroy the Matrix
And try...try...try?
Live or die?
Live or die?


He had enough
He couldn't take anymore
He'd found a place
In his mind and slammed the door
No matter how they tried
They couldn't understand
They washed and dressed him
Fed him by hand

Yeah! I've left the world behind
I'm safe here in my mind
Free to speak with my own kind
This is my life, this is my life
I'll decide not you

Withdrawn he'd sit there
Stare blank into space
No sign of life
Would flicker on his face
Until one day he smiled
It seemed as though with pride
The wind kissed him
Goodbye - and then he died

Yeah! I've left the world behind
I'm safe here in my mind
Free to speak with my own kind
This is my life, this is my life
I'll decide not you

Keep the world with all its sin
It's not fit for livin' in
Yeah! I will start again
It can take forever, and ever, and ever
And ever, but I'll still win

How many like him
Are there still
But to us, all
Seem to have lost the will
They lie in thousands
Plagued and lost
Is nothing worth this bitter cost

Yeah! I've left the world behind
I'm safe here in my mind
Free to speak with my own kind
This is my life, this is my life
I'll decide not you
Keep the world with all its sin
It's not fit for livin' in

Beyond the realms of death

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