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Nom du groupe Altered Symmetry
Nom de l'album Prologue
Type Album
Date de parution 2011
Style MusicalMetal Progressif
Membres possèdant cet album1


1. Life Sentence
2. A Jokers Vengeance
3. A Justified Crime
4. Dream of Tomorrow
5. The Longest Journey
6. Long Lost Love
7. A Day that Changed All
8. Slave without a Master
9. When no One Cares
10. Walker
11. Lies and Fairyytales

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Altered Symmetry

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Commentaire @ metalwahine

14 Janvier 2012

There's alot of room for Altered Symmetry to grow but this album shows how much potential these guys have and it can on

Hailing out of Bogota, Columbia, progressive metalists, Altered Symmetry have delivered their new Cd "Prologue". The album touches on the power metal scene as well by paying homage to bands such as Iron maiden, Queensryche, and Dream Theater. Filled with complex story-telling, Altered Symmetry supplies plenty of atmosphere with their music and lyrics but it's hard to not notice where Arley Gomez's vocals are limited or strained when he tries to hit some of the higher notes though he does a good job delivering them with tremendous passion.

"Justified Crime" is one of my favorite tracks where Arley stays within his vocal and range and sounds fantastic. He's supported with skilled musicanship supplied by Miguel Martinez on guitars and Julian Camilo on bass. "Dream of Tomorrow" is another great track with Miguel coming in with a strong guitar lead and and Arley delivering some very melodic and powerful singing.

"Long Lost Love" is a great ballad that has Arley going between low growls and cleaner vocals along the lines of James Labrie and sounds like it could have been pulled out of the mid or late eighties. Classic power metal right there. "When No One Cares" is definitely one of Altered Symmetry's harder tracks with a fantastic solo from Miguel.

"Lies and Fairytales" is one of the longest tracks on here that jumps from power metal to almost spacy, acoustic rock in the middle before dives right back into shredding guitar riffs and atmospheric vocals. This is definitely one of the most creative efforts on here.

There's alot of room for Altered Symmetry to grow but this album shows how much potential these guys have and it can only get better from here. If you're fans of the progressive metal scene then you'll definitely want to check out "Prologue"!

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