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The history of Egzekuthor began in the same way as a hundred of other bands. In spring 1983, in Szczecin, two sixteen years old friends: Grzegorz Siwy" Styp-Rekowski and Tomasz Belcarz met accidentally at school. Both were very passionate about heavy metal and both dreamt of playing heavy music. One of them chose guitar, the other one bass guitar. They started learning haw to play the instruments in the meantime they also looked for other members who could join the band. It was not easy, and as a result several people came and went in the band. One of them, pretty good guitarist, Paweł Kasiarz joined the band for a short time, but left, tempted to join another band. In the meantime, guys rehearsed a lot and organized parties in a Siwy's garage. The breakthrough took place in March 1985, when Kasiarz appeared on one of the parties together with the drummer Norbert Johny" Różański. The previous drummer ended his music career and Johny joined the band. Together, in the following line-up: Styp-Rekowski, Kasiarz, Belcarz and Różański, they started intensive rehearsals under the name Von Fallus. During vacations, they composed three instrumental songs, and one of them called Psychodelik", was later released on the Egzekuthor's Demo'87. Just after that, some reshuffles took place in rhythmical session. There is no reason to give the names of all people who took part in the band for a short time, but the last line up of the garage band is worth mentioning. They were: Grzegorz Styp-Rekowski i Pawel Kasiarz (guitars), Norbert Różański (percussion) i Krzysztof "Iron" Janiuk (bass guitar). Kasiarz and Johny left the band to join Merciless Death. At the beginning 1986 the band broke down without giving no single gig. Only three songs remained, and as it turned out later, they marked the beginnings of a future Siwy's band.

That moment we can take as a exact beginning of Egzekuthor. In autumn 1986 Siwy collected the new line-up: Grzegorz "Siwy" Styp-Rekowski (guitar), and Krzysztof "Iron" Janiuk (bass guitar), Robert "Misiek" Szymański (drums) and Artur Dymel (guitar). The new band was formed under the name Thor. Guys started from rehearsing the three songs, from the previous Siwy's band. They also composed some new material. The first gig took place in Spring 1987 during "Przegląd Zespołów Rockowych" in Szczecin in club called "Słowianin". Unexpectedly they won the festival and got the group of new fans. The only problem of the band from that time, was that they couldn't find the vocalist. In May 1987, Jarosław Morda" Połaski, who used to play in local band Beliar, joined the band. The new line-up brought the decision on the new name of the band - Egzekuthor. In a very short time they recorded the first seven songs which appeared on the demo. Morda needed just a week to write the lyrics for the four songs, and the band recorded the first demo, in the mini studio, in Szczecin, in a club called Kontrasty". No one gave the titles to the instrumental pieces, they had only numbers, and the entire demo did not even have the title. As an interesting side note, two of those songs were never recorded again in the studio.

The demo made the dreams come true and they were qualified for the Rock Music Festival Jarocin 87", where they had an occasion to show up in all Poland rock community. After the Jarocin show, the band was invited to Chicago (USA) for the special shows. Unfortunately not settled compulsory service case, prevented them from going to states. Only Morda was at the army. The rest of the band tried to not to go there. In spring 1988 Egzekuthor recorded, ARP radio, their first professional material. A demo Czas Sumienia" on which eight songs were included with a famous intro became very popular among the fans. Another chance appeared for the band to play during Jarocin 88, where they reached the third place. That was a great success! Among the all metal stars who performed during the Jarocin festival, the band reached the maximum attention from the fans. After the show, the most important man in Polish metal business Tomasz Dziubiński proposed them signing the contract. Egzekuthor resigned because they did not want to lose their identity, the same as some other bands who took such a step. In the meantime, the band gained the popularity and played the several shows in Poland such as: Thrash Camp' 88 and Drrrama '88.

At the turn of 1988 and 1989 the band recorded, in TV Szczecin three songs: Egzekutor", Czas Sumienia", Śmierci i W ładzy Pakt". There was also a short TV documentary made about the band and the video to the song Czas Sumienia", which was later emitted on TV. The next important show took place during Metalmania 89. The appearance on such great festival, proved that the band was at the first place of metal bands in Poland. Egzekuthor played as a fist band, in such great company of Turbo and Coroner. The show was commemorated on the vinyl compilation titled Metalmania 89", which was released by Pronit ( PLP 0113). It is worth mentioning that the band did not get any author's fee and no money for a journey. The band did not have any management which made the existence much more harder. The Metalmania Show was the last one with the current line-up, which was caused by the musical differences between the members of the band. Misiek and Dymel wanted to change the music style, which would be closer to death metal. They also planned to change lyrics from Polish into English. Because of such decisions the band was left by Siwy, and soon after that Morda and Iron. The first classic Egzekuthor line up broke down. We would discussed for a long hours, why a band with such a great potential, was no successful. For sure the lack of management was the main reason for such ups and downs. Young and highly gifted members of the band ran short of experience and the conflict inside the band finished it all. Maybe, if they had got the contract with Metal Mind, they would have been successful. Only the demo Czas Sumienia", three studio recordings and bad quality Demo 87 remained. Is it a lot or not, the assessment is yours. The main, five people, Egzekuthor's line up survived only two years. Then, the band reactivated two times more.

Between 1990 and 1992, Misiek and Dymel supported by the ex members of Merciless Death, went on, under the name Egzekuthor, but the music they played was completely different, much more closed to death metal. Also the lyrics were sung in English. After 2003 Siwy, Morda and Iron (plus a new drummer Józef Cygan" Kusmierek, completed the new line up and acted as Egzekuthor till 2008, when after releasing the album Bądz Jak Metal" they broke down again. Waiting for the reactivation, we can listen to this old, you may say, classic metal stuff. Czas Sumienia". Twenty years after recordings it still sounds very fresh. That is the obligatory album for every thrash metal fan.

Around autumn of 1988 the band Egzekuthor was abandoned for the family and personal reasons by Jarosław "Morda" Połaski. Artur Dymel and Robert "Misiek" Szymański decided that it is the perfect moment for changing the band s musical direction and include Dymel s compositions into the repertoire (up until then most of the band s material was composed by Grzegorz "Siwy" Styp-Rekowski). That led to firing "Siwy" and introducing new member, Leszek Baran. Dymel, "Misiek" and Krzysztof "Iron" Janiuk abandon completely the stuff composed by "Siwy" and concentrate on composing brand new material. Unfortunately "Iron" does not really get well with the new, more thrashing direction of Egzekuthor and leaves the band, replaced by Marek "Yancarz" Szarkowski (also known from Beliar and Aggressive Violence) Making of the new material went very quickliy but the band still suffered from the lack of the proper vocalist. That soon changes when in the springtime of 1989 Grzegorz "Wiechu" Miszuk (notorious vocalist of disbanded Merciless Death), who is at that time doing his military service, comes for the rehearsal. He drops in for a few hours and stays for next two years. When everything seems finally to work perfectly, the band is suddenly abandoned for pesonal reasons by "Yancarz" (before he left he managed to play with Egzekuthor one gig in Wągrowiec 89). As a replacement "Wiechu" brings his old friend from the times of Merciless Death Marek "Żaku" Żak. Now the line-up is finally stable and the musicians decide that it is time to record the new material.

In fall of 89 Egzekuthor enters the ARP studio in Szczecin and records 6 new tracks. Unfortunately the band didn t like the prime recording, so the session had to be repeated. The second session gave the proper results, so the fans of Egzekuthor finally got the brand new material, so different from "Czas Sumienia", entitled "Hateful Subconciousness". The tape has been released by the band itself, supported financially by "Misiek s" mom, Mrs. Barbara Szymańska. This release gained much respect among the Polish metalheads and the band was able to unleash their fury on live gigs through the country. The only limit was "Wiechu s" military service, which ended up in 1990. That led to intensive work on the new full-lenghth material. "Hateful Subconciousness" demo reached the hands of Tomasz Dziubiński, onwer and manager of Metal Mind Productions, who invited the band for Metal Battle Festival and than to Metalmania.Both turned out as a great success for Egzekuthor. That led to the contact with MMP. In the meantime from many different reasons, Lechu Baran ceased to be Egzekuthor s second guitarist, concentrating on the role of the band s manager. At the time Egzekuthor became 4-piece and concentrated on peparing material for upcoming debut full-lenghth.

In the springtime of 1991 the band entered the Giełda studio in Poznań and recorded 12 new pieces for MMP. The result comes as a sheer thrash metal killer, fresh and very up-to-date with what was back then happening in the world metal scene. Unfortunately when it came to the signing of the contract with MMP it turned out that the conditions proposed by Dziubiński are absolutely unacceptable. The band is broken. To rescue the material and to prevent releasing it by MMP wihout the band s permission, the band decides to re-release "Hateful Subconciousness" demo by Mariusz Kmiołek and his Carnage Records. UnfortunatelyEgzekuthor, unable to release the remaining 6 tracks recorded for MMP slowly loses the will to work on. Shortly after "Misiek" declares his will to leave the band and joins Warsaw s avant-garde metal veterans Violent Dirge. The remaining musicians do what they can to keep the band alive. As the second guitarist, Mariusz Zdrodowski joins in, Egzekuthor searches for a new drummer. After the search fails the band realizes that it is not it. In fall of 1991 the band meets again on the stage of the "Słowianin" club, to play their farewell show. The "Hateful Subconciusness" line-up became history. "Misiek" leaves the band, Dymel sells his guitar and stops playing once and for all. The remaining bandmates, "Wiechu", "Żaku" and "Zdrodo" decide to follow their own musical path, but this is completely different story...

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