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Formed in May '96, DROWNING spent their early years performing in France and Belgium. Then the firsts releases, a split 7' with Restrain (USA) on Back Ta Basics, a New York based label.2 songs on the Overcome Records (FR) Compilation CD 'In This Other Land'. June 98 saw another line-up change for the band. New bass player (Stephane) and lead singer (Ridwan) were added. Early '99 DROWNING recorded a MCD on Released Power Productions (BE). Their shows took them all over France, Belgium and The Netherlands, and the UK. Playing with bands like Napalm Death, Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Rebaelliun, Stamping Ground, All Out War, Snapcase, Turmoil, they earned the respect of many. In September 2000 their luck ended. Drummer Dominique broke is finger and was 'out of service' for 4 months. However this didn't stop them from doing a one week tour with friend Gael as replacement drummer, sharing the stage with Stamping Ground. As the year draws to an end so does their bad luck. The next year 2001, barely 2 months old sees DROWNING going into the studio to record new material.in order to get a new record deal. After a few months and a few more shows most noticebly with the likes of Krisiun, Pyaemia or Aborted, DROWNING finally signed on French based Grind/Death label BONES BRIGADE REC.During the whole year, the band kept working hard on new material, and had the opportunity to feature on the “ Created To Kill ” split CD with two songs off their last year's promo. In mid December, DROWNING started recording their first full lenght “Age Old Nemesis “, featuring ten tracks of DROWNING's own take on death metal. In April,2002 “ Age Old Nemesis ” hits the streets Since, line up problems prevented the promotion of the album with the cancellation of numerous shows in France, Greece, Belgium and USA. The band wrote their new album instead. Opening for Entombed , Hatebreed,Suffocation or S.C.D, DROWNING sharpen their new tracks. With the arrival of Gael (x-Diabolic USA) on drums it's a roided version of DROWNING putting out a new album full of hatred, in october 2005.