Agalloch : Marrow of the Spirit

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The jagged line in these wooden hands speak of
A silent aeon below the depths of an austere ebon
Tide for centuries kingdoms have risen upon
The ancient hands of god once severed for the world's birth
A sacrifice to the storms of life
Now darkness is thine sanctum
Temples of magma stream across the grey
The arc that transcends my iconic pride
For I am not ageless god, no, I am imprisoned by time
These ancient palms shall once again be mine
Hands...hands that lift the oceans
To vertical depths above the stars
For when I die, the universe will die with
Me and all will be lost forever gone
Where I am?
How long shall I suffer here?
Perched on the cliffside gazing out into the brine
My archaic beard pours downward and joins the feral sea
I am the heritage; the quintessence of myth and legend
The archetype of Pagan might and divinity
Hands...hands that lift the oceans
To vertical depths beyond the stars
I gather a celestial blanket around these tired bones
And finally slumber in clouds of ice
These are my hands...
...So it is done


Blue textures cascade downward to the abse of the monolith
Like brush stokes on a canvas of souls
Two arms reach out of a cloak of silent nihil
Revenants untouched by the scythe
They are lost in dark woods of time
Aloft in the landscape that you hail
I am the fog that seeps over here in the early hours
Standing proud in the hollow of the land
A vestige of deeper purity etched in spirit against the sky
The menhir had runes carved in limbs of oaken sovoreignty
And could see the ages growing fromwithin the palms
I can feel the era slipping into oblivion,
No longergrasping the textures
I am slowly becoming stone
As wolves celebrate the dusk,
An old voice of wisdom haunt the vale
Shapes flicker in the fire light through the window
The woodlands burn with grace
Their silence drowns the age
As wandering ghosts pass through the flames
A new age of rebirth lights the dawn
But who are they who pass by the window?
The shapes; like black solar wheels scorched
In the snow by gods of the stone...
This elder stone shall never fall!
Cast the aeons into the void
So that no other can seek them
No age, no hands shall taint them
Pour the sorrow into the sun
They are lost forever in dark woods of time
Carvethe symbols into the stone
So that another can find them
No age, no hands shall change them
Pour the ages into the sun
They are lost forever in dark woods of time.


Written in the waters...
(Voice of the dead)
"Our shadows seep into the dusk
Like cranes that melt into the pool;
A black lake in wich they descend
Pale ghost caress the nidstång in the dark its face scarred
By the ages, its curse sent with heathen breath
To poison the waters of the black lake
We are...we are...the faces below the ripples
A deep sorrow traveled through the woods
And found a home in our humble grave"
(Voice of the nidstång)
"I've sent this peril...
To the world; this peril shall spread all sorrows
And you are but gods watching from below at the base
Of the totem in the black temple of the Earth
I am...I am...the silence inside the tomb
You created the stars and gave birth to all the heavens;
The darkness of space and time
So go..go to the nightside end below"
Where have all the nobles cranes gone?
Where have all the stags disappeared to?
Piled below in the tomb of this burdened pool
A curse to those who corrupt these sacred woods
A curse to those who taste this solemn water
No unhallowed breath shall seal a fate before me
Join the drowned in the silence of the black lake's womb
Accursed...written in the waters...


There are ghosts in every hallway
In every room, behing every door
Peering through every window into the past
Holding onto us in the bitterness of the mire
Leaving a trace of themselves
In the spaces in wich they hide
...But there are no ghosts here...
Shadows paint the dusk
Ghosts rise from the flames
To set alight the fields
In robes of smoke and spirit aligned


They escaped the weight of darkness
To forge a path into the marrow of the spirit
They chose to drown in a deeper vacancy
An emptiness that quells the null
A pool for the forgotten
They escaped the weight of darkness
To drown in another...

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