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Oxlahun Ti Ku

Album, 2006, Self-Released

Raxa : Oxlahun Ti Ku


1. Ni Cah Raxa (I am Raxa)
2. Oxlahun Ti Ku (Underground Supreme War)
3. Tzonimolco (Hall of Fame)
4. Mimixcoa Icuic (Mixcoatl)
5. Citialin Calpolli (Star Tribe)
6. Xippe Totec (Nightgod)
7. Tlaloc
8. Iamat
9. Ma Xipatinemi (Farewell)
10. Nahua Cochi (Fadu)

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Rabinal Achi (EP)

EP, 2006, Self-Released

Raxa : Rabinal Achi (EP)


1. Are Qui Vae Xaholab (Azteca)
2. U Nabemul Ca Chau Queche-Achi
3. U Nabemul Ca Chau Rabinal-Achi
4. R'oxmul Ca Chau Rabinal-Achi

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Rabinal Achi

Album, 2007, Musica Production

Raxa : Rabinal Achi


1. U Nabe Banbal
2. U Nabemul Ca Chau Queche-Achi
3. U Camul Ca Chau Rabinal Achi
4. Mun
5. U Camul Ca Chau Queche Achi
6. Roxmul Ca Chau Rabinal Achi
7. Roxmul Ca Chau Queche Achi
8. U Cahmul Ca Chau Rabinal Achi

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Album, Abril 2008, Mystic Empire

Raxa : MezoVedic


1. Malenextic Peuhtica
2. Ember Heads of Time
3. Zul's Howling in Necrolatric Bubastis
4. On the Twisted Way to the Eagle Tribe
5. Venus
6. Even, Wept Over the Absent
7. Darker Than Pralay An Night
8. Incumbeni Kadingirra
9. Calm in the Hall of Two Truths

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EP, Diciembre 2012, Self-Released

Raxa : Scarificator


1. The Sky Is Coming Back
2. Scarificator
3. Coyolxauki and Itzpapalotl

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Album, 18 Marzo 2013, Cvlminis

Raxa : Starchildren


1. The Healer
2. Horror, Thy Name Is Xolotl!
3. The Queen of Smoking Hearts
4. The Sky Is Coming Back
5. Rivers of Oblivion
6. Scarificator
7. Noble Death
8. The Source
9. Coyolxauki and Itzpapalotl
10. Last Temptation of God

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