Adramelech : Spring of Recovery

Death Metal / Finland
(1992 - Adipocere Records)
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Ages, countless centuries ago
Before years were counted
God so powerful created a realm
Where his people would live

Apparently his endless toughness
Created human - his image
Beholders of the temporal power
Brough him his own destruction
Power escaped from his hands
Mental collapse as left alone

Mightyness was gone once and for all
Now only a mortal god

King of wideness of infinity
Suffocating to his past
Once so thriving paradise
Now is a land of pain

So was his life destroyed
Gracelessly collapsed
Earth quaked when the god died
Shadows covered his loveliest


Condemned life
Call from beyond
Sink to the mist
Break the bounds of beyond

Maze of beyond
Leads you astray
Spring of recovery
In the forest of Hades

Through the swamps
Through the woods
Roam across the sea of blood
And you'll be revived

Return to life
From the Endless sleep
New life created
It has a soul that revived

From the godless realm

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