Act Of Gods : Stench of Centuries

Death Metal / France
(2004 - Osmose Productions)
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Life of suffering
Trapped in silence
Worshipping a cruel god
Pain and suffering
Self flagellation to be forgiven
Excuse our mistakes
Priest your back is bleeding
Whipp slashes your skin
You were ment to suffer
For humanity's salvation
But you know it is vain
Suffering the only thing you have in return
Pain your payback for men's contempt
Condescending immoral humans
Laughing at your mental condition
Your prayers are useless
But your back is still bleeding
Scares carved up in your flesh
Witnesses of your unlimited faith
Ignorance as a response to isolation
Guide a self desolated way
Brand of our sins
Self infliction
Stigmata of ignorance
Salacious god enjoying miserable fate
Self inflicted molestation
Pain is so intense
Bleeding wounds
Extreme signs of salvation
Granted with redemption
Silent screams of agony
Torment a corroded mind
No lament no complaint
Just Internal suffering
To calm down his anger
Time has come
To open your eyes
And face up to reality


Infectious disease in slumber
Lurked at the earth of sleepy valley
Lurid awakening to come
Haemorrhage fever desolation breeder
Epidemic sickness rises and spreads
Highly infectious virus...kills
A mere contact with contaminated secretions
Fate is bound to death
After a three week incubation period
First symptoms appear
It looks like influenza but within seven days
Organs are devastated
Sudden onset of fever shake the weakened
Intense muscle pain and headaches bring silent suffering
Sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, rash internal
and external bleedind quickly overrride
Kidneys are out of order
Liver decomposes
On the 11th day intestinal walls break
While heart soaks blood like a sponge
Cells explode body convulses and throws out infected blood
Terminally ill patient is distorted
Corpses are soon turned to liquid and highly infectious blood red jelly
Cremation has to be done as virus expands so fast
Decontamination starts
Sorrow and distress is what remain
Fear is palpable
As no one knows who's next
Like an abscene messiah taking control of your body
Viral agent slowly put you to death
Like an obscene messiah this invisible enemy
Devours you from inside
Like an obscene messiah stealing your fragile life
You die


Isolated farmroad in south Texas
Far away from the civilisation
Cannibal family abduct lost
travellers for their meat
Savagely mutilated for dinner
Chainsaw dismembers restlessly
Sick fuckers with deranged visions
For whom humans are only palatable flesh
Butchered for antropophagist purposes
Hacked up victims for barbecue
Cadaver pieces all over
Severed flesh to be cooked
Insane sculptures of the dead
Witness of mental backward
Furniture made of human bones
Sally the only survivor knows it is true
Back from hell she is now left alone
Police never believed her story
The girl of the Volkswagen van knows…
She knows about the man with the chainsaw
She knows about Leatherface
Brought up in an insane family
He was taught humans were cattle
Witness of mental backward
Doesn't know what he does
Cutting eviscerating
The only things he was taught
Doesn't know what he does
He is mentally desordered


Putrid stench nausea
Desincarnated dead humans walk the earth
Randomly searching for fresh flesh
Worms infested shadows on the walls
Haunting the world of the living
Straight out of a ground below
Rotting undead will soon feast
Awakening from their graves
Ripping through earth
Infesting the graveyards
Dislocated dead silhouettes lurching
Seeking food to keep them dead
Zombies rise from their sepulture
Infecting the air with the smell of decayed organs
Dead flesh falls off their bones
Eyeballs full of maggots ooze rotten liquids
Hungry unearthed legions of living dead
Craving for human meat
Image of disgust under a funeral sky
Maggots squiring through
Their decomposing insanity
Sickening vision of chaos
Nausea gets unbearable as darkness falls
Fear is palpable frightened
Dead eyes staring through a fullmoon night
Dislocated dead silhouettes lurching
Seeking food to keep them dead
Zombies hunt the living
To eat them alive with fury
Stipping the skin to the bones
To feed a voracious appetite for human flesh
Lifeless hunger ripping through earth
Unearthed image of disgust
End is near before reanimation starts
When physical sensations and feelings are gone
When a zombie you are turned into


Theatre of the bizarre
Witness of Abnormal creation
Grotesque experiment carried out
Secret Military research
Give birth to insanity
Unethical DNA mutation
Manufacture hideous entities
Forbidden fruit of knowledge to dominate
Genetic manipulation to conquer
Human (...) tissues (...) assembled in chaos
Embedded (...)jaws(...) in skinless tissues
Eagerly deformed members ending
Self assembled living remains in disgust
Multiple eyes
Staring with malevolence
Carnivorous enemy
Shapeless living monstrosity
Deviant born abomination
Defying laws of evolution
Cell manipulation achievement
Masterpiece of machiavellian scientists
Turned on its genitors
Now makes their flesh its own
Blasphemous genetics synthesis
New viral order (...) out of control
Turned on it's genitors
No way out fate is cealled
Created to ensure countries' supremacy
Evolutive dominant life form
Cause of humankind extinction
Self destructive apprentice
On governements' request
Created a man's predator
Sublime growing deformity
Incarnated desolatioN


Queen of the damned
Infernal majestic beauty
Voluptuously rising from the garden of vice
Her naked beauty caressed by a frozen breeze
The glimpse of moonlight embrace her velvet skin
Sublime (...) enchantment (...) to capture
She has come she (...) heretic princess
To collect the souls and abuse the flesh (...) of the mortals
Savage devil's whore
Graceful existence
She has the power to control and obsess
With dark seductive compelling songs
Like a siren her murmur alienates the chosen one
In a symphony of perversion
Similar to a coma her ascendancy
Neutralizes the will
Henceforth living through her desires
Whispers of erotic pleasures
Echoes in the darkness of the possessed souls
Visions of succubus in rapture
Leading to the paths of temptation
Her naked beauty in lesbian fantasies
Disappear into the air
Like an ethereal dream
Unleashed Jewel of grace
Enthroned in elegance
Keeps her secrets unveiled (...) with pride
Subconscious mistress
Fly upon oceans of oblivion
To savour the flesh...maniac
With instinctive grace
Her seduction haunts
The labyrinths of eternity
She delicate quintessence of evil
She Devil's whore


Crushing hatred
Invading plague like poison
Dark minds beating down
Humankind tormented reduced to nothing
Like cattle to be slaughtered
Slaves of monsters called man
Silently awaiting their sentence
Ashamed and paralyzed by distress
Existence is worth nothing
New conquerors invade, destroy, burn
Kill, rape and enslave
Oppressors with hallowed Intentions
Decide zero compassion

But a time will come
With hope to be
For those who still have dreams
For those ready to resist
One can decide how to meet the end
In order to be remembered as man
To preserve dignity and integrity
To refuse a fatal destiny
To stop the plague and fight tyranny
When courage and wisdom guide the thoughts
When determination replaces pain and affliction
Resistance is the only way
To live free
Resistance is the only chance
To rise standing tall


Numed With fright in the trench
I can hear my opponents
Why should I kill them
Because my country asked me to
I am a young man like them
I don't care about quarrels of governements
War cowardice of states

Loosing my soul
Hallucinations due to Hunger
Alcohol to make me brave
Propaganda from the press
Horror of dismembered bodies
Vanished humanity
Rats and vermin everywhere

Hate, horror, madness and propaganda
Gradually changing my mind
I cannot think no more
Like a death machine I ride
To erase my ennemies
No honor, no pride
Nothing but energy of the fearful

Stuck In a wheelchair
My mutilated body is now devoured by steel
I can no longer look at my broken face in the mirror
From both sides nothing has changed
The wealthy are richer than ever
The others are begging for food
But life goes on
As governement said


Fishermen relate frightning tales
When the liquid they have abused loosen their tongues
Mystical place named the sea of fear
Where ships of all ages disappeared without trace
Morbid tales of an ageless necropolis
Where gloomy wrecked ships lie forever
Entangled in abnormally invasive seaweed
Slowly falling into decay
Manoeuvred by skeletal crews
Dismal phantoms of dead mariners haunting
Abyssal plains of Halteras and Nares
Malevolent phosphorescent glows
Dancing in the depths of Sargasso sea
Like a ultimate warning to the reckless
Sign of an horrid future to come
Voracious languishing waters
Stagnating infested surface in slumber
Deathly destiny awaits
Threatning fogs gathered to devour
Unleashed bloodthirsty ground swells
Eagerly engulfing lost vessels
Unexplainable attraction
Evil force take over
Steering ships where life ends
Under the frozen surface luminous shapes
Illuminate oceans of darkness to be
Where pale and hideaus phantoms float
A morbid rictus stiffen their threatning skulls
Ageless skelettons strech their bleached bones to grasp
Mariners in distress that pray to their gods
Terror stricken sailesmen prisoners of Bermuda's triangle
Tremble with fear into cold silence
A last but helpless sip of rhum to make them brave in death
Thick fogs vanish into the air of a star-studded night
Disclosing far to calm waters


I travelled through eternity
Where no man ever returned
I saw the kingdom of shadows
With transcendental illusions
Far beyond conscience
Caressed by a frozen breeze
Silence so deep and thick
Of dismal forlorn centuries
Under a sinister sky
Where threatning clouds
Gathered so high
Everything was so quiet
The silence called me
Down to the evil dominion
I saw a burning angel
Consumed by darkness
Where reality ends
Beyond oceans of oblivion
I could feel the strength of aeons
Carried by an eternal night
Deep inside I could see
An angel burning
Devoured by sins
I could smell
The stench of despair
In dark flames
The sky was agonizing
Where no man ever returned
Black sculptures took me down
To the silent domain of death
Forged by tragedy
My endless journey
Far beyond conscience
Closed my soul in a black slumber


Thoughtful existence
Free to decide
No heaven no hell
But a cartesian vision of the world
No belief no superstition
But an insatiable need to understand
No easy answers no confused responses
To the extraordinary
But scientific explanations
No divine intervention no miracle
But rational theories
No room for mysticism
But objective thinking as guidance
Cultured personality to
Erase mental restrictions
And brainwashed reflexions
No more formated individuals from childhood
With preconceived spiritual thoughts
No more enslavement of the masses
But an initiatory journey
Towards a godless truth

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