Access Beyond : Beneath the Surface

Gothic Metal / Finland
(2006 - Self-Released)
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The sirens call beneath the waves
Surrounding me, then disappear
I keep walking

It feels an entity in a way
Makes easier to handle pain
When gone forever

To see it from the start! When lights fadened out!
...I remember...
I was trying to hold on to something
But the weight of farewell and the stone
Felt too good to let go

The moon keeps burning the dark wave
The gazing light invites you there
So I slowly wade onwards

If I close my eyes forever
The memory of it all fades away
In the dark abyss ~ the quiet chamber
Missed the moment ~ gone forever
The way is down and the eyes turning grey
I low myself into the abyss
Into the sweet, cold, dark abyss

A farewell of the last day



The final blow, you see, look away
You feel undressed, the kneels cry, you wish you’d die
When you’re staring the big black window
I am forced to leave
The falling days that we survived, i wish i’d die
For anyway the scene is only left dry

One kick of the strayden
In the walls of never that feel like ice
Evil’s back in the streets and
So i’ll aim them straight between the eyes

Here i go!
So let it go this night for me
Hear the animal ~ hero of the day
The restless soul that craves the flame will die awake
Until it’s time to reign for the wicked

One kick in the face and
You’ll be able to see and feel like ice
So you pick up the pieces
And go and aim them straight between the eyes

I’ve got to know!

Will you let it go this night for me
Hear the cannonball ~ hero of the day
The restless soul that craves the flames will die awake
Until it’s time to reign for the wicked

So here we go watching all it die in one day
Hear the crawl, hear my devil soul
But please don’t try both feet sore ~ in a dream
And heal the one to let myself go free


Sometimes I can hear ocean roar in the beggars mouth
To be the pride and joy ~ the laughter pitiful of others

The noose holds on when you walk once more through the cheater’s town
And like a little boy
You get the shivers down your spine a way that the world feels odd...

When I leave the water run
Bend on the floor I wait for dawn
And I know it won’t be long
When i’ll be swimming for the shore
...for the shore...

Sometimes all the held back feelings become stream of tears
Or awake the animal ~ desires not told, not followed
The moment you’re rowing alone your boat on the lake of fear
The paddles feel emerge...
The touch of water breeds the sorrow once more

The shoreline closing up on you
And it feels so cruel ~ the water crystal blue
Take the time to...
Go down the drain
Wash away my pain
And yet feel the same
Minutes crawl and the soul catches on fire
I will never break but this is way too much to take

So come ~ wake me then when the night is gone
‘cause it feels so long in your head...


Well here we are again
How l.o.v.e.l.y. Day it has been
I never gave a reason why
A hundred times you did
Walked away from the storm we used to call our home
You should realize by now ~ what is said is done!

One minute of pain and there’ll be another
Chasing shadows you’ll twist, you’ll burn, you’ll fall
I can be the spin in your stream...oh fuck off!
I can be the wind when you’re cold
I know it’s been a long, long time

But the feelings turned to red
The only time i long for you
Is when i lay in bed!
...when you’re cold...

The heart is cold
I have no more tears left
The bitter soul
Well, that’s forgiven when it’s dead!

...when you’re cold...

...january cold...


The day that crossed your life
Breathing through with one last goodbye of inhaled memories
And as the boat arrives
I lay these coins on your eyes for your journey

Waiting for the tide to come take you away
The air is chill and water calls the name ~ i remember

The man now kneels on your grave
One last time holding your hand
We walk to the twilight until we disappear

No flowers on your grave
The dirt just staining hands
Come back for me until we disappear...again...

My head is going down
The hands let go as the dark sand lets go the burnt wood
The black boat heads on
Wings bend back i break here ~ where you left!

I know i should stay strong, some say life goes on
My life’s sailing to the mist as the oars keep screaming

...the boat is gone...but i’m still here
Bleeding memories on the sand
With dead flowers in my hand...

...saw the blur ~ approaching gale
And i know it’s strong
I just close my fists and wait...

Our eyes will show no fear until we disappear

...until we disappear...

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