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Nom du groupe Austere (AUS)
Nom de l'album Bleak...
Type Split
Date de parution Septembre 2008
Style MusicalBlack Metal
Membres possèdant cet album18


Limited to 600 copies.
1. When Even Tomorrow Looks Away 13:52
2. Instrumental 01:52
3. There's Nothing Left 13:36
4. From Nowhere... 05:45
5. Mosaic 16:08
6. ...To Nowhere 08:23
Total playing time 59:36

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Austere (AUS)

Isolation (GER)

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Commentaire @ iamking

10 Avril 2013

bleak, an excellent name for this release

Having heard Austere before and wanting to find out what lyrinx where like, I am most pleased with this release.

On the Austere side, one of the most impressive things on their two tracks are is the production, which is amazingly clear for a dsbm release. There is also an added maturity to the song-writing since their 1st release, Withering Illusions and Desolation. The songs have an amazing feel to them, with some brilliant melodies included. Also the length of the songs is right, as they do not drag at all. Overall, i would say this is my favourite Austere release.

When i heard the Lyrinx tracks, I must admit i was blown away! What an amazing band. The only other British dsbm band i had heard previously where Self Inflicted Violence, and this 2 track release is easily on the par, if not better. Again, the production is first class, as is the song-writing. Again, some amazing melodies are included, but the most impressive aspect are the vocals, which suit the music perfectly. Another surprising aspect is what seems to be a guitar solo on isolation.
It's a pity that these 2 tracks seem to be their only release, I would love to hear more from them. Overall then, an exceptional release.

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