40 Grit : Heads

Alternative Metal / USA
(2000 - Blade Metal Records)


1. ground Zero
Beyond you valor lies something there I
could care less about
Between your honor and your faith in what
you see going out

A world of pain and misery, accept default
And what it's done for me, prejudice
Alive and well, I watch the deal go down

Reflections are as painful as my memories

Behind your ethics trouped in words
Arm me with discrepancy
Behold this precious war you've made
Now I'm dealing on out



2.Serving time

3. Sneaky Glass Face
Holding my hands over my eyes
Blackout sunrise, Blackout this time, my time
Time to feed sneaky glass face to me
Lend my lies to me and ask why
I've fallen down, I am now too weak
To carry on to my next.

Go away, leave for a while
I leave it behind, I'm killing in style
Fall down to brave, get up, meditate
I leave it behind, don't ask me why
Ask me why - sneaky glass face

I'd like to feed upon the dead that laugh at demise
Like a soul that's been shot out to the skies

Burn a bitter reward I've never seen before
Pulling and pushing. Winners and sinners.
The rest of the world
Like a ticking time bomb that's set to explode
One look at you now I start to ignore
Dampen my apology for stepping on you
Your obsolete ways are killing me in a way
You're killing me anyway
Holding your hands over your eyes


4. Groin
Pin drop, falling out of still
Breach is over and over
Head over heels
New low rides on me without a sound
No love - her nothing, hear nothing, nothing

I'll never, ever need you
Forever, never good-bye
Say good-bye through the eyes
No words i hear alive in the good lie
From me, to you (Repeat)
I blew the chance of forgiveness
Freedoms dance - mystical

No love - Can't penetrate here small space
New low. I wish you'd get out of my face
Call it something...

5. Fade Into You
Pleasure to pleasure, reason with reason
Sustain, endeavour, your pain deceiving
Now here's a question, what is your pleasure?
Can't run away from here, you can't afford to hide
Consume your weakness, cannot defend
Fed to you now and then, you're feeling worn inside
Raped of your tension, once you reason
Your thoughts are lost again, I can hear an empty cry
Silenced with violence, broken demeanor
Reason with reason, so inferior
So here's a question, what is your pleasure?
Can't run away from here, you can't afford to hide
You're searching for answers, so close yet so far away
Thrown back into your face, you're running out of time
Consume your weakness, underneath this disguise
Lies pain you're soon to know
hang you with these starring eyes

Just point the blame to another
Unfocused time
You're in between, you're uncovered
Something in there you cannot define

Fading to me, this is the question
Fade into me, this is depression
Can I find strength to put this bullet in my head


6. Spit
Break free
From hands caress
Fill me with the energy I need
Day late
One dollar short
Broken soul sterilized

Like Me
I pick my skin, I sit where I've been
Set Free
I bring to you the epitome
You see
In the chamber, you just set it free
In the moment of forced clarity

Don't know you anymore
Reasons I see
Don't know you anymore
Leave it alone, yeah

She comes to me
Spit stained from the energy released
Late night
Caress and run
Broken soul sterilized



7. No Name
Hero is standing on me
Can i feel all right?
Of the one mistake I've made;
can now feel the lie
I live life unfocused now
I spend that time,
I might as well do it right
You stand delivered
I oppose attempts to bury me
Red me from my urges to
break down

(Fall away)
Be what you wanna be,
when you want, be
Be what you wanne be,
when you want, be

Greed lines up my pockets
so now I'll bury my front line
Release this potion
Mirror reflection in my hand
Dance with you
Find the beast within
This reckless damaged war
I'm in


Cheated lies follow me
fall on me, bleed on me
Demons hide inside, I fear this
Writhe, cover, strive, sever
Demons hide inside, I fear this
Writhe, cover, strive, sever
You have got the best of me
You have lost the rest of me
I've fallen down into deep
You have got the best of me
You have lost the rest of me
Break in the mirror I see


Suffer, Breeder,
Cheated lies fall on me
Follow me,
Bleed on me

8. Three Spaces
Terror take a look inside the
eyes of a lie
You're open wide
I accept the abuse
I try to excuse
Broken up inside. I hide

Like to cling on my mouth -
no surprise
I kill for myself end the
reasons why
I can't let it be
I can possibly
I seek un-knowing

I killed my lover
I killed myself,
I fell apart in the common wealth
I killed my lover, I killed myself
Fade me out. Back three spaces

Try and fake honesty
Slim possibility
Try and run, you can't hide
My evil's lurking up inside

Fire - weak and tired
And it moves inside
You fear me, look out there


I loathe to be the decision
Honesty - turn to what I feel as
I burn
Silence cannot clear the air,
Decision is over - turn
Into what I feel as I burn
This silence can't clear the air
This smoke is everywhere

9. Tension
This is the way its going down
Your shadows bleeding black
Much too far out of reach
No more tunring back
He had the world within his grasp
Until his tragedy
This is the way its going down
Sick, born with disease
Given to this violent end
A lifetime youve chose to achieve
Angry wounds that cannot mend
I see no room for sympathy
He had the strength in his own mind
Mind strength thought guilts release
This is the way its going down
Visions he wont believe
Give in to this violent end
A lifetime youve chose to achieve
Angry wounds that cannot mend
I see no room for sympathy
Turn it upside down again
A lifetime to live with disease
Angry wounds that cannot mend
Ill watch you die on my TV
Walk the speed of light, emptiness will bring you...
Look at what these lies have done to me
Raped of all my sanity
Tortured by these endless dreams
Only want to hate and scream

10. Think
I can see myself descending
Envision this life, so empty
So grim when i cant be used
Noose of abuse hangs high here
Through my life
Through my live you rape me
Time and time again
These walls i feel are closing in

Laugh with the freaky demons
inside here
Laugh with the freaky demons

Paralyse control in your mind
reaching insight
Razors down in my back
blood thirst in my eyes
In my eyes you rape me time
and time again
These walls I feel are closing in

Break me down, take me away
Naked mind, body
Soul of decay
Insane heads grope me
Down to the floor, Sterilize
embalming signs of retreat
I dont want it no more
I dont want it no more

What you know has canned the years that ive lived in
Your warnings too slow
I wouldnt pull it, ot call it another now show
I cant think no more


11. Wide Mouth

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