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The darker and blacker form of the northern spirit is reformed in a new sensation, Taake means “Fog” and this is a name that clearly represent1 the primordial and dominant aspect of its music.
Epic, gloomy, black and cold like a misty northern night, the atmosphere of the debut '99 “Nattestid Sar Porten Tid” debut immediately recalled the better emotions of the early '90 in a personal vision. In a difficult moment for the Norwegian true black metal scene “Nattestid…” was an impressive release and after that moment it still remains a cold, epic, vision of the darkly aspect of the northlands, where the nature is dominant and the coldness destroy feeble lives in a dark natural selection. The first aspect of the winter breeze of Taake's music is its majestic and monumental spirit, a triumph for the few…The riffs are a sort of extremer version of the melodic Norwegian wave, the voice is too high on the mixing but the strong point is the overall atmosphere, gloomy, deep like a misty forest and cruel like the tradition.

It was a long wait the arrival, in the 2002, of the second album “…Bjoergvin…” but another time Taake showed to have the skill to grab the black metal flag left in the dust by the scene leaders, to give another example of nordic black metal, a bit more epic then the debut, but still cold and with a moderate gloomy apparition somewhere. The production is cleaner but isn't at all excellent, the sounds are sometimes too covered and there's a lack of black sharpness. The riffs are as usual very traditional but personal and the visionary spectrum is intact, the breeds of the northern hemisphere aren't dead!