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A Chapter of Pornography - Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Split, 21 Diciembre 2007, Last House On The Right

Soldered Poon : A Chapter of Pornography - Abnormal Vaginal Discharge


"A Chapter of Pornography"
1. Masturbating in Front of old Ladies on Wheelchairs
2. Masturbating with a Cactus Dildo
3. Masturbating to a Photo of your Dead Cat
4. Masturbating with Your Grandmas Ashes Under Your Foreskin
"Abnormal Vaginal Discharge"
5. Sangrado Uterino Anovulatorio
6. Sick Sinus Syndrome
7. Hemolytic Anemia Caused by Chemicals And Toxins
8. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
9. Abnormal Vaginal Discharge
10. Fecal Impaction
11. Prostatectomia Suprapubica
12. Incontinencia
13. Herpes Sored Cock

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Chapter of Maliciousness

Soldered Poon : Chapter of Maliciousness


1. Intro - The House of the Malignant Freak
2. Gory Illusions (Instrumental)
3. Copropsy
4. Amputating the Hemorrhoids
5. Frenzy Lesbians (Cock And Ball Torture Cover)
6. Tales of an Anal Miscarriage
7. Lips Passage to Pleasure (Gut Cover Featuring Rad and GLaYn)
8. Death From an Anal Orgasm
9. The Beheaded Stillborn
10. Revenge of the Japscat
11. Masturbating in Front of Old Ladies on Wheelchairs
12. Two-Assholed Anorexic Freak
13. Suffocated in Flatulence
14. Quadruple Anal Penetration
15. Asshole Sewn Shut
16. Bitches with Stitches End Up in Ditches
17. Syphilis Snowball

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Promo 2008

Demo, 01 Enero 2008, Self-Produced

Soldered Poon : Promo 2008


1. Gorry Illusions 01:49
2. Copropsy 01:37
3. Amputating the Hemorrhoids 02:08
4. Masturbating in Front of Old Ladies on Wheel Chairs (Re-Recorded) 02:20
5. Suffocated in flatulence 02:11
Total playing time 10:05

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