A Past Unknown : To Those Perishing

Metalcore / USA
(2011 - Red Cord Records)
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Come to Me all you weary
I will give you life this night.
They call me Forgiver,
I AM, leaving all your past behind.
You will seek and you will find
When you seek with all your heart.
Lay down your pride, give up your life,
I’m the one who makes you whole.

Come after Me,
I will be your everything you need.
My grace is sufficient for you,
And I know the price I paid
Will give you a new hope.
With love I cry out for you to finally be mine.

Can You take this piece of me,
Fill it up despite the emptiness and greed?
I’m not worthy.
I will take this piece of you,
Fill it so you’re not alone,
I love you too much
I won’t let go.

I AM the way to be,
I AM the truth you need,
No one comes to My Father except through me.

Fall down acknowledge me that I AM your king,
I will breathe into you,
I will set you free.
You will hear me,
Don’t harden your heart,
I AM all you need.

When I call will you hear me?
Will you hear me?

Come to me all you weary,
Lay down your pride,
I will give you life.
You will not be alone,
I love you too much I’ll never let go.
Will you come after me?


What does this mean to you
When carelessness has caught you by the throat
And your influence is drown out?
It’s time to be somebody, it’s time to stand up for the
Truth, stop being this coward they have made you.

What’s the problem?
Is it worth it when the crowd shuts
Your mouth in fear of rejection?
That’s the problem,
What’s thought of you determines who you are.
Speak up,
No one tells you who you are but your Creator.

They will hear walls crashing down
When your words break the silence.
How much do you have to hate if you don’t say anything?
You can never reveal true love
When fear shuts you up.

Calling you out to step up and see your hatred is revealed
When your mouth says nothing.
This is me,
This is everything I don’t want to be.
We all see the power of silence has a never ending
Consequence to those perishing;
I won’t be a coward for my King.

What’s the problem?
It’s not worth it.
The crowd will never shut my mouth in fear of rejection.
The truth in love is too much to keep me silent.
When you hear the walls crashing down
Don’t hide behind the coward you’ve become.
The crowd will taunt but never drown me out.


Reach down,
Pull me out of this mess I have created.
Strangled by a lie wrapped in disguise,
Quenching the appetite for a while.
These are remains of a hurt so deep,
Breaking the skin revealing I am weak,
My mind needs reviving.

Get them out,
These thoughts that kill me,
I have fallen, pick me up.
Sanitize this plague filled hole inside,
Rid my mind of the sickness that resides.
I won’t be strong enough to get off the ground,
I am tired,
Sick of the fall.

My strength is weak, my struggles blister me,
I’m reaching toward the end for new strength to begin.
I won’t collapse with my gaze fixed ahead.
Pull me out, my dead weight drags me down.
What have I done to deserve, your love,
Has undone, my faults.

I can’t keep forcing myself to choke and bleed.
Swayed by the enemy,
I’m not drugged now, try me.
With my face to the ground not a word left to speak,
Pull me out now.
This is remorse for the hardness in me,
Kill off the appetite,
I’ll die to myself inside.

I have not come this far to enslave
Myself to a death not far off.
I have the remains that aggravate for a while,
But I won’t give into the way they treat,
Beating the life out of me.
It’s only You who can save me,
I’m falling.
My strength is weak,
Reach down and save me.


I can’t quite seem to add up to
Your means of being holy.
Do you still see me when I curse,
Try to run and hide?
Say I’m something that I’m not, fooling everyone.
Hypocrite, take it in,
You’re dead before My eyes.
Perfect, you faker,
I see who you are,
You cannot hide.

Is there no sympathy?
My lips are quick to speak.
In selfishness I do what I want until the end.
Blinded, my way I can’t see,
My way is right to me,
In the end,
My way is death.

My way wretched,
My way misled,
Taste the poison I am spoonfed.

I need Your sympathy,
My wretched self deserves nothing.
Teach me Your ways,
Be my everything,
You will see the death of me.
My way is not what I want,
Body shaking, sick to the core.
A hypocrite deserving of death,
Do you see how wretched I am?

Are you like me?
Are you filthy?
Sin in the blood?
Guilty like the rest of us?
Selfish we are looking out for one,
If I say I’m blameless
I’m deceiving myself.
I am wretched,
I am misled,
I need Your grace,
Will You take this from me?


Smother every single warning,
Darkness has you turned away.
Give it up,
You are not your own.
This is who we are,
Get what we deserve.

How much are you hiding,
You know I will find you out.
Dark will not prevail inside
If righteousness is bleeding out.
Separate myself from all the lies in front of me.
Where am I when this is all I know?
Call us broken, where do we go?
We’re always searching,
what is the meaning?
Lost in thought,
Throw out what’s right,
Are we what we thought,
Are we bought with a price?

Is this not who we are?
Our thoughts are waiting in the dark.
Conform to what we want when inside,
We’re corrupt.
Will You replace me?
This is what I need.
I am waiting,
Give me something,
Bring me peace,
Inside I’m raging,
I can’t get up,
Is this what I deserve?

Wake up, we are heading for destruction.
Without You,
There is no meaning,
Without You,
We are defeated,
Without You,
Helpless, abandoned.
Block out our thoughts,
Reign in our lives,
Fill us with all of You.
This is who we are,
Ruined without You.


Take the fall of us.
Wicked and wrecked
We come to a place where I can’t carry on.
Find me out in an instant,
Your presence kills my ties
To these sick misleading alibis.

Here I am, a critic restored,
I don’t care what they say anymore.
You come at me with a mouth of deceit,
I serve only One who destroys and defeats you,
A critic, a mouthful of sores,
You’ll be drug down to the nightmare you built.
I won’t look back,
I’ll show no remorse,
Your time is done misleading no more.

What if we all understand our own wrong intentions?
Guided by a heart that dies,
where’s the honor in our minds?
Leaving a legacy to be entangled
By the snare of lies you left behind,
Dragging reason from our minds,
Burn the scales off our eyes.

You always take the fall for us
Waiting patiently to come and rescue me.

You know you’re done,
This battle is already won,
The promises you couldn’t keep left them
All in deceptive defeat.
Watch the chains as they burn,
Your demise is the cure for this curse.
I’ve seen it all with a scar that’s your work,
Now it’s you being left in the dark.


There is nothing I can ever do
To make myself appear like I have it all together.
I’ll watch myself crumble.
Every time I try it gets harder to get it right.
Good motives
I have kissed goodbye to sell the product not the life.

You still see me as a fallen entity,
Grasping what I can’t attain by myself,
It’s all on display.
Give me a second try that I don’t deserve,
Failing is part of my life
But it’s what I choose.
Do I want to make things right
Or get caught up in the spiral
That tears my life apart?

Not on my own I’ll give up every time.
I am so frail,
Progress is hard to find.
I can’t remain in this state where I fall away,
It’s haunting,
It’s blaming,
It crushes me.
Can I be restored?
Where I don’t hurt?
Where mistakes are forgotten?
Given a second try to make things right?

I’m breaking down,
Is this my fate?
You have held me up for so long but still I disappoint.
Your love never fails;
It’s my choice that comes
Between all You have planned for me.

Forgive my failures;
They are too much to take on,
Too much to swallow.
I can’t stand on my own,
I will always fall.
I can’t do this alone,
A never ending cycle that causes me
To stumble and give up what I long for.
I don’t deserve to make this right,
I failed, I lost,
This is where we meet.


Have you not heard of me?
False hope, false love,
The silent enemy.
I've done my best,
I've kept you deceived.
Faith still grows in more than one answer,
Only my God frees,
My God redeems,
Stop honoring the dead among the living.

Burn your incense down
To these silent ears that hear no one.
All this time your screaming makes no sound and it’s death
You’ve found.
Where’s the hero?
Where is truth when death sets in the blood?
The grave still holds the names who claimed a way,
All but One.

This world will burn.
Whose side are you on?
Show me your faith,
You will get no answer.
Suffocation fills your lungs when no one keeps you breathing.
Show me a sign, the dead can’t answer.
Failure, again and again.
Set yourself up for the fall
With these empty words and useless rituals.

Calling out to no one only silence will be heard.
Your hero is no longer breathing,
Sound the alarm, no hope.
I hear no one ,
You hear no one,
Give me an answer,
Where is your god now?

When will confusion end?
This world will burn,
Leave nothing left.
When all the hope seems dead,
You’re the one still breathing.
Their eyes will turn to You,
The One who rose, the only truth,
Confessing with their tounges
“I’m the one who’s wrong”

Burn your incense down,
No one will hear you.
Where’s the hero now,
It’s death that you’ve found.
Death, where is your sting?
You will never claim me
Cause the grave still holds the names who claimed a way,
All but One,
All but my God.


I’ll find my way,
I won’t give in.
Your words head straight for the coffin,
It’s not too late to see.
We’re taught to think free.
You’re just a puppet,
Believing everything you can only see,
When reason fails to explain the unseen,
Foolishness is captivating.

Take your speech,
you won’t fool me.
The wise fail to see their wisdom is empty.
Where is the wise?
If the dead rise you would still hide in your futile mind,
There’s more that meets the eye.

Do you see what they’re feeding?
Another number with no meaning,
You’re a puppet in their eyes
To take their venom to everyone.
They don’t care who you are,
Meaningless with no purpose.
Is this what you want to be?
Following the mold of uncertainty?
Not this time.

Reject their claims,
You are worth everything.
Blood is what was paid to ensure your existence
And make you clean.
Explain a soul set free, reality;
They’re the puppets, not me.

I want to be something,
I want to be loved,
I have a purpose,
I will break the mold.
I will never believe I evolved with no meaning.
Strings severed for the last time,
your ignorance will find you out.
You’re not pulling me into your void theories
Cause in the end I guarantee,
This isn’t the end for you and me.


Pick yourself up off the floor,
When the haters strike they tear into the soul,
They’ll ask for you dead, un-alive.
Open up your eyes,
Taste and see this life will be bitter or sweet,
Which one will you lead?

Close the door on the answers,
They’ll find you out.
Reach forth some more digging deeper,
Don’t be scared what you’ll find,
Brace yourself and realize
It’s your time to find life.

This isn’t the end but the beginning.
Your fate revealed in time,
Your thoughts resist the lies,
Is this world worth gaining
If you forfeit your soul?
No, let it go,
Understand you missed the fall
Straight into oblivion
Where the wonderers they walk alone,
A place so dark but they still see the shadows.

A sought out glimpse of hope pierced the soul so low.
Living in fear of reaching nothing is over now.
Black stains removed from the veins stuck so deep.
Washed white with life undead, this isn’t the end.
No, this is hope,
Pulled together right before you.
Completely redeemed,
With promise, forgiven.


Call me crazy,
I will be the one giving you mercy.
I have lived pleading My case for you,
Your time is running out.

Take a breath,
Let it out,
Your hands have pushed Me away for so long,
Let Me help I am the One.
I see your every move you make,
Digging yourself a deeper grave,
Stop pushing Me away.

I won’t be ignored,
I bled, I died for your heart,
You were worth dying for.
I had no regrets,
I took your punishment,
You were worth it.
Step down, embrace Me,
I will be the One healing your misery,
I bled for you,
My tears were shed for you,
I will take your pain from you.

This is My all,
Spent for your all,
No greater love is this that
I laid down my life as your one sacrifice,
Forgetting My death I had you in mind.

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