Aborym : Dirty

Industrial Black / Italy
(2013 - Agonia Records)
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You know what? Fuck you! Let's play this fucking game!
Doomsday befalls. Hell rages on the face of the Earth
Will humanity correct decades of lies, hoaxes and failures
Or is it the last light before darkness?

Things are getting out of control
Lost cause situations
Propaganda controls
Global crisis, knocking at your door

Scream if you want to
The sky is going to crush you
Rights stripped into nonexistence
Politicians don't care

Ultraviolet radiations
Collapsing banks
They want you to swim in their toxic waste

A black mist and sickening fog of lies
(This world want to fuck you!)
Disasters ruled by bloodshed
Irreversible crisis

This world want to fuck you!
To disrupt the fucking empire
This world want to fuck you!
To forge an underground
This world want to fuck you!
To engage the fucking enemy
This world want to fuck you!
We create two, three, many Vietnams

This world want to fuck you!
Desanctification of the empire
This world want to fuck you!
Look down at me and you see a fool
This world want to fuck you!
Look up at me and you see a God
This world want to fuck you!
Look straight at me and you see yourself

Too much pain to keep up the fight
No faith to believe there's time
Irreversible crisis
Everything is built on slavery, domination and death
Irreversible crisis
A joyride to the gates of hell

This world want to fuck you!
This world want to fuck you!

This world want to fuck you!
Turning weakness into strength
This world want to fuck you!
The war to explain the war
This world want to fuck you!


Anything and everything is meaningless
I had a dream which was not at all a dream
I was lifted up on a rarefied atmosphere
Darkness stole my certainties across the universe

Now I see... the pain all falls behind
Our nightmares are in our sights
Now I see... behold the disgrace of our lives

In space, a vengeful fleet waited
Then the furred strangers arrived with a plan to save Earth's children
But the General wasn't sure if he could trust an Alien offer

Millions of lights we have never seen
I approach this in a state of trance
Hyperfast unreal journey across the universe

Sucking hallucinatory acid in the system

Now I see a red light from the satellite
Little gods are trying to escape by flying away
A star is only glitters when it shatters in the night
Their capsules are burning swallowed by the dark


You are dirty. Scared. Terrified
You lick your wounds on the edge of chasm
Lacerated microcephalic blind morons
Sociopathics phenomenal psychotics praying at your doorstep

Your friends, your co-workers, newspapers, the TV
Everybody's happy to talk, full of misinformation
Morality, science, religion, politics, Christ,
It's overwhelming!

You are dirty. Empty. Shivery.
Virtue is dead. And God is blind when you're terrified.
Therapeutic treatments don't work at all
They've given birth to weird things, Watch'em unveil

People can flaunt their money and be at the top 1%
Of this shameful, violent, prejudiced, illiterate
Sexually repressed, ineffectual, bad-smelling, self-Righteous
Dirty brothel we call home

You are dirty. Scared
Listen to your torment while sleeping with the guns
It means nothing much this life
Era vulgaris of chrism decline

You are dirty. Dying. Torn between lies.
The sedation of piety. The seclusion of light.
Soon we'll turn to dark
And where have all the angels gone?
We are a unforeseen called human beings


I beat the fuck out your ass and bring your bitch ass home
What the fuck is going on?
Keep your eyes off my dick and get your own damn money
Sleeping with the enemy so I fuck the world
Mind over matter, money over all

Stepping on the bullshit, you can be my doormat
Would you see the fire from your sanctuary of death?
Are you so cold that there is no distress?

You will never come home babe
Sanity kills so I live the crazy life

Tweakers, lokers, slammers coming and going.
Swearing eternal allegiance and undying love
For one another only to wake up after after the binge
And realize you wouldn't cross the street to piss on them
If their head was on fire

Stay lady, stay with your man a while
What element of beauty attracts your cruel desire?

Where there's death would you give death again?
Nothing. Zero.


2481 / Garmonbozia!
2481 / Garmonbozia!
2481 / Garmonbozia!

The man behind the mask
Is looking for the book with the pages torn out
He is going towards the hiding place
He is under the fan now

2481 / Garmonbozia!
2481 / Garmonbozia!
Do you know who I am?
I am the arm
Fell a victim. Electricity
2481 / Garmonbozia!
2481 / Garmonbozia!
Raped by daddy!
You were raped by daddy!

Laura lays back on her bed and spread her legs
2481 / Garmonbozia!
2481 / Garmonbozia!


I don't know exactly what a prayer is
Inner turbulence: the only thing I feel
No birth, no death, no time nor sun, a virtual life
Zombies are coming, I don't know where to hide

There is no more room in hell
That's why they threw me here
In the city of fear

Masturbated by electric ghosts
With your pictures in my head
Bloody skyline, first sign of an apocalyptic age to come
Please stop saying everything's ok
The radioactive fear is slowly killing me

I don't know what I've become
And I don't know what the hell I'm hoping for
I don't even know why it matters anymore
I don't know if to sleep or wake up
And I don't know how to clear my head
I'm getting worse, I'm buried in my bed

Thousands of blackbirds fall to their death
An epidemic, the rape of planet Earth
Even all the strongest rain can't take my pain away
I don't know anything, the sun can only decay

Everyone's sleeping with sorrow
Don't you fight, we lost the way
Still we believe there is a tomorrow
But I would climb my way...
I don't know...
I don't know...


No baby! Don't touch that radioactive toy
No food and blackouts of every street light

Open your eyes, it's horrifying, it lays in your sleep
You eat the bullshit seven days a week
The real owners of the world
Smacking god with the 8-finger devil's hand

And tell me who's gaining from the anguish and sorrow
Doctrines you swallow, dioxin your breath
Doctrines you swallow, dioxin your breath

Whatever you have done to learn
Whatever you need to expiate
Whatever you say
Doctrines you swallow, dioxins your breath
In the factory of death

And tell me who's gaining from this bloody business
Doctrines you swallow, dioxins your breath
Doctrines you swallow, dioxins your breath

No baby! Don't touch that rosary chain
It's contaminated by the aura of the living dead
By years of horrors
By millions of deceptions
By false expectations
By hundreds of unanswered prayers


Kill the light a little more
Fuck the sun. Avoid facing the wall
People wanna fight or fuck... love or kill
Everything's gonna burn
The planet's screaming for change

Swimming in pesticide, breathing ashes,
Chemical tears and walls of flesh
Fucked up generation: join us for a narrow mind!
We don't lie, we don't cry,
We are not dead enough for this Life
No matter if the sun doesn't shine, neon lights we can Combine

Running on blood, swallowing poisons, biomechanical hearts
Fucked up grey generation: it's a mission and a half!

We were programmed to believe there is not any fucking God
We are fusion of future, present and past:
Join us for a Narrow mind!
We create, we combine, we claim our rules in life
We're running out of new ideas for the ownership of our Pride
Don't be a fool. Please stop caring.
Put yourself on auto-response
Realize most fears are illusory.
Stop betraying yourself!

Debug your mind
Avoid facing the wall
Is everybody in?
You are alive by confronting death, by experiencing pain

Let's create the myths
Nailed arms that chained you, eyes that lied
To our freedom we must ride the pain inside
The time of heroes is dead... and gone


The fatal sounds of broken dreams
It's a crushed panic
I sense our mission is coming demolition
What the fuck is going on?

Life, memories, gone!
All rise watching the light that burns your eyes
All these terrified battered voices up in the sky
You pray, you are surrounded by fear
Lay down, think about what you have done,
Wait for the end To come

Face to face, the sacred why, feel the chill, face the light

Where are we now? Non-ionizing radiations
Deafening hush in a white desert
Between the shades, the face's standing still
Face the reptile, all our dreams were doomed to fail
I feel so unpure

Life, memories, gone!
I know I'm going under
Like in a hypnotic journey
I am mesmerized

We struggled for power to control the world
We are energy for lizards now
We have studied something that were studying us
The soul of man was made to walk the skies
We failed. I can't go back and I won't go back to you

All rise watching the light that burns your eyes
All these terrified battered voices up in the sky
You pray, you are surrounded by fear
Lay down, maybe that's not the end but a new life to come


When misfortunes covered your life
When the air cuts like a knife
When it's cloudy and cold outside
When you hear all those people smile
And you only want to die
When no one is by your side
Turning pages over
Run away to nowhere
And it's hard to take control
When you have no memories
When you reach the point of no return
It's the day the sun stopped shining

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