Adramelech : Psychostasia

Death Metal / Finland
(1996 - Blackend Records / Repulse Records / Xtreem Music)
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Odin - The God Of Nocturnal Storms
Ranged The Sky With His Horse
Deciding Man's Fate

When There Was A Battle On Earth
Odin Sent His Valkyries
To Mingle With The Combatants And Determine
Which Warriors Should Fall

And They Awarded - Victory And Glory
To Those Combatants - Who Won Their Favour
After The Bloodbath - They Returned To Valhalla
Announced To Odin - Those Who Would Join The Troop

In The Splendour Of His Holyness - He Rarely Appeared
But In A Disguise - He Travelled The World
Creating Warriors - So Strong And Glorious
From Ordinary Men
Grew Up So Splendid Heroes

Heroes In Godly Blaze

He Knew The Spells - Which Cured The Illness
Magic Formulas - Which Broke The Chains
Those Which Rendered - Weapons So Powerless
Dead Could Speak, Waves Could Rose
- By His Magic Spells


Dead Body Prepared
To Its Last Judgement
The Book Of The Dead
Takes Him To The Tribunal

The Hall Of Double Justice
The Judges Of The Dead
Face To Face With Osiris
The Soul Will Be Weighed

The Pans Of Balance
Weigh The Heart
All The Sins Will Be Discovered
By The Symbol Of Truth

Thoth Weighs
And Writes The Result
The Osiris
Reads The Judgement

The Words Of Osiris
The Words That Liberate
No Sins Committed
The Soul Is Truly Pure

The Kingdom Of Osiris
Now Opened To This Soul
Eternity Now Ahead


Seance Of Shamans
Gathered In The Polar Night
Samoyedshaman Commences The Rite
Ecstatic Play

Summoning The Spirits
From The Regions Of Beyond
Journey To The Land Of Dead
Brings The Spirits Among The Living

Piece Of Beyond Reality
Inside This Teepee

Discussion Begins
As The Shaman Is Now Possessed
Spirits Have Taken His Body
Demons Talk With His Voice

Altered Consciousness
Deep State Of Trance
Then The Rapture Disappears
Stream Of Consciousness Splits Off

Ecstatic Play
Now Finished As The Shaman Falls
This Unconscious Witch
Now Returned From His Mental Trap


Say The Word That Is Never Spoken
Call The Goddess Whom None Worshipped
Lay Forth The Bread For The Dead One
She That Comes In A Sunken Boat

Read The Words That Were Never Written
Learn The Prayers Better Not Known
Know The Times When The Fiendslayer Sleeps
And Call The Abominations From Without

Call Forth The Thing That Cannot Be Summoned
Stir The Slumber Of The Sleeping Lord
Worship The Corpse Dead But Dreaming
And Be Spared At The Time Of The Ancient Worm

Find The Key To The Lockless Gate
Hear The Echoes Of Dog Gods Soundless Laughter
Know The Dreams Of Those Who Never Sleep
As The World Unnatural Is Finally United.


Moon-God Thoth Patron Of Wisdom
Keeper Of The Records And The Spokesman Of The Gods

Faithful To His Master Murdered By Set
With Incantations Contributes To His Resurrection

The Wizier Of Horus Successor To The Throne
Endowed With Wisdom - Lord Of Holy Words

The Earthly Ruler Ascends To The Skies
To Weight The Hearts Of The Mortal Ones

Arbiter Of The Divine
In The Scenes Of Coronation


The Goddess Of Earth
Poisonous Snakes
As Her Skirt

Severed Arms
Ripped Off Hearts
Skulls Of Sacrifice
On Her Collar

Aztecs - Her Faithful People
Battled - To Keep Her Satisfied
Prisoners As Their Offering
Pleased The Goddess Of Mother Earth

This Cruel Goddess
Was Now Pregnant
Magically Fertilized
The Coming God Of Gods

Descendants In Unbounded Rage
Angry At Their Mother
They Went To Kill The Infamous One

Fourhundred Descendants
Followed Her To A Cave
Cruel End Of Goddess Of Earth
Was Soon To Come

As The Children Attacked
The Child Was Born
Dressed And Armoured
He Came To This World

Against His Brothers Against His Sisters
For His Mother He Fought So Well

He Saved Her Mothers Life
Killed Many Of Her Own


In The Dawn Of Time
The Golden Age Of Peace
In Valhalla
Will It Ever Come To An End?

The Blows Of Destiny
Brought Down On Their Heads
Tortured Gullveig
The Cause Of The First Wars

Now Murdered
The Beginning Of The Ordeal
The Twilight Of The Gods

Era Of Warfare - Hatred
Valkyries Range In Battles
Evil Dreams - Psychic Torture
Trouble The Sleep Of The Aesir

Before The Body Of Balder
The Aesir Swear An Oath
To Avenge Bitterly
The War Broke Out All Over The Earth

Brother Slay Brother
Eager To Destroy Each Other
The World Is Going To Sink
Into The Abyss Of Nothingness

All The Great Gods Died In The Field
The Earth Sank Beneath The Sea
As It Emerged From The Waves
The Dawn Of A New Generation Was Beginning...


Through The Gray Waters Of Styx
A Ferryman Steers His Boat
Charon The Carrier Of Souls
Approaches The Twilight Bank

On The Bank There's A Shape
The God Hermes
With The Dead Souls He's Waiting
Charon To Carry Them To Hades

Charon Takes The Souls
To Their Afterlife
Beyond The Dark Gray Waters
To The World Of God Hades

The Gates Leading To Afterworld
Guarded By Cerberus
No Soul Could Return To Life
No Soul Could Pass This Three-Headed Dog

Through The Gates They Arrive
To The Terminal Of Their Paths
Erinyids Vigilant Eyes
Watching Them With Hate

Forgive Me The Sins I've Done
Forgive Me The Lies I've Told

Erinyids Have No Feelings
Filthy Souls Shall Suffer
Those Merciless Beasts
Lurking For The Lost

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