Abysmal Dawn : Phylogenesis

Death Metal / USA
(2020 - Season Of Mist)
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Apocalyptic prophecies
A kingdom gone insane
A living breathing landscape
Of contemptuous malaise
An endless waking nightmare
Suffocates mankind
Traverse the path towards the inferno
Humanities decline

Life a slow demise
Fate revealed with time

Amongst the seas of filth and greed
There’s something that remains
False hope and possibilities
That linger like a plague
Unrealized potential
Locked within our minds
Clawing through our eyes we reach
Until it makes us blind

I was forged in the madness
A prophet born out of scorn
And I can see through the vastness
New worlds that wait to be born

Life is ruled by madness
The life you lead and you breed serves no purpose
Life is plagued with sadness
The god you seek despises your mundane existence

Thrust across a cosmic sea
Amongst the astral plane
The building blocks of life were sent
An experiment in pain
We long to meet our maker
And gaze at the divine
We were deceived now we should be
Afraid of what we’ll find

You are a sin and a disease
A failure for a dying god
You are a sin and a disease
A failure for a dying god
You’re a sin; a disease
A failure for a dying god
You’re a sin and a disease; a failure
Now fucking die


Vulgar masses
Senseless bickering sheep
The blind are led to their destruction
A billion voices
Cry at once for their turn to speak
Distracted and destined to be controlled

Gripped in fear
The numbness turns to hate
We are our own common enemy
The willfully blind are destined to repeat
Mistakes we made long before

Man made gods were sent to rule the weak
They thrive amongst the chaos and disorder
Thinking minds are rendered obsolete
Ignorant and ripe to be controlled

Criticize / petrify
Hypnotize / mollify
Mechanize / follow blind
Live a lie / fantasize
Stupefied / bred to die
Voluntary genocide

Live a lie
Voluntary genocide

Sewn shut eyes cannot see
The truth before them
Deafened ears cannot hear
The cries of fraud
Severed tongues cannot speak
The words of reason
Vacant minds can’t perceive
What’s really going on

It’s the beginning of the end
Grasping at shadows
In the path of the totalitarian

Rendered useless
Taught now to accept defeat
Trampled under the weight of their assumptions
A billion worthless
Decaying bags of meat
Distracted and destined to be controlled


Crawling, scratching, chasing
A hedonistic vicious lie
Burning, yearning, seeking
Purpose to numb the pain of life
Cultivate a life of wanting acclimate to senseless pride
Want to believe in something; dreams, left behind
Slowly wilting, fading
Now choose to live before you die

We’re drawn to light in the darkness
Just like insects to flickering flames
Optimistic dogma; a need to feel complete
Contentment never obtained

We live our lives in the darkness
We strive for joy that seems so far away
A spiritual sickness infecting vacant minds
Now drives us insane

Stare blind into the flames of regret
Gaze deep into the embers
Achieve the goals you have set
Then you wonder, “what's next to come?”

A new form of worship contrived
To assume control over all of our lives
Ravenous vultures that feed on our hearts
Enslavement conditioned into matters of our wants

Look at me and what I’ve become
Imprisoned by the promise of hope

A new form of worship contrived
To assume control over all of our lives
Ravenous vultures that feed on our hearts
Enslavement conditioned into matters of our wants

Crawling, scratching, chasing
A hedonistic vicious lie
Burning, yearning, seeking
Purpose to numb the pain of...
Slowly wilting, fading
Will you live before you die?
Toiling, failing, repeating
Mistakes you’ve made a thousand times
Always wanting, always needing
You were robbed of more than life itself


This is the age of genocide
Of ignorance and self-serving bliss
No cure for what we are inside
90-day profits have made us sick

Humanity’s inept
Cleanse the world again
Humanity’s inept

The time has come to fulfill our life’s death sentence
We chose our fate now there’s nothing we can do
Our minor good couldn’t justify our existence
Empires fade and it’s time that we did too
The time has come to fulfill our life’s death sentence
We’ve realized this harsh and painful truth of life
There are no real innocent and there is no hope

The time has come to fulfill our life’s death sentence
End your quest for the preservation of your youth
We can’t redeem the thieves and non-repentant
Our selfishness a universal truth of life
We created our genocide
Nowhere to run and hide
Our poison has a cure
An end that’s absolute

Our lives flash before our eyes
A speck in the fabric of eternity
The mass extinction prophesied
Now comes to be

Humanity’s inept
Cleanse the world again
Humanity’s inept


Humanity is a thing we can’t sustain
Endemic vast disease of the earth is known as man
Cutthroat corporations bred a world we could not fund
Force sold a new existence
Embrace your obsolescence

Ready to die to live for eternity
With machine become one
As they rid you of these fragile shackles of mortality
Become more than man
They sold your soul to this corporate entity
Your essence is all but gone
Uploaded your mind to this virtual reality
A new era has begun

Reborn in this entropy we regenerate the earth
Captains of our industries exploit our new found world
Like the itching of a phantom limb feel the body you left behind
A psychosis in the programming rips apart the virtual mind

I cannot live within a dream
Man was not made for this virtual reality
I begin to call out to scream
But no sound is made by me
There is much more than I perceive
A cold dying world beyond the walls that surround me
The mind rejects all that it sees
Defined by our misery

Am I still really me
Or projection of a self built from a fantasy?
Simulated life was conceived
To cull our societies
Is this air that I breathe?
Or symbolic act to ease the anxiety
The program you are is diseased
Devoid of humanity

Extracting our thoughts
To live in machines
Evolution coerced
By corporate beings
As our gatekeepers still
Walk the earth
We live on a grid
Stripped of worth


I’ve learned to despise your best intentions
Your misguided beliefs will bring the death of reason
So blinded by your faith in false petty convictions
You cannot see the truth beyond

Unholy cult of misinformation the greatest plague of our time
Lies are sold across the boundaries of great nations
Reality obscured by personal experience

A dumbing down of institutions
Cornerstones crumble and decay
A taste of blood invoking cries for retribution
Judgement is public domain

Torn apart in the view of public eyes
Our villains are carelessly made
Our reflection is a thing that we despise
Yet we can’t look away

You monetize obfuscation
I analyze your intentions
You profit from misinformation
Now your words have become
True to the blind

Douse the world in the obscene
There’s no time to reflect
Causality in effect
Ignorance consumes us all

Hatred breeds and infests
Fueled by false information
Reality, we choose to neglect
Will it justify the end?


Words of reason allude fragile minds
The embrace of pain offers indemnity
The knowing victim self-prophesied
A life wrought from their own misery

A soul-sick nation
Of children lost and never found
A soul-sick nation
Is burning to the fucking ground

Wherever we go wherever we live
We’re haunted by our past
Our war-like minds in times of peace are agony
We want to move on we want to forgive
And take the higher path
But madness kills tranquility

The ones that exits to defeat us
Are demons that feast on the meek
They whisper their words from within us
To end it all
These voices inside that could free us
Live in uneasy harmony
They fight to destroy or uplift us
Which will you follow now?

Horrified by a wretched life of stagnation
We slowly doom ourselves to walk the earth alone
Selfish act of sickening desperation
Start anew; subdue the pain that’s never gone
Rewrite the past; provide your justification
Self-medicate until we are numb
Salt the wounds of petty condemnations
Never own the fact of what we have done

Can we save ourselves
From a life of torment?
A vicious circle with no end to come
Masochistic acts
Hinder our fulfillment
Thwarts the will and our hope to move on

Keep running further and further away from the demons you hide
Your shadow will follow you
Pick up the pieces of your shattered fragile mind
The shards you conceal still remain broken


You hold the keys to your perception
Unlock the secrets hidden inside
You sow the seeds of good intentions
The ones you loved have left you behind
A suicidal urge and lack of self-worth
The sycophants ever alert
Did as they said for most your life
The reverence fed ignorance and lies

You’re dead inside

And you believed you’d find redemption
Elusive free-will was promised in life
Beautiful dream; determination
Disintegrates and drifts off to die

You’re dead inside

Your dreams have all but died and left
Crushed by the weight of your own desires
The traps you laid yourself are finally tripped
You thrived in chaos but that time has expired
Lived in a world of vacuous fantasy
Dismantled by the persistence of time
The glowing hate; the center of tragedy
The end you seek, not far behind

The crumbling of the will
Initiates the erosion of the soul
The soulless cannot feel
These waves of creeping madness taking hold
A voice calls from beyond
To embrace the anguish thriving uncontrolled
Abandon what was lost
And put an end to what they all have done

The morbid fantasies
The self-inflicted torment
You long for agony just to feel alive
You want this pain to never stop

Carving lines into flesh
You finally feel something more
Your demons come to collect
What remains of your soul
Dismembered at your own behest
A gruesome sight to behold
And when there is nothing else left
This hell is what you’ll call home

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