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Nom du groupe Marauder (GRC)
Nom de l'album 1821
Type Album
Date de parution 2000
Style MusicalPower Metal
Membres possèdant cet album4


1. Hellas, Land of the Immortals 01:41
2. The Greek Revolution Begins 05:46
3. Free Like an Eagle 05:40
4. Faces in the Sky 04:36
5. The Return of the Warrior 03:23
6. Two Eyes in the Dark 04:37
7. The Firebrands 02:35
8. Red Sea 07:02
9. God's Will 07:08
10. Cry for the Glorious Town 04:02
11. Heroes Fight Like the Greeks 05:18
Total playing time 51:48

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Marauder (GRC)

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Chronique @ Dr.Feelgood

06 Mars 2011

Metal Revolutionary Honour

Many countries have their history which is based on wars against conquerors, wars for their freedom. Facts from some wars have been writen in books or have been writen as songs and this is something really good for the new generations because they can learn what exactly happened in the past and in the end they can be proud for all those warriors. I don't know if there are many metal bands which have created concept albums about a war of a country, but the bigest example and the first who did that were Grave Digger through Tunes Of War. After them another band from Greece Marauder tried to do a similar album and the results were successful.

1821 is a concept album about the revolution of greeks against Turks who wanted to conquer the greek country. Albums like this I think that they need a lot of attention from the band because they may bored after some minutes, but this is an exception. All the songs are incredible from the first "The greek revolution begins", the fastest track of the album, to the last one "Heroes fight like greeks" the song with the most melodic ending. The style of the album is something that combines power with epic metal and by listening to "Free like an eagle" and "The return of the warrior" it's easy to realise it. Great riffs and melodic too and all their refrains are easy to remember at once.

The affects of Marauder are evident, but not so much they stay without their identity, Grave Digger, Judas Priest and Accept are the basics. In the song "The firebrands" there is an endless solo which could make Judas Priest be jealous for. The indispensable ballad "Two eyes in the dark" makes all the people who fight for something in their life close their eyes and start thinking of two words, courage and patience.

All the members give the 100% of their strength so the result to be more than simply powerful. Giorgos Sofronas and Andreas Tsaousis are the two brains of the band through their riffs, solos and the generall music of 1821, Kostas Vagiotis with Manos Matsos together are the cannon which bombards without stoping and final Mihalis Pagonis the warmest voice and one of the best singers in the greek metal scene. He can scream, he can be tough, but in the end the melody in his voice will release all the power.

The album is a great masterpiece and I insist of you to listen to it or much better to buy it without any hesitation and you don't have to be from greece to hear it. Marauder through this album became able to look the big names in their eyes and to stand on high levels.

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