Golden Rusk : Working on The Second Album

Viernes 03 Mayo 2019 - 11:33:26 by stefanosiracusano

GOLDEN RUSK have announced they are working on their 2nd full length. The legacy left from the debut album What will become of us? is in progress, the recordings are in progress and the release will probably be by 2019 produced by Stefano Siracusano.

After the clear intention by Maher to replace the singer, several auditions were made in which the final choice fell on Josh Marchand, an underground metal singer from the United States.

So this is the new band line-up:

Josh Marchand (vocals)

Maher (All instruments, back vocals and sampling)

In these months GOLDEN RUSK are publishing through the website, the Facebook page and their Youtube channel, several videos with Josh's recordings on the mic.

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