A Plea For Purging : Depravity

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I can see it
I can feel it
I can smell your fear in the air
Can you feel it
Can you see it
Can you feel your heart beating faster
Life as you know it is over
And this will be the death
Of your perfect life
Of your hidden lies
What will you do when they know you
What will you do when they see the truth
What will you say to those that loved you
You couldn't stop this if you tried
Let this be a true testament
Of who you really are
And what you've done


Who do you think you are
And what have you become
I have barely recognized your face for so long
What do you think they see
And what have you portrayed
I can barely recognize your face
It started with just a taste
It was just a game
But you bought your lies
With the soul
You once had
You've created a monster
A modern day Jekyll and Hyde
You're not the same as you once were
Still not sure you're even inside
Do you even know your own name now
Satisfy or be satisfied
Eat it up now cause you've dug yourself In too deep
Does it taste good
Do they taste good
Was it worth it
Are they worth it now
You've created a monster
Oh God what have we done
We've created a monster
Look at what you've become
A monster


Millions of lives lost
So you can fill your pockets
Millions of children slaughtered
So you can fill your pockets
When there's blood on the streets it's time to buy
When there's blood it's time to buy
Choices made
The innocent will pay
Who are you to say who's to live and who's to die
Profit made
Millions die today
Who are you to say who's to live and who's to die
One day you will burn for your decisions
And what you did with human life
So live it up now
Unwanted children
Forget about them
As you fill your pockets
Profit off a death
You could have stopped it
But you did nothing
Only the dead have seen the end of this war
When you look into the eyes of your children
I hope you see the millions you have murdered
When there's blood on the streets
There's blood on your hands


Hey beautiful
You think you have me fooled
But I know your game
Like the pretty face it hides behind
It's time you learn this world isn't yours
You waltz around room to room
Looking, searching
You waltz around room to room
Looking for a bed to find worship in
But you're not going to find any worship here
You knocked on my door too many times
I've heard your screams from the other room
Your motives are as pure as the body you passed around
You call this love but we both know
That it is damned to the end
I hope you learn this world isn't yours


I can't stand the sight of your face
Or the sound of your name any more
Some men just want to see the world burn
Hate devours me
Rage empowers me
Fear can't stop me
Fear won't stop me
I can't stop this headhunter
I will watch you die


Drown me in your lies and your unrepentant selfishness
Blood thirsty and deceitful
We were to be sheep among wolves
Oh but our flesh never tasted so good
You call me your brother
You call me your family
But you lie to my face
Look me in the eye you coward
I ought to put you in the ground
You die with your secrets
We all die with our secrets
I question your loyalty
Shed your skin
You were never one of us
Drink the blood
I will never trust the hands of men
Never trust again
We walk in the same circles
We walk the same streets
But I'm not hiding behind dark corners
How did you think you could keep this from me
I can't think of one thing
Big enough to lie about
That's small enough not to matter
You've kept your enemies closer
Than you've kept me
Not cause you're scared of defeat
But so your lies can't be seen


Interrupt me at anytime
But it's too late to apologize
It took years to build this
But only seconds to destroy
My mind was in it
My heart was in it
Then you went and did this
But you said you didn't
I can't help but feel it was all my fault
But we both know that's not true
If you can't take me at my worst
Then you don't deserve my best
They say some things are better left undone
I'd have to agree
So turn and run like you've never seen my face before
You'll never see it again
I thought my heart would feel empty
Where your love once was
But now the void is only filled with hate
For the love that there was between us
Lifetime lived in the blink of an eye
But this season seems to last forever
This cold winter's eating at my bones
You left me for dead
Now I'm leaving you
I can't see your face
You're dead to me
It's time to forgive and forget
But I'm still holding onto all this hate
Your love is dead


And now I become death
Ender of all worlds
I am on your tracks
I will end your world
This song tells the confession
Coward, too scared to speak the truth
I'll tell the world for you
Hide behind your charm
But i know your path
Poison free what in your case does that mean
Cause last time I checked you still need one more X
Cause that life doesn't end at the foot of a bed
Your lifestyle ends at the foot of a bed
Oh you don't boast of your conquests
They do for you
They're all my friends too
I don't make idle threats
Watch your back
I will end you
I will no longer turn a blind eye
Know i am right behind you
Watching your every move
Planning your demise


This story won't have a happy ending
Happy endings are for stories that are finished
This won't end quickly
You won't enjoy this
I'm fed up with who you are
Generic to the sight
Cliche ideals spew from you
You need to think for yourself
Parade around like you own the world
Embrace your ignorance
Cause you will learn
We all will learn
My little sheep
Don't fool yourself into thinking you're not like sheep
But who are you fooling
Your fake identity will be your grave
This will be your grave


I am the sheep that got lost
And there is no turning back
I'm as mad as hell
There's no place to run
I'm without the One who made me
Though I'm not sure
I was ever with Him
Oh God, oh my God
Where are You now
Here's where I stand
Removed and cursed
Where is Your holy communion now
There is no turning back
I won't be back

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