Abigor : Fractal Possession

Black Metal / Austria
(2007 - End All Life Productions)
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1. Warning

Incapable of error... Human error...
"...And the earth was without form, and void - and darkness was upon the face of the deep"
A sombre shade - Death has given warning

2. Project: Shadow

I knew it would come - The storm of all storms...
Freedom or hell?
The axis of sovereignty?
Open your eyes!
Come out of the dark!
Leave the house of death!
Face the unknown - Praise the failure itself, let him be your comrade in nothingness...

3. Cold Void Choir

Oh, grand machine of desperation - Deliver thy sermon.
We will chant with you in a choir of void filled souls.
We feed you, god of the grotesque, our flesh shall serve you well.
Welcome to the realm of endless death, where we are nothing but slaves...
All colours are dead and unreal now, oh great kingdom of the withering...

4. Lair Of Infinite Desperation

The great deluge is about to come!
Hope dies with the wind...
A storm like a cold stare:
This is belief - This is above all knowledge!
Face the undeniable fact of death - Archetypes stay while the world dies away.
What a sinister bless for the few - Are you of the devil's seed or not?

5. 3D Blasphemy

I will burn this world in ecstasy!
I feel the hate rise up in me...
Release the demon - Unchained, set me free - For this is the gift of the goat.
Offer me a world to win!
Biomechanical Antichrist.
The one that never dies.
Welcome to my domain...

6. The Fire Syndrome

My heart that once raged in battles of fire now feels so old...
Still the taste of blood on my lips - I just fix this problem with a blade...
"Sharpen the dagger and open your veins!"
Stone cold is death's bowl and all that's left is ash.
Death is not a punishment, just the gate that leads me into the ultimate existence...

7. Injection Satan

You can't hide from your desire!
The flood of liquid lust - A flood of inhuman disgust - The essence of evil illuminates the soul.
Enjoy deepest ecstasy of unearthly kind...
Let us summon the horned master!
Let blasphemic passion flow!
Injection Satan - Now!

8. Liberty Rises A Diagonal Flame

Deconstruction of fundamental nominalism - Total confusion of the self...
(Is this land in God's possession - This land of frost?)
Ultimate consequence shall be death!
No bitterness - just empty shells of human flesh - No creation without a room - No being without a point of reference...

9. Vapourized Tears

The path you have chosen doesn't exist anymore.
Don't search for the stars, even the moon is dead...
Just don't pray for death - Remember your birth!
Take the knife to practice the ultimate sacrifice!
Who else drinks from this pool of death only to remain alive?

10. Unveiled

When time stands still and sparks of burning flesh enlighten the glimmering horizon -
Reality's borders fade, unreal...
It's hard to face the truth as your reality bursts...
Real pain defines what you forgot through your wasted life based on mortal morals.
Pain reveals the real existence, it leads to understanding:
If you seek life, then prepare for death.

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