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... It all started somewhen in July 2004, when the night turned cold, the stars went pale and a group of people were left almost simultaneously brokenhearted...

Those mortal souls were brought together, forming a band with straight-forward attitude towards creating dark and cold atmospheres, mournful yet beautiful tones, combining the harsh elements of metal music with a touch of classical "noir".

The night went even colder and the stars turned black as the band was named Naturemorte and began it´s first recordings of the promo called "Cold July" in 2006.

As they said : "We have no musical, political or philosophical guidelines within Naturemorte. Although some of the members have other bands and projects that deal in somewhat different genres, the focus of Naturemorte has always been rather clear to us. Six individuals with different musical backgrounds in one band could easily cause some conflicts, but we´ve never felt stronger bond within the band than we do now. We do what we feel is best for the result and everyone brings something of their own to the process. This is Naturemorte-nothing more, nothing less. Like it or not, but we remain honest to ourselves and to our music and stand behind it 100%. As the music of Naturemorte is rather difficult to categorize, we´ll leave that part to the listeners."

Source : http://www.naturemorte.fi/theband.html