Bob Hoag

Nom Bob Hoag
Date de naissance inconnu
Pays Etats-Unis
Ville Mesa

Hoag wrote songs for his group, The Go Reflex, as well as his previous group, Pollen. His main band, The Go Reflex, includes Kevin Scanlon from the now defunct band, Pollen (Hoag played the drums and wrote the songs). In The Go Reflex, Hoag once again writes the songs but also sings and plays piano as well as drums. He also plays drums for power-pop/garage group The Breakup Society, as well as producing their records. He currently runs Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, Arizona where he has produced and recorded musicians such as The Format, Gospel Claws, Black Carl, Adam Panic, Dear and the Headlights, Awake and Alert, The Breakup Society, Mr. Kline and the Wizards of Time, The Bled, Tickertape Parade, Asia Blonde, Before Braille, The Letterpress, Shotstar, Limbeck, Girl Repellent, Seven Car Pileup, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Life In Stereo, Sister Cities, Sugar High, Mergence, as well as many others.

Hoag generally contributes musically to most of the records he produces as well and can be heard singing, playing piano/keyboards, and doing various percussion on most of those releases. The Go Reflex has not been very active since Kevin Scanlon moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in photography in 2004. There were two shows in late 2004, featuring a heavily expanded lineup but the group would not play again until the summer of 2006 (a benefit show), which was done with the band's original lineup. There was also a show in summer '07 with a heavily expanded and different lineup but still featuring Scanlon on guitar. Hoag has cited his busy recording schedule as the main reason behind the group's recent inactivity and continuously claims that the band will one day become active again. Hoag has also been a longtime and active member of the RSFA. This has not only improved his musicianship, but has benefited the overall Arizona music scene as well.[2] He is married and has two children.

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