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Merrimack means "infinite depths/abyss in old Celtic language. They took this name from a book of Graham Maasterton. The author was referring to a great marine chasm swallowing up every human traveler near it's borders. Merrimack was born in 1994, and they recorded their first demo "Act 1" in 1995. 1995 was the year of their first concerts, notably with Dark Funeral and Necromass, in Paris - Le Gibus. After many problems with the line-up and some other gigs (again with Dark Funeral, but this time with Bal-Sagoth and Ancient, or with Thus Defiled), they recorded a second demo which was released as a split with another French band: Hirilorn. The split has been produced by Drakkar Productions to 300 copies and was sold-out very quickly. 700 more copies have been produced by this label and sold, a total of 1000 copies. After that they changed their drummer and their vocalist, and composed new songs for their next demo "Horns Defeat Thorns - A Vision of Human Salvation". CONSIDER THIS DEMO AS A PIECE OF RAW BLACK METAL.

Source : tartareandesire.com