A Plea For Purging : The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Metalcore / USA
(2010 - Facedown Records)
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I am the reaper.
I will be the demise of your reign.
I am the dark shadow where you hide.
Self-righteous fascist, you chase the sun.
Glory belongs to no man.
Crooked church, you sell the Son.
Thieves deserve to have no hands.
Our Prisons were built with the stones of law.
Whore houses are built with the bricks of religion.
Oh man of God from which was your stone.
I've stayed quiet for far too long.
Cause I've typecast myself to censor what I can say.
I'm so sick of this, sick of what's going on.
Now I'm putting to an end of my silence.
Your god's not real.
This is the end of my silence.
The wolf provides for his own but God provides for the lion.
I am the lion, you are the wolf.
You can run but I will find you.
I am the reaper.


We are the new free-thinkers.
My father gave me a brain.
My mother taught me to use it.
So swallow back all the vomit that you're spewing.
They're all buying it, but I'm not buying it.
You can't fool me anymore.
You are the curse.
Your false prophesies darken my eyes and break my back.
The heaven is born and hell revives.
As I walked along the flames of hell.
It became known to me.
That you are nothing but a wolf in priest's clothing.
They're are buying it, but I'm not buying it.
They cry, "Lead us, oh chosen one."
This is the death of faith and all that is good.


Cheap steps make for easy regrets but
Keep your words of contempt.
You are no friend, my enemy, you tear me down, keep me weak.
I wear no crown of weakness, His is no crown of weakness.
I wear no crown of weakness, hide in your own contempt.
Iron sharpen iron but your judgments dulling me.
I answer to no man.
You're no gods or masters of this world.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe I'm damned.
I pray I don't wake up in hell.
If I were God we'd all be dead.
The devil's hands have been busy.
Grace sustains but I thirst for revenge.
The world would be destroyed if I were God.
Demons are fallen angels.
Remember that when you think of a saint.
Fallen angels I'm coming for your wings.
Fallen angels I'll cut off your wings.
Lord knows I'm a cynic but won't give up, won't give in.
Lord knows I'm a cynic but I won't give up without a fight.
The devil's hands have been busy.
Turning liars to masters, demons to gods.
But we're no gods, we're no masters.
We're only fallen angels in this world.


Fame is a lonely world.
Success has its enemies.
Look where it's gotten us.
Is this what we wanted.
It has nothing for me.
What can you offer a man.
That has nothing to lose.
I'm sick and tired of looking past the things you do.
I'm sick of sugar-coating everything I say.
Was it to good or evil that I sold my soul.
This is over my head, over your head, over my head anyway.
Life can truly begin.
When you have nothing to lose.
I have nothing to lose.
I fear no death and no pain.
I have nothing left to lose.
I'm not scared of you.
We will not be stopped.
You will not silence me.
We are the new torch runners.
We cannot be stopped.


One foot in front of the other.
Fall in line.
Since day one this has been damned.
We blindly follow anything that we're shown.
Open your eyes.
This is a lie.
We're all living a lie.
Maybe we're the same, no but I despise you.
I know I'm nothing like you.
Since day one I knew this was wrong.
I'm no puppet, I dance for no one.
Open my eyes.
I refuse to live a lie.
I refuse to fall in line.
We're losing footholds.
We're losing our faith.
We're losing our futures.
We're losing our sanity.
I'm losing my foothold.
I'm losing my sanity.


Your god is dead.
Your hands are soaked in blood.
You liar.
You're charged with death.
Murder of what's pure.
Perverted God for a fallen youth.
They'll follow every single word you say.
You're charged with death.
Sell you soul, sell your god.
Hide from all, who are you.
The taste of gold, tastes just like blood.
You murderer.
Killed all my hope.
Murdered everything.
Innocence lost.
There's no turning back.
I question every single word you say.
Now you'll never be able.
To buy back what you've lost.
Has it ever been worth it.
Will it ever be worth it for you.
One, eight, seven.
Murder in the first degree.


This is a song for those who've lost hope.
This is a song for those searching.
This is a song for those that question.
Question everyone, Question everything, and trust no one.
Everyone has a motive.
None of which are pure.
There are vipers.
They are liars.
There are vipers everywhere.
Waiting to prey on you.
Watch out for their poison.
They wait to devour you.
Don't be deceived.
Children watch your backs, the monster is coming.
Hide your soul, hold it tight.
There is a viper on the loose.
Follow no man's words because I know what man holds.
Follow the path of God because I know what man holds.


We're the ones you run to when your world is crashing down.
This choice made years ago is such a heavy crown.
I didn't know it would be so hard.
That my words would mean so much.
I'm not your priest.
I'm not your prophet.
I'm not a saint.
I'm not god, so what now?
How did we all get here, and what did we do?
How can I lead you when I'm just as weak as you.
This was built on the backs of the broken
And it would be so hard.
That my words could hurt so much.
I am no leader but I won't give up on them.
I'm not your priest.
I'm not your prophet.
Open your eyes and see.
I'm not a saint.
I'm not a god.
Don't put your faith in me.


Wading through the waters, slow and thick.
I am aware now.
They're not who they said they were.
Slipping on their words beneath the surface.
For what it's worth I know.
I am not the man you were.
I'm living in the shadows of intent
And we're all teeth in the wolf's mouth.
Risk and regret thrive tonight.
The masterminds of mud and mire.
Build your kingdoms up and when they fall.
We'll be watching every brick.
Speak with empty voices and knives of glass.
Easily we're broken.
Cause I believe the words that you speak but never trust the lips that they are leaving.
For what it's worth we know.
We're not the men we were.
We're living in the shadows of intent.
We've all been teeth in the wolf's mouth.


I'm lost without a sound but I have ears to hear.
God, I'm weak and I'm tired and
I want this fighting in my head to stop.
They say hang it up young man.
They say hate only leaves you cold and alone.
I'm too jaded to care but too scared to run.
I let my apathy get the best of me.
Well, Jesus if you can heal, I have the ears to hear.
Sing a sweet song to my ear.
Cause I pray I haven't fallen too far my G
od if you can heal, I have the ear to hear.
I'm not the same kid I used to be.
I'm not the man that I need to be.
Look at what I've become.
Look at what you've become.
Look at what we've become.
Look at what this has made me become.

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