Abominator : Evil Proclaimed

Black Death / Australia
(2015 - Hellspawn Records)
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Gathering of the seventh genocidal ceremony
Bare witness to the most vindictive necromancy
Chant the mantra of intolerance, the ritual must begin
Align the malignant stones to unfurl the darkness therein

Trumpet the apocalypse, a chalice of poison raised

Loathsome cloaked warlocks of ominous treachery
Sworn to conjure irreparable damage to the walls of time
Announcing the atrocious arrival of the unholy pestilence
Calamitous angel of damnation ascends to a blackened sky

Calamitous angel of pitch black skies
Heed the invocation, rise!

Blackest war rages from the heavens
The loathsome atmosphere of cosmic devastation
Strident death force descends in attack
No shelter offered to your nullified souls

Black mass warfare, expulsion foretold
Vigil of scythes

Pale serenity superceded by thunderous chaos
The evoked titan bearing a venomous will
To sieze a void world, depleted of intelligence
No mercy offered to cowering beings of transience

Black mass warfare, forged in coal
Total excommunication

Master of mayhemic rites
Rejoice the approaching nothingness

Gathering of the seventh genocidal ceremony
Bare witness to the most vindictive necromancy
Calamitous angel of damnation ascends to blackened skies
Miasma signals the final termination of life


Scholar of sulphur intellect
Supreme superion incarnate
Sent forth to reprise the scorner
And to rental all falsehood asunder
Disciple of eternal perdition
Disseminate the verses of sedition

I am the epicentre of malediction, emissions for satan
Brandish monstrous shields, forged in the breath of satan
Trample the graves of the righteous dead, entrapment of Satan
Trident of the pervading black dawn, in the grip of satan

A lone ember in vacuous omnipresence
Illuminates a vengeful mastery
No defenders of such a feeble faith
Could endure the flagellating talons
Stemming from a beast of sedition

Sacrificial lambs severed and drained, offered to satan
Projecting streaks of arterial blood, a feast for satan
Epitome of voracious intentions, servants for satan
Behold the execrable rising horns, enamoured by satan

Sulphuric flood of my execrated blood, brimstone nucleus
Impure sign of a sublime evil mind, brimstone nucleus

Portrayer of stronger ways
Incarnation of the dark elohim

No perveyors of an equivocal faith
Could endure such a flailing barrage

A visceral wisdom inherited
The power to level thrones
Roaming through the darkness of the world
Tormenting the slaves of mediocrity forever


Scathing, wretched evil proclaimed
Deliverance of the void
Seven searing demons enflamed
Emergence from the void

A multitude of horrid beings
Appears in a haze of flames
A sorcerous deed of entropy
Malicious hexcraft reigns

Dark shroud cast, centuries have past
Progenitors of the curse seek immunity in the abyss

The servitude of mindless beings
Bowing to altars of pain
Allegory for a haunted aeon
Haunted by evil again

Black shroud cast, a planetary capsule
Scales of duality entangled within coils of the serpent

Millennia of misfortune
Suffocation of consciousness has peaked
Soon the mysticism shall return
Manipulated casualty of the void exposed
And the banishing of that which we spurn

Dark shroud cast, jehovahs subjugation
With satan to oversee, I commence the affirmation

Stand aside! pierce their eyes!
Spear their sides! stand aside!

Jehovah must die!


My scorched earth legacy
Declaration of demonic cleansing
A land plagued with filth is now destined to burn

Ablaze are the fields of complacency
Demons writhe forth in this fiery sea
Imperative destruction of hallowed ground
Quells the black hunger of our deity

Pyromania, my tendency

Oppressive demeanour of the hierarchy
Besieged by the torch of an infernal breed
Igniting the pulse of armageddon
To vapourise the veil of hypocrisy

Demonic ashes, spread far and wide
Death of a phallacy

The hateful flares ascend
A temples burning end
Reduced to a beasts lair
A furnace of despair
Desolation declared

Demonic legacy
Bring the holy to their knees
Scourge upon their land
A revolution for the damned

Promethean decree, an ironic salvation
The fumes of smouldered pulpits
are now the stench of liberation

In the wake of all hells punishment
A charcoal mist tarnishes the firmament
Conterminous world depravation
Kindling for a holocaust's devourment

A desolate certainty

Aflame are the shrines of a lesser creed
Chapels engulfed in this fiery sea
Impulsive possession by a dynamic force
Execute the will of deadly entities

Burn and create, its high time
To rid this world of a lie

In a land charred by the devils firestorm
The brave awaken to a majestic dawn
Carbonized remains of a religion
The final dissipation of a doctrines scorn

Demonic ashes in the sky
From a squalid land destined to burn


Vortex of terror, come forth
Inward implosion of hellish roaring winds

Conducting a fearsome phalanx of death
Flayed by fragments of the swarm

The end of an era, climate of utter fear
Enshroud in spectral storms of vapourised blood
Scattered to the four winds, the invoker is near

Dark age seeps into a wounded dimension
A passage to hades has been torn
Portals open for damned souls in wait
Pentagrams brooding in the eye of the storm

Shards of ice lashing the earth
Fitting consequence for a forsaken land

Braving the elements, genius of devilry
Fatal forces in nature soon unfold
Transcendental magus, converging the four winds
Typhonic outburst, the darkest creation

Fire and ice, stagnant times, signs of decline

Ripping thunder tears the sky
Petrified in fear, invoker is near
Hideous clouds of certain doom
Encircle above on command
Megalesius, come forth
Authorise the thrusting of holocaustic winds

The antichrists focal point
Disintegration in the eye of the storm

The coming of ice
The end is near
Invoker of death!


Exhaltation in an intoxicated state
Inflammation of a devilish hate
Ensnared for the entrancement of men
Into the grip of a torturous coven

Evil paradise in decay cradles your fallen soul
Spellbound mind in feverish states of the devils pandemonium

Repellent sight of wenches adorned
With the bones of victims scorned
Temple of derangement concieves
Witching orgy in catatonic screams

Your cup runneth over with glorious degradation

Blessed to consume the flesh
Drink the wine of depravity
Drink the wine!!!

Invinated delirium, embroiled in the profane
Entwined with leviathan, infusing with the insane
Bloody stakes of sacrifice, burnt unto your zealous eyes
Become the ultimate sinner, prepare to be fucking demonized!

Necrolust, a primal temptation
Eager to taste the essence of corruption
Cruelty in the heathens resolve
Partaking of sadistic rites involved

Your senses overwhelmed with foul disgrace

Return to sodom, a sinful sight
Forced delirium, drink the wine


Sermon of fury
An ancient bellow of inexorable control
Subverted for aeons

Wield the burning cross of such macabre forbearance
Markings of cain embedded in our subconscious
Resolute army of our master shall rise
Invincible dominion of death and demise

Black wings extending, in frenzy take flight
Obey the merciless order, poised to fight

Exascerbated wrath against the gullible and weak
Adhere to supplication for overbearing dominance
A dark and riotous quest to crush thou pious minions
Unprepared to face adversaries of such bombastic reproach

Gratified visions of sanitized christendom
Our indomitable master shall annex this kingdom

Desecration battles rage, fanatical violence
Enforcer our masters might, unsurpassed eminence
Axis of a wolfpack embodied, a daunting deterrent
Mountains of hellfire spew in fathomless vehemence

Letcherous leader of pious minions
crawling in humiliation, agonized with the shame
of a million exiled souls screaming for vengeance
Summoning the hordes through cthonic provocation

Extricate the remains of holy rememberance
Obey merciless orders of hell personified

Expurgate the holy with hate

Hypnotized by the effigy of an emaciated saviour
Repulsed by his own image, sickened by its interpretation

Compassion abandoned in this baneful tyranny
Sanctity denied for pilgrims of blind subservience
The nature of eugenic purging, mandatory conflict
Incorrigible hammer strikes the paralyzing blow


Megiddo spawn
Finally reborn, perpetual hunter
Shattering the languid dawn
Followed by silent storms
Traversing the river of pyriphlegethon

Harbingers of luciferian upheaval
Rapture of angelic disharmony
Hellhounds on a rampage
To silence the choir of deceit

As above, so below

In the shadow of the congregating ancients
A rising almighty battalion
With lucifer's pride pulsating through their veins
On a collision course with heaven

Horrendous declination of all time
A thousand truths in the descension of impurity
In the open wound of a collective abyss
Stigmatized procession to the depths

The endless battle rages on
A fading abstraction renounced in disgust
Fledgeling allegiance to a god
That is essentially dead
To worship it is to become dead inside

Tongues of gnoch, condemn their souls

Below, a demoralized flock reels
Resigned to subordination under the archnemesis
Subdued by poison thorns in their side
A materialized lord of our condition
Disguised in the illusion of reverence
Yet basking in luminous gluttony

Compelled by the lightning of the mind
This acinine god is slain within

Discerning demonic light from angelic darkness
A heretics domain is at hand
To awaken to an ever black paradigm
As wordly remnants revert to sand

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