Wonderland Studios

Type Recording Studio
Dirección calle desconocida
Ciudad Austin
Paîs USA
Wonderland Studios is located in Austin, Texas. The private recording facility offers 16-track analog recording, 24-48+ track digital recording formats (Pro Tools, Acid, Reason), various loop based software applications, great rates and a cool vibe. The studio is centered around a fantastic modded TOFT ATB 24 Console, Universal Audio's Apollo high-resolution interface, great eq's and pre-amps (API, Focusrite, Aphex, various Tube pre's), an extensive mic collection and other popular outboard gear options for projects (DBX, Yamaha, Alesis, Rane, Line6, etc.). Other features of the studio include the availability of vintage instruments, vintage amps, and even several studio musicians that are available for projects. In addition, we also offer guitar lessons, audio engineering and production lessons, and personal booking agency services for select projects. Why pay more at another studio in town? We offer professional quality recordings and experienced engineers and producers. Plus, we're musicians and understand a limited budget. Our clients have included all styles of music.

Recorded albums