Life Starts Now

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Nom du groupe Three Days Grace
Nom de l'album Life Starts Now
Type Album
Date de parution 18 Septembre 2009
Labels Jive Records
Produit par Howard Benson
Style MusicalMetal Alternatif
Membres possèdant cet album122


1. Bitter Taste 04:00
2. Break 03:13
3. World So Cold 04:03
4. Lost in You 03:52
5. The Good Life 02:53
6. No More 03:45
7. Last to Know 03:27
8. Someone Who Cares 04:52
9. Bully 03:38
10. Without You 03:33
11. Goin' Down 03:05
12. Life Starts Now 03:08
Total playing time 43:29

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Three Days Grace

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Chronique @ Panzerjager

29 Mars 2011

Even a step above One-X, and a ray of hope has entered the house

Three Days Grace has deserved a special place in my musical taste. I got to know of this band by good friends and after the first listen I had a real 'wow'-feel. Some months later this band climbed straight to my personal top 3. Three Days Grace brings accessible alternative metal but with a serious dose of context and meaning. In their second album One-X we heard catchy, powerful music with lyrics that dealt with sadness, anger, desolation and the cry for independance. In their last album 'Life Starts Now' that cry for independance seems to have effect. How this becomes clear to you, you'll read below.

Adam Gontier described 'Life Starts Now' as being in the same line of 'One-X' but with a spark of hope in it. I have to agree with him. The lyrics in this album are still quite deep and filled with Pain, anger against the world and the feeling that somebody doesn't fit in his environment. But in certain songs you can feel that there's still some hope to continue the struggle of life and see the bright side of this world. We can hear this 'Break', 'Life Starts Now' and 'The Good Life'. Others deal with the escape of negative influences such as bad love ('Bitter Taste'). But the main part is not that happy. 'Last to Know' is a power ballad about love while 'Someone who cares' is a realistic view on the way we threat each other too often in friendship, love, at work, at school or just out on the street.

Enough about the lyrics: now it's time for the music itself. The style of Three Days Grace is in this album still very similar to that of One-X. But again we can see a certain maturisation of their music like we faced between One-X and their debut album. For example, they dare to play more solo's and start with somewhat more dared intro's. But don't worry, Three Days Grace keeps luckily true to their straightforward, catchy sound. They maintain in this album the balance between harder songs and songs that drift into the direction of power ballads. This balance between the two and the diversity and also a certain cohesion between the songs keeps this album interesting.

I can finish this review with this conclusion. Three Days Grace made again a very good album and matured again bit by bit. The slightly more positive drift of the lyrics and more diverse songs make it a pleasure to listen to. Though let us hope that Three Days Grace keeps making work like this and keeps the variation up in their music.

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Mercenarion - 29 Mars 2011: Great review man. I loved this album.

orionzeden - 02 Octobre 2011: Excelllent... same opinion, not known enough to be sold in france not on internet.
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