Aortes (ex-Autism) debuts with a live performance video

Miércoles 08 Diciembre 2021 - 19:10:39 by tomhetas

Lithuanian atmospheric post-metal band Aortes presents a pro-shot video from a recent live performance. This is the first release of the band, which was previously known as Autism. Founding member Tomas comments: “Recently we have been through a lot of shifts in the band that lead to the decision to close the Autism chapter and restart as Aortes. Our first output is a live video of our new song “Crown of Nails”, which we performed during the Mercury Booking Showcase event this October.

The song itself deals with almost-religious ecstasy that is found in self-flagellation and inner struggles of a religious fanatic losing his godly calling. This “live-single” is a representation of the new sonic direction we started exploring and we are getting ready to surprise you even more in the near future.” “Crown of Nails” was filmed and edited by NoBrake. Sound was recorded by Rimtautas Piskarskas, and mixed in Vicarious Recordings.





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