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It all started back in '95 and the first demo 'Forgotten Symphonies part 1' was released in march '96...
In the most famous Metalzine in Holland : AARDSCHOK-mag, the demo became 'demo of the month' and the first steps in the underground were taken...

3 songs were released on the compilation album 'It's just a Warning'.

March '98 a new release : ‘Between Heaven, Earth And Beauty', the first demo-cd. Fuckin' great reactions but the music had become too soft.

Seems we just got tired of all the crap in the music scene and forgot all hopes and expectations for the future. We just fixed on one thing only ... the music and the fun of playing it. The first new songs, filled with power and energy, music that came straight from the heart. Emotions and energy were the basis from now on.

The band was chosen to enter the Benelux Metal Competition called ‘The Metal Bash'. Remember that this was a selection on a basis of the ‘Between Heaven...'-demo, so nobody expected such a raw mixture of styles which conclude black, death, doom and goth. The jury, as well as the audience was rather surprised and so the band won the preselection for Belgium and went on to the finals. Surprisingly (indeed, very very surprisingly) we won every price, including the Dynamo gig.

From that day on, all critics were very positive and it ment a new start for the band. More gigs were soon announced and the band kept concentrating on the future and the future music.

May '99, a Promo-CD ‘... Let Them All In' was recorded. Four new songs and with this demo-cd they were offered this deal with LSP-company, a brandnew label from Belgium, risen from the ashes of the former Shiver-label.

Besides this, OCEANS OF SADNESS became a still-growing MONUMENT in Belgian history books for hard music ! There were lots of gigs, festivals and even an opening spot on the giant GRASPOP – METAL meeting 2000 in Belgium where we shared the stage with bands like Anathema, My Dying Bride and Tristania. Only 11 o'clock in the morning, the tent was entirely filled with fans banging (and it wasn't even raining). Dreams coming true.

Now, recordings for the first album ‘For We Are' ae done and the CD is released.