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(Official Bio from the official website)

Exposed Guts are around since 1997. Three demos, one CD and various compilations have been released since then.

We've shared the stage with Deicide (USA), Monstrosity (USA), Macabre (USA), Putrid Pile (USA), Waco Jesus (USA), Severe Torture (NL), Master (USA), Dark Disciple (USA), Disavowed (NL), Rottenness (MEX), Cerebral Effusion (ESP), Desecration (WAL), Arkhon Infaustus (FRA), Profanity, Prostitute Disfigurement (NL), Pyaemia (NL), Purgatory, Fleshgore (UKR), Sanity's Dawn, Necroterio (BRA), Isacaarum (CZ), Todesblei (CH), Pleurisy (NL), Jack Slater, Harmony Dies, Guerilla, Gorezone, Embedded, Fearer, Transgression, World Downfall, By Brute Force, Depression, Impure, Tears of Decay, Delirious, Deadly Pale and played the Obscene Extreme Open Air 2000 with bands like Krabathor (CZ), Vomit Remnants (JAP), Hypnos (CZ), Severe Torture (NL), Houwitser (NL), Profanity, Fleshless (CZ), Godless Truth (CZ) and a lots of others.

Our stuff was/is distributed in Germany, France, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

The only shows outside of Germany have been played in the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands and in Switzerland, but we're looking forward to more shows and espcially shows in countries we have never been to. Look forward for some new Exposed Guts stuff in 2005. Death is what we're living for...